10 Techniques for Enjoying Escort Services Freely


When using escort services for free, there’s a common misconception that you might end up with an undesirable girl. However, that’s a significant misunderstanding! Even with free services, you can enjoy the company of top-notch escort girls. Personally, I frequently use free services and almost always end up with excellent girls.

Opting for free services allows you to play with fantastic girls at a lower cost than with designated bookings. If a great girl shows up, it’s an absolute delight. Moreover, with a little adjustment to the timing, you can even play with popular top-ranking girls without any waiting time.

In this article, I, a dedicated escort service enthusiast who visits twice a month, will reveal the ultimate techniques to ensure you never miss out when calling escort girls for free!

By practicing what you learn in this article, you can have the best experiences promptly while keeping your expenses in check.

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.

Using Escort Services for Free and Still Getting Quality Girls!

Are you all enjoying escort services recently? Escort services, where you can invite girls to your home or hotel, provide an excellent opportunity for intimate moments.

However, the cost is inevitably a concern. Hotel fees and transportation costs can be unfriendly to your wallet. Even if the girl you have in mind is available, not being able to play immediately can be frustrating.

Good news for you! Playing with escort services for free can be convenient in various ways! There’s no need for a designation fee, and, most importantly, you can play with the girl right away.

“But even with free services, won’t there be undesirable girls?”

Yes, there certainly might be (laughs). But what if there was a guaranteed method to avoid getting an undesirable girl even when calling for free?

To call top-quality girls for free, you need certain techniques.

This time, I, who has been using escort services twice a month for the past eight years, will teach you the techniques to call top-notch girls even with free services! If you want to be satisfied for free, be sure to remember these!

Calling Escort Girls for Free Without Missing Out! 10 Techniques You Can Use Today

If you’re interested in calling escort girls for free, don’t miss this! There’s a way to avoid undesirable girls without paying for a designated booking!

From here, I will share 10 methods that I, with eight years of experience in using escort services, have practiced over the years!

①【Essential】Understand the Concept of the Shop You’re Using

Escort services are now mainstream in the world of adult entertainment. Despite all being called “escort services,” the lineup of girls and the services provided vary significantly from one shop to another.

This is because each shop aims for differentiation from others by highlighting a clear concept.

Shops cater to young girls in their early twenties, focus extensively on cosplay, target those who love plump girls, specialize in mature women and housewives, or exclusively feature girls with dominant tendencies – there are numerous variations.

Depending on the shop, the types of girls they mainly provide can be vastly different. Therefore, when using free services, it’s crucial to grasp the features and uniqueness of the shop.

Especially if you have non-negotiable preferences or fetishes, this becomes even more important!

②Target Time Periods with Many Girls on Standby

Target time periods with many girls on standby. The more girls on standby, the higher the likelihood of encountering girls with good looks and excellent service. In my experience, you can easily hit it off with girls ranking around the third position.

Weekday evenings around 6 PM are recommended, as it marks the transition between daytime and nighttime shifts. Additionally, this timeframe is the start of the nighttime shift, which may result in unexpectedly popular girls being available.

Similarly, early weekday mornings (6 AM~) are also recommended. It’s the start of the daytime shift. Also, weekday afternoons around 2 PM are worth aiming for, as there are fewer clients during this time. You may encounter popular girls who are back from their lunch break, offering energetic and satisfying services!

On the contrary, I don’t recommend evenings after 7 PM or weekends, as there are many clients, and you might end up with an undesirable girl when using free services. Be cautious.

③Check the Girls Currently on Standby on the Official Website

Check the level of girls currently on standby against the looks of top-ranking (popular) girls on the official website of the shop you want to visit. This is to understand the difference in levels between girls on standby and top-ranking girls.

If the poster girl looks outstanding, but the rest are below average, calling for free at that shop can be risky. Unless you are making a specific designation, having a few eye-catching girls won’t make much difference. You need to know the overall average level of the shop.

Checking on review sites for escort services can also be helpful. Read user comments about girls on standby to research whether a girl tends to provide lackluster services. However, be cautious with “CityHeaven,” a major review site, as it strangely has mostly lenient comments.

④Communicate Your Preferences Even When Calling for Free

Although it’s called a free service, it doesn’t mean you can’t express any preferences to the shop. Since you’re paying a considerable amount for the service, you have the right to place some minimal orders from the customer’s perspective.

In fact, the shop also desires this. It becomes really challenging for them if a girl arrives and you say “change” without any prior specifications.

Preferences can include body type (big breasts, slender, short stature), hairstyle, whether the girl is new, etc. While they may not be able to accommodate every request, specifying your type makes it easier for the shop to decide who to send.

However, asking for something like “an exceptional beauty” is not advisable. If you demand such a high standard, you’ll need to make a designation; otherwise, it won’t be feasible.

⑤Select Shops with Positive Reputation in Reviews

Even with escort services, there are countless shops to choose from. To avoid getting undesirable girls when calling for free, it’s crucial to research which shops are reputable.

Shops are like living entities, and especially in the ever-changing world of escort services, a shop that had a good reputation in the past might see a decline in service quality after some time.

Therefore, when checking reviews online, consider that old information may not be reliable. Information from a year ago is already questionable, and anything over two years old is practically ancient and likely irrelevant.

Exclude overly positive or negative reviews and focus on posts with a star rating of around ★3 or ★4. Customer comments like “reasonably satisfied” or “not overwhelmingly happy but not regrettable either” are valuable in understanding the shop’s atmosphere and the girls’ level.

⑥Impressions Matter: Choose Shops with Polite Staff

There’s a saying, “One can know ten by first understanding one.” Just as a restaurant meal tends to taste bad when served by brusque waitstaff, the same holds for escort services.

The experience of encountering a delightful escort is rare in shops where the staff’s phone etiquette is rude, although I won’t claim it’s zero, given the countless experiences the author has had. The likelihood is still 5% or less.

A shop with rude staff towards customers is unlikely to have courteous treatment for its escorts. Can you expect attractive and service-oriented girls to continue working in such an unpleasant environment?

The first words spoken by the staff upon answering the phone are crucial. If you sense any discomfort in the brief exchange of words, immediately abort plans to engage with escorts from that shop.

⑦Hint at the Possibility of Cancellation

When calling an escort service, don’t be timid! Approach with a confident attitude, saying, “I can cancel anytime.” Being assertive is important because a timid customer is likely to be taken lightly by the staff.

Depending on the shop’s size and the time of day, the number of available escorts for free service is limited. Managing this is where the skill of escort service staff comes into play. Hence, speaking timidly on the phone might lead to unfavorable outcomes.

Avoid sounding submissive due to the free service, and confidently communicate your preferences. The author often asks, “Is there no cancellation fee?” to subtly exert pressure on the staff. By implying, “I’ll cancel immediately if an undesirable escort is provided,” the author makes an unspoken appeal.

⑧Become a Regular by Repeatedly Requesting Specific Escorts

While this may be considered a forbidden technique, it’s a method the author employed at one point. It happened by chance when the author frequently requested free service from a shop and received a pleasant girl. Escort services, being dispatch-type shops without physical locations, make it challenging to become a familiar customer through phone interactions alone.

However, after several repeated requests, developing intimacy with a preferred girl may lead to being recognized as a valuable customer by the shop. A customer using their services twice or more per month is someone escort shops wouldn’t want to lose. In such cases, they are less likely to provide an unsatisfactory escort for a free service.

If you’re planning to request a free escort, consider doing so from a shop you’re familiar with. While not an ingenious method, it holds some truth.

⑨Express a Preference for Escorts with All Options Declined

Inform the staff, “I prefer a girl who declines all options!” Escort girls who reject almost all options tend to be cute, based on the author’s experience. While not foolproof, this method has a success rate of around 70% in free scenarios.

However, requesting a girl with all options declined may seem like an odd request. To avoid arousing suspicion, the author adds a preamble to the staff like, “I tend to get carried away with options if they’re available… I’m a bit tight on budget this month.”

Keep in mind that the equation “Cute = Not a problematic escort” doesn’t always hold. There have been cases where exceptionally beautiful girls provided subpar service.

⑩Maintain a State of Almost Exploding from Abstaining

This is a desperate trick, and honestly, it’s not actively recommended. It involves pushing yourself to the limit, keeping yourself in a state of extreme hunger for the female body.

The quickest method might be abstaining from self-pleasure. Although prolonged abstinence can lead to sperm degradation, try to endure it for about a week, even if it’s a bit challenging.

Naturally, contact with women is also prohibited. Since we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, reducing opportunities to meet people should be relatively easy.

In such a state, if you call for an escort, even if a lady with traits that would normally turn you off shows up, the power of sexual desire makes flaws less noticeable.

This is recommended only for those who are aware of having a strong and enduring sexual desire!

Points to Note When Calling Escorts for Free

We’ve introduced some hidden techniques to avoid getting an unfavorable lady when calling for free. Before executing the plan with a phone call, take a moment to read this section.

To ensure absolute success, here are some points to be aware of!

① Avoid girls recommended by the staff from the beginning

Before you express your preferences, there may be cases where a male staff member recommends a specific lady like, “Oh, ○○-chan would be great!” And they push quite strongly…

However, don’t be swayed here. Girls pushed unconditionally are undoubtedly subpar ladies.

Unable to secure appointments and unpopular ladies with too much free time. Of course, the shop needs them to work, or else there won’t be any profit. If they just stay in the waiting room, expenses keep piling up.

According to a story from a close friend who works at an escort agency, there were shops with the following rule in their manual:

“When a call comes from a free customer, recommend ○○ girl first.”

For the staff, if the customer accepts, it’s a win… They are just pushing with that mindset, so firmly reject it! There’s no need to think, “I should not refuse the recommendation they gave me…”

In the author’s experience, girls who come in this pattern are either “unattractive,” “older,” or “service landmines.” Politely refuse and express your own preferences!

② Do not have excessive expectations

The title of this article is “Foolproof Hidden Trick.” Rather than actively attracting top-notch girls, it’s a strategy to avoid getting an unfavorable lady.

However, some people gradually misunderstand and think of it as a method to “call a great girl for free.”

For example, there may be complaints like, “The No.1 girl from the shop never comes!” (laughs).

When calling for free, no matter how much you use hidden tricks, having excessive expectations is not advisable. The techniques introduced are not for playing with the No.1 girl but for avoiding landmines and being satisfied.

The important thing is to slightly lower the expectation threshold.

With that mindset, if you wait for the girl, you will unexpectedly encounter a lucky meeting that makes you go, “Oh!”

③ Confirm if optional plays are possible

One of the characteristics of escort services is the availability of a variety of optional plays. If there is a play that is absolutely necessary for you, make sure to check in advance.

Imagine a cute girl coming in for free, but when you find out that your desired play is not possible… the sadness is beyond words.

In handjob-focused escort shops that advertise amateur girls, kissing or breast touching may be considered optional, and this is not uncommon.

The fact that escort services have a wide range of options is the flip side of the fact that basic plays vary from shop to shop.

Even when calling for a girl for free, make sure to confirm the available plays.

Summary | Enjoy Affordable and Casual Escort Fun for the Future!

I used to be the type who always requested a specific escort when it came to escort services. There were days when I entered for free, got an unpopular girl, and lamented, “I wasted my money!”

However, at one point, I realized that even with free calls, “you can avoid getting an unfavorable girl.”

Since this discovery, escort fun has become even more enjoyable, needless to say.

Not limited to escort services, but for the entire adult industry, “superior ladies” and “landmine ladies” are actually a minority.

Once you grasp the techniques we introduced, you can easily avoid the minority of landmine girls even when calling for free. Conversely, it’s difficult to hit the jackpot with the No.1 girl, even with a specific request.

By utilizing the 10 methods we’ve shared, you can enjoy escort services 120% for free! Please give it a try.

Feel free to contact me!

There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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