5 Ways to Distinguish and Avoid Photo Mishaps in Escort Services


For those who have experience with escort services, have you ever had the experience of the appearance of the girl who actually came being different from the photos on the shop’s website?

For those who have not yet experienced using escort services or other adult entertainment, hearing such stories from experienced individuals may have caused some anxiety.

Therefore, this time, we will thoroughly explain whether photos in escort services are retouched or not!

As someone who has experienced the difference between the photos and the actual girl during the use of escort services, I have extensively researched this information. If you are considering using escort services in the future, please consider this!

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Almost 100% of Escort Girl Photos Are Retouched!

To cut to the chase, almost 100% of escort girl photos are retouched!

For all you hopeful gentlemen, I’m afraid this may be sad news, but this is the reality. Retouching photos is now an implicit understanding level in the entire adult entertainment industry.

Moreover, men familiar with the adult entertainment industry also generally recognize that photos are retouched as an unspoken agreement.

The photos posted on escort service websites are all retouched, resembling image illustrations different from the actual appearance.

As someone who enjoys adult entertainment, I don’t necessarily say “don’t retouch” if you’re spending a significant amount on escort services like escorts. However, I hope for a natural level of retouching.

However, keep in mind that there are cases where the actual person who comes is even cuter than the photo, where the photo and reality are completely different. So, don’t lose hope!

Retouching Photos is Called Panel Magic (Panel Maji)

Panel Magic (Panel Maji) is a term that was born in the adult entertainment industry, referring to the technique of retouching photos of girls “panels” on escort shop websites to make them look more beautiful and cute than in reality.

It is a commonly used term in the adult entertainment industry, also known as “Panel Maji” or “Panel Correction.”

It is mainly used when excessively retouching profile photos to be posted on websites.

Reasons Why Escort Girls Use Panel Magic

For those who use escort services, many may feel, “I don’t want them to use Panel Magic.”

Why do escort girls use Panel Magic? There are two major reasons for this.

We will now explain these two reasons in detail. So, if you are not convinced that all escort girls use Panel Magic, please read this!

To Enhance the Booking Rate by Correcting to a Male-Appealing Appearance

When retouching to make the facial contours sharper, the body lines slimmer, and create a male-appealing appearance to increase the booking rate, it is done for this purpose in most cases.

If the photo emphasizes larger breasts or highlights the eyes, retouching is applied to make them look cute and beautiful.

It goes without saying that customers are more likely to be attracted to women who are cute or beautiful.

Therefore, to increase the client base, shops post retouched photos on their websites.

From the shop’s perspective, Panel Magic is also one of the business efforts.

Protection Against Disclosure of Working in the Adult Industry

As a measure to protect the girls, many shops also retouch photos.

In escort services, to prevent characteristics of the face that would reveal the identity from being seen by friends or family, retouching is done.

Additionally, moles, tattoos, and scars can also be elements leading to disclosure, so they are often removed.

For girls who do not want to be known as escort girls by those around them, disclosure could be fatal to continuing their work in the industry.


To protect such girls, shops retouch photos.

Voices of Men Who Experienced Panel Magic in Escort Services

Now, let’s introduce the voices of men who actually experienced Panel Magic in escort services!

In escort shops with foreign staff, you often hear stories like, “Someone with a completely different nationality and race showed up than in the photo.”

Although it cannot be definitively said that Panel Magic is severe in shops with foreign girls, it might be advisable to be cautious of shops with excessively low prices!

Commonly Retouched Areas in Panel Magic

Common areas subjected to extensive Panel Magic include facial contours, body lines, breast size, and smoothness of the skin.

In mature escort services, where the age displayed may differ from the actual age, retouching to conceal wrinkles and blemishes is not uncommon.

As a preventive measure against potential identification, retouching often involves concealing moles, tattoos, or marks.

Moreover, some girls opt for retouching to conceal imperfections such as scars or bruises that may negatively impact their image to clients.

Tips to Spot Panel Magic in Escort Photos

For those of you who have read this far, you might be thinking, “So, is Panel Magic inevitable?” Well, here’s some good news! There are actually ways to spot Panel Magic!

For those eager to enjoy their time with escort services, here are five tips to spot Panel Magic:

Check for Distortion in the Background

When using software to edit facial contours or body lines to create a slimmer appearance, a subtle distortion in the background near the edited area may be present. This distortion serves as evidence of retouching, with stronger distortion indicating more significant alterations.

Pay special attention to areas where edits, such as facial contours, waistlines, or breast enhancements, are commonly performed.

Ensure No Parts of the Face or Body are Concealed

Be cautious when viewing photos where parts of the face or body are intentionally hidden using hands or stamp edits, as this often suggests the potential use of Panel Magic! While concealing certain areas, like the eyes or mouth, might be a privacy measure, deliberate concealment of specific body parts raises suspicion.

Verify Diversity in Photo Composition

Girls who only share photos with similar poses and angles are more likely to have undergone Panel Magic. Be particularly wary of photos taken from a slightly elevated angle as it naturally emphasizes a smaller face and can hide body curves.

Check for Finger Thickness and Joint Discoloration

For those who prefer not to encounter girls with a heavier physique, pay attention to finger thickness and joint discoloration.

Examining fingers and joints can provide insights into whether a girl is on the heavier side. If fingers appear thick or joints are discolored, it could indicate a higher likelihood of the girl being overweight.


Specifically, check if there’s any discoloration when the fingers are extended, as it can reveal wrinkles or sagging skin due to excess weight.

Compare Photos on Blogs/Social Media with Official Photos

Comparing photos on the official website with those on social media or blogs is crucial.

Photos featuring the girl alongside other escorts from the same service or full-body selfies on social media provide key points of comparison. These photos, showcasing body shape more explicitly, make differences more noticeable when compared to the ones on the official website.

Choosing a Reliable Escort to Avoid Panel Magic Disappointments

Choosing High-Quality Escorts to Avoid Panel Magic Disappointment

Even if you know the tricks, men still want to avoid disappointment with Panel Magic. For the sake of all you gentlemen, here are two ways to choose high-quality escorts to avoid Panel Magic disappointment:

Opt for High-End Escorts Charging 20,000 to 25,000 Yen for 60 Minutes

While this is a fundamental principle for engaging in adult entertainment, it holds that the higher the fee, the higher the quality of the girls.

Therefore, by utilizing high-end establishments charging 20,000 yen or more for 60 minutes, you can likely steer clear of the despair caused by Panel Magic.

In upscale establishments, where fees are higher, girls receive substantial compensation. To maintain these higher earnings, many girls make efforts such as visiting estheticians or undergoing cosmetic procedures to increase repeat bookings and attract new clients.

Although some degree of retouching is still expected, given the high caliber of the girls, it is less likely to encounter excessive Panel Magic in upscale establishments.

Research and Check Reviews on Escort Forums Before Use

Before using a particular establishment, checking reviews on adult entertainment forums can help you avoid disappointment due to Panel Magic.

In the author’s opinion, relying solely on reviews posted on the establishment’s website is insufficient! Reviews on the website may be selectively curated, leaving only positive feedback and deleting unfavorable comments.

Therefore, adult entertainment forums offer higher credibility since actual users provide genuine opinions. However, it’s essential to be cautious, as some reviews on these forums may be attempts by rival establishments to harm the reputation of others or girls tarnishing the reputation of their peers.

Even though adult entertainment forums are more reliable, it’s still prudent not to blindly trust everything and believe about half of what is written, as some content may not be entirely truthful. Additionally, for well-known or group-affiliated escort services, searching on Twitter and reading tweets from actual users can also provide valuable insights.

If You Suspect Panel Magic, Use the Change Option

If you encounter severe Panel Magic when using escort services, don’t hesitate to use the change option.

Since you are paying a significant amount for the service, it’s natural to want to play with a girl you like. Concerns like “Using the change option might hurt the girl…” are not uncommon, but using the change option with proper etiquette poses no problem.

Most escort services generally allow the use of the change option 1 to 2 times. As long as it’s not malicious or done for mischief, the establishment will happily accommodate your request.

For those who worry about the girl’s feelings, stating something like “I mistakenly provided the wrong name to the shop” can help resolve the situation without making the girl uncomfortable.

For more information on how escort service changes work, there is an article providing detailed explanations. Be sure to check it out!

Skillfully Uncover Panel Magic and Enjoy Escort Services!

Panel Magic in escort services is an eternal theme that customers can’t avoid. Some individuals seem to enjoy the difference between profile photos and reality, understanding this fact… However, many men naturally wish for the girl to match the photos as closely as possible.

To enjoy escort services, it’s crucial to know about the existence of Panel Magic and select girls with minimal differences between photos and reality. If you strongly desire to avoid disappointment with Panel Magic, consider becoming a Panel Magic detection master by thoroughly reading this article (laughs).

We sincerely hope that this article serves as a guide and help to all men using escort services!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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