5 Recommended Soaplands in Beppu (Oita)

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.

Beppu City (Oita): Gateway to Eastern Kyushu

Beppu City is Japan’s leading hot spring city in terms of the number of springs and the amount of water discharged. Even if you’re unfamiliar with Oita City, many people nod in recognition when it comes to Beppu City. Historically thriving as a tourist destination, it has transformed the former red-light district into soaplands.

For first-time visitors, the surprising sight of steam rising from the streets is inevitable. Recently, Beppu has gained international attention as a tourist city, with an increasing number of foreign visitors through platforms like SNS. Additionally, Beppu is a port city connected by ferry to Osaka, Kobe, and Matsuyama.


The city is fan-shaped, offering views of the Seto Inland Sea, and gazing beyond gives a sense of Kansai spreading out just beyond.

Exploring Beppu’s Soapland District

Beppu’s soapland district is not far from the port, and as you walk around, you’ll notice it seamlessly blending into the surroundings. It extends just a step away from National Route 10, a major road running along the seaside. Although not very large, there are about 20 soaplands scattered around, nestled among surrounding residences, shops, and unique public bathhouses that Beppu is known for. It seems to have expanded from the former red-light district around the entertainment area.

Top 5 Recommended Soaplands in Beppu ☆☆☆☆☆

Oita Beppu Soapland LEXUS

This establishment reigns as a top-class venue in Beppu, with around 10 sophisticated ladies working at any given time. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the inclusive long course for 120 minutes at ¥40,000 seems like a great deal.

Super MAX

Truly a venue where the services of the ladies feel like Super MAX. The intensive service, especially during the act, might make you think they’ve undergone special training. Brace yourself for a quick climax and put some effort into your visit.


In addition to the regular soap course, there’s a reasonably priced men’s spa course that skips the mat play, offering 30 minutes for ¥12,000 and 60 minutes for ¥18,000. This will undoubtedly provide a more intimate time on the bed.

MooNing Musume

Despite being a soapland, this establishment captivates with idol training courses and night-crawling courses, appealing to the otaku crowd. Expressing a slightly more eccentric side of yourself here can make you feel refreshed and clear-headed.

Atelier MOMO

Despite the inclusive fee of ¥16,000 for 60 minutes, this place seems like a high-end establishment based on the appearance and gestures of the ladies, offering a high-cost performance. They value physical contact, providing an experience that elevates the feeling of being in a romantic relationship.

Takigiwa Onsen in Beppu’s Soapland District

I don’t intend to provide tourist information, but one place worth a brief visit is Takigiwa Onsen. A historic hot spring representing Beppu with over 130 years of history.

Just gazing at the retro and charming buildings reminiscent of Dogo Onsen is worthwhile. If you have time, having sand poured over you in a sand bath makes you feel like your body is buried in warm earth.


Beppu’s soapland district seems to be located as if it’s spreading out from this base, creating a unique contrast between old and new.

Beppu’s Soapland District: Surprisingly Bright

There are establishments directly visible from the main roads, with signs and buildings in clear view, making it feel like you’re not doing anything wrong.

Visually appealing and relatively new establishments are abundant, with renovations and new decorations seemingly happening quite frequently. While many residences appear old, they contribute to the overall bright cityscape.

Although elementary schools are not prominently seen, there’s a sense of closeness with the local community that might make you wonder.

What can be said from here is that it’s relatively easy to enter these establishments boldly even during the daytime. This could be a concern for those using escort services. While it might not be entirely straightforward, soaplands in Beppu seem to have gained a certain level of acceptance as entertainment facilities for the locals.

Quality of Beppu Soaplands

There were reportedly questionable establishments in the past, where people walking around after the second party could be lured into soaplands by touts. However, that seems to be a thing of the past. Despite this, soaplands in hot spring areas outside major cities may not convey a sense of safety.

It’s advisable not to casually jump in without thinking, and making more careful choices to avoid regrets is a prudent approach.

Quality over Quantity

Large-scale establishments with dozens of soap ladies are not very common. This might contribute to a better standard of education. Without being mechanically driven by turnover, managing the business from the customer’s perspective becomes easier.

Upon Entering the Establishment

Upon entering, the soap ladies who appear seem somewhat confident. The receptionist warmly greets you, preventing any feelings of guilt. It’s important to note that the baths are not hot springs; the difficulty of maintaining the bathroom is a significant reason. Soapwater is primarily intended to lightly wash away impurities.

Characteristics of the Girls

Soap ladies in Beppu are said to come not only from all over Kyushu but also from Shikoku and even Kansai for extended business trips. Some girls are here for a change after being too busy in Kumamoto or Hakata soaplands.

This implies the delightful news that, although trained in a high-level environment, soap ladies who find it challenging to showcase their skills end up coming to Beppu. In Beppu, women can enjoy unlimited access to hot springs they like and indulge in delicious food, which might be contributing factors.

However, it’s almost unavoidable that there may be some mismatch between photos and reality in Beppu as well. Yet, before feeling disheartened, many customers report ending the experience with a stress release and a big smile.

Having a conversation may also turn into a healing service, making it feel like you’ve misunderstood and ended up with a new girlfriend. If you find such a girl, there’s a possibility of confidently becoming a repeat customer. In that regard, girls in their mid-20s and beyond might be more recommended than young newcomers.

Shocking Experience at Beppu Soapland! Soap Lady with a Fondness for Balls

A while ago, when my soap experience was still immature, I had a vivid memory at a Beppu soapland. It was a precious experience that ingrained the image of Beppu’s soaplands.

The girl who greeted me matched my favorite type—a bit flashy, just like the photos and my imagination. After lying on the bed, she started with the routine of manually stimulating and then moved on to the customary blowjob.

However, when I was impressed, thinking, “She goes pretty deep today,” it seemed this was some kind of warm-up. She passionately applied pressure, burying her entire face in my groin. Once it became a bit suffocating, she released her hold, only to attach herself to my balls.

Her eyes transformed into those of a female leopard, glancing over here while sucking on my balls. At that point, I had completely resigned myself to whatever she wanted to do. It felt like a pitiful fawn in a savannah, caught in a situation where escape was impossible.

Once she engulfed my testicles, she sent a sparkling gaze my way. In addition, she thoroughly vacuumed my anus, providing a refreshing and exhilarating experience.

This made my rod seem about to snap, almost frozen in a solid state.

Allowing her to insert as she pleased, I was forced into an explosive climax. Depending on the person, it might vary, but for me, who leans toward the M side, it was undeniably delightful.


If you have the opportunity to visit hot springs in Beppu or Yufuin for sightseeing, consider adding Beppu’s soaplands to your list. Since you’ve come this close, if you have the financial means, stopping by a Beppu soapland is something you might want to do.

It not only provides genuinely wonderful memories but also delivers results when you believe in it. With thorough preparation and a tightened mindset, a trip to Beppu can become enjoyable from the planning stage. And finally, conclude it in the endless soap heaven.

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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