Can You Play with Escorts in Your Car?


You may be familiar with the option of calling escorts to hotels or your home. However, the question arises, “Can you call them to your car?”

If you could summon escorts to your car, you could quickly achieve satisfaction during business hours without paying for a hotel. Not only does it offer a cost-effective way to have fun, but engaging in kisses and oral activities inside the car also adds an exciting element of secrecy. Who wouldn’t want to release some tension in the car right away?

In this article, we’ll explore whether you can call escorts to your car for a rendezvous, discussing the precautions and recommending some suitable establishments for in-car play.

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the pleasure of handling your gear lever when it’s at its hardest!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.

Generally, In-Car Play is Not Allowed by Escorts

Calling escorts to your car instead of a hotel is undoubtedly convenient. No hotel costs, and you get to enjoy a drive with a cute companion while getting some action.

Not only does it provide a taste of a drive-date experience, but there’s also the thrill of the taboo, wondering if anyone around might notice… The feeling of transgression enhances the excitement. If you’re a long-haul truck driver or a salesperson constantly on the road, you might have fantasies about in-car play.

However, in general, escorts do not allow in-car play. Now, let’s explain why that is and the reasons behind it.

Reasons In-Car Play is Not Allowed by Escorts

If hotels and homes are acceptable locations for escort services, why not cars? You might wonder if you can play in the car by folding down the back seat, reducing the risk of being spotted.

While it might be challenging to change positions frequently, activities like handjobs or blowjobs should be possible. However, escorts typically prohibit in-car play for three main reasons:

■ No Shower Facilities: It’s not suitable to engage in activities in places where you can’t clean yourself. Escort services consider hygiene and provide a working environment where girls can feel secure. Showers are essential since many clients emit unpleasant odors.

■ Considered Risky to be Alone in a Car: Being completely alone in a car makes it more difficult to call for help. There’s an increased risk of being taken to remote or sparsely populated areas. Performing activities in places where the safety of the girl might be compromised is generally prohibited.

■ Risk of Indecent Exposure: In-car play carries the risk of being reported for indecent exposure. Many cases involve arrests for engaging in car sex, making in-car play during escort services legally impermissible.

What to Do If You Really Want to Play with an Escort in Your Car

While there are valid reasons why escorts usually don’t allow in-car play, it’s not time to give up just yet. There’s actually a way to ensure you can enjoy intense play with an escort inside your car!

① Request a Veteran Escort

One option is to approach a veteran escort with a request for in-car play. Veterans with extensive experience can handle situations beyond the rules of the establishment better than newcomers, who adhere strictly to the shop’s policies and immediately consult in the case of irregularities.

Veterans, having dealt with hundreds of clients, can manage situations outside the standard rules. Some even exchange contact information privately and meet clients outside of work. If a veteran escort likes you, there’s a chance of in-car play, so feel free to ask.

However, even if you are well-liked, in-car play for free is unlikely. Try negotiating a price, suggesting something like, “I’ll pay an extra amount for a blowjob in the car.” Negotiating an amount between 5,000 to 10,000 yen is recommended. If the other party is not interested or declines even once, don’t persist; give up immediately. Persistent requests, especially with pleas like “This is a lifelong request,” may not only make the girl dislike you but also lead to being banned from the establishment.

② Use an Escort Service Offering In-Car Courses

Using Escort Services with In-Car Courses

For those who find it challenging to invite veteran escorts, a recommended last resort is to use escort services that offer in-car courses.

In-car courses are quite rare nationwide, but they do exist. It’s essential to note that there are restrictions compared to playing in a hotel, so it’s best to check with the staff about the shop’s system and course details in advance.

Voices of Those Who Have Used Escort Services with In-Car Courses

Curious about the experiences of those who have enjoyed in-car play with escort services? Here are some testimonials from individuals who have utilized in-car courses in the world of escort services. Take a look for reference.

It seems that some people have used the in-car course for 3,000 yen. Of course, the duration of the course is expected to be short, but it’s still reasonable. The cost-effectiveness is excellent, making the in-car course of escort services more appealing than visiting a pin salon.

Individuals who have indulged in in-car courses seem to have enjoyed activities such as receiving oral and ejaculating into the mouth. It appears that people get hooked on the experience of playing as seen in adult videos.

There are even daredevils who enjoyed in-car play in a department store’s parking lot. While it’s exciting, it’s important to be cautious as being caught can lead to charges of indecent exposure.

Points to Note When Using In-Car Courses in Escort Services

Many people have surprisingly used in-car courses in escort services and praised their satisfaction in reviews. If you are intrigued by these reviews and want to experience in-car play with escort services, you need to be aware of certain points to avoid regretting later. Let’s explore these key considerations.

Limited to Handjobs and Blowjobs

While regular escort courses may include activities like thigh sex, breastjobs, and 69, in-car courses typically limit play to activities such as kissing, handjobs, and blowjobs.

As mentioned earlier, there’s a risk of being caught for indecent exposure during in-car play. It’s not possible to undress entirely, so only play that is less likely to be noticed by others can be performed.

Short Courses of Around 30 Minutes

Generally, in-car courses in escort services last around 30 minutes. The short duration requires quick satisfaction.

It’s impossible to enjoy a drive with the girl during the remaining time, and you need to ejaculate quickly with activities like oral or handjobs. Persisting beyond the designated time is discouraged, and engaging in a conversation with the girl is challenging, so consider the time carefully.

Prepare Wet Tissues

When using in-car courses in escort services, having wet tissues on hand can be helpful. Since there’s no shower available, it’s considerate to clean your penis beforehand for the girl’s comfort.

Even if some girls don’t perform oral in the in-car course, it’s because they may resist licking an unwashed penis. To ensure the girl feels comfortable providing oral, having wet tissues ready is essential.

These tissues are also useful for the girl to wipe her mouth or spit out semen after oral ejaculation, making them a necessary item.

No Handjobs or Blowjobs While Driving

One of the thrills of in-car play is receiving handjobs or blowjobs while driving. It’s exciting to be pleasured while driving, creating a tension that stems from the need to avoid accidents.

However, engaging in play while driving is strictly prohibited in escort services. No one wants to risk causing an accident and ruining their life. Always ensure that play occurs when the car is stopped and follow the rules of the establishment diligently.

Introduction to Escort Services with In-Car Courses

Now that we’ve explained how to enjoy in-car play with escort services and the points to note, it’s time for you to experience it. However, information about escort services offering in-car courses, such as their locations and pricing, is not readily available.

The author, with 20 years of experience in the adult industry, has engaged in play with escort girls multiple times in their beloved Hiace! Therefore, the following are introductions to escort services offering in-car courses. Since these shops are quite rare nationwide, be sure to give them a try.

① Jewel (Aichi)

Business Hours 12:00–2:00
Phone Number 090-9898-2381
Basic Fee 70 minutes for 10,000 yen and up (Optional 10,000 yen)
Service Area Anjo, Chiryu, Okazaki, etc.
Age Range 20–50 years old
Recommendation Level ★★★★★
Recommended Points

・Wide Range of Age Groups
・Enjoy Intense Blowjob Techniques

“Jewelry” is a long-established escort service for married women with a 30-year history. When it comes to married women’s establishments, you might think it’s only for older women. However, this establishment has a wide age range from 20 to 50 years old, allowing you to have fun with both fresh young girls and experienced mature women with outstanding allure, such as the seductive “Kenny.”

The roster includes industry newcomers, completely amateur types, gals, and mature women with excellent allure like “Aramaki Yoko,” offering a variety of types to choose from.

The regular course starts at ¥10,000 for 70 minutes, and you can also enjoy in-car courses starting from ¥10,000 for 30 minutes. While it’s necessary to clean your body with a shower beforehand, blowjob services are available.

If you’re interested in experiencing intense blowjob techniques, including those from married women, be sure to give it a try.

Enjoy In-Car Play!

We’ve provided information on how to call an escort to your car and some important considerations. However, the most reliable option is to use services that offer in-car courses. While full-on acts and simulated sex are not possible, you can reach a climax through blowjobs and handjobs.

Since the basic in-car play session lasts for 30 minutes, the convenience of a quick release is also a key point. However, playing while the vehicle is in motion poses the risk of accidents, so be sure to enjoy the experience only when the car is safely parked.

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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