How to Choose a Legitimate Escort Service to Avoid Scams


Despite significant improvements, the adult entertainment industry still retains an air of danger. This is particularly true when it comes to escort services, a type of dispatch-style adult entertainment. If you’re considering using such a service for the first time, concerns are only natural.

Indeed, escort scams exist, ranging from false advertising with doctored photos to outright financial fraud and extortion during intimate encounters. In this guide, we’ll provide you with tips on how to identify a legitimate establishment to avoid falling victim to escort scams. Reading this article will equip you with the knowledge to enjoy escort services safely!

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Escort Scams: Everyone Is at Risk! Learn How to Protect Yourself

Escort services have become increasingly popular in the adult entertainment industry. Unfortunately, escort scams still persist. Moreover, the tactics used in these scams have become more sophisticated over the years, making anyone susceptible to falling victim.

Imagine calling for a pleasurable experience only to find yourself frustrated and losing money. If you can’t recognize escort scams, you may end up squandering your hard-earned cash.

Let’s explore the various tactics and understand how to handle potential scams.

Escort Scam Tactic 1: “Overcharging”

Representative of escort scams, overcharging is a common occurrence. Let’s delve into the methods and countermeasures for this type of scam.

Mostly Initiated by Touts in Escort Services

In traditional storefront-style adult entertainment establishments like soaplands or fashion health clubs, the scenario of being intimidated by an intimidating person for additional fees is conceivable. On the other hand, with escort services that dispatch only female companions, scams often involve falling victim to touts or boys in busy downtown areas.

Cases where individuals are approached on the street with lines like “We have some lovely girls for you!” are prevalent. Clients may fall into the trap, prepay the fee, and end up facing two common scenarios:

1. The girl demands additional payment at the hotel.
2. The girl never shows up despite waiting.

Both situations result in a complete waste of money. It’s evident that clients are being coerced into unnecessary expenses.

Countermeasure: “Avoid Touts (Even When Intoxicated)”

Counteracting escort scams is remarkably simple. When approached by touts (or catchers), ignore them completely. It might seem like a non-issue, but the catchers are not targeting sober individuals.

They specifically target individuals who are strolling through the lively downtown area in a somewhat tipsy state. Avoid walking alone in areas where catchers are present, especially after drinking. Intoxication makes clients more susceptible to falling for escort scams.

Escort Scam Tactic 2: “Bamboo Shoot Peeling”

This is another form of overcharging scam, where clients are continuously billed for various services.

Additional Charges Pile Up During the Session

Imagine calling an escort thinking the base fee is reasonable, only to discover it’s an elaborate scam involving exorbitant charges for every action during the encounter. Unfortunately, stories of falling victim to such bamboo shoot scams are not uncommon.

While the overcharging scam mentioned earlier involves taking money before the session, this scam occurs in the middle of the session with charges for each sexual act—such as undressing, removing a bra, or allowing breast touching. The client may think, “This is absurd,” but the temptation of an alluring woman can be hard to resist.

The charges accumulate, and in some cases, clients end up with a bill close to ¥100,000.

Countermeasure: “Refuse Additional Payments”

While confirming details during the reservation is essential, it’s unlikely that establishments engaging in bamboo shoot scams will easily admit to their tactics. Therefore, the crucial step is the countermeasure taken when meeting the dispatched companion.

The countermeasure is simple: refuse any discussion of additional charges during the session. Regardless of how enticingly the girl may make her requests, remain firm and resolute. The base fee has already been paid to the girl, and any attempt to charge extra for actions not mentioned on the website should be met with a clear refusal.

Calling the establishment for confirmation is also an option. If the escort is acting alone, inform them clearly about the unauthorized behavior and request a replacement.

Escort Scam Tactic 3: “Dummy or Fictional Shifts”

This is a common tactic where escort agencies use dummies or fictional shifts. Let’s explore the actual methods used in this scam.

Encouraged to Choose Another Companion with Disappointing Results

Imagine seeing an incredibly appealing girl listed as “available today” on the website. Eager to spend time with her, you make a call, only to find out she’s absent due to illness.

No matter how many times you call, the absence is inevitable. This is because the girl was a dummy or a fictional shift from the beginning.

Despite this, the agency will always provide various explanations for the absence. Common excuses include illness or undergoing medical examinations for sexually transmitted infections on that specific day.

In reality, the girl was never available for shifts, and this was a tactic employed by the agency. Yet, male clients on the phone, consumed by their sexual fantasies and having already prepared money and chosen the agency, may succumb to the agency’s skillful persuasion.

Countermeasure: “If the Desired Companion Is Unavailable, Give Up”

The countermeasure is simple. Once you realize that the desired companion is unavailable, immediately abandon the idea of engaging in any activities.

If you have alternative choices lined up in advance, inquire about their availability, and if the conditions are favorable, proceed with the appointment. However, if the agency insists on recommending a replacement for the original companion, and the situation seems forced, the satisfaction with the experience is likely to be compromised.

・Stick to the girl you initially wanted to spend time with.
・Politely refuse any other recommended companions by the agency.

Adhering to these principles will serve as a solid defense against dummy or fictional shift scams!

Escort Scam Tactic 4: “Service Landmines”

The disappointment of not receiving services equivalent to the amount paid… It’s a common story in the adult industry, but this too is a form of fraud. While the blame is often directed at the workers, the problem lies with the establishments as well.

Subpar services throughout the play… Zero satisfaction

It may be debatable whether this qualifies as a criminal act of fraud, but experiencing sadness in the adult entertainment industry, not limited to escorts, is common. Occasionally, there are workers who make no effort to hide their lack of enthusiasm.

The worst experience for the author was a woman who kept holding her smartphone throughout the entire play session. Moreover, she had clearly lied about her age, appearing at least five years older than her profile indicated.

It was a soft escort service focusing on manual stimulation, and the intention was to add various options. However, when she greeted with “Hey there” while looking at her smartphone, all intentions were abandoned.

The decision not to change was motivated by the author’s professional awareness as a sex industry writer, thinking, “How much of a disaster is she? I want to see…” It’s a professional hazard, indeed. Despite having an attractive appearance with reverse Photoshop.

Once the play started, the author encountered a level of subpar service beyond imagination. From manual stimulation while engaging in point-gathering activities (earning points on online shopping sites) on her phone to performing oral sex while messaging on LINE, it was truly distressing.

Prevention: “Choose reputable establishments when calling an escort”

It’s unexpectedly challenging to determine whether a chosen worker is subpar. While forums like “Bakusai” provide detailed information related to the adult industry, the information can be confusing, making it difficult to discern what is true.

In such cases, determining whether the establishment itself is reputable becomes crucial.

Establishments that willingly provide workers offering subpar services are neglecting worker training. They fail to incorporate customer feedback about dissatisfaction into their business practices.

“Where there are subpar establishments, there are subpar workers.”

This is the conclusion the author, who has been using escort services for years, has arrived at. To avoid falling victim to service subpar fraud, it’s advisable to stop using establishments with a subpar reputation.

Websites like City Heaven, Pure Lovers, and Escort Town, which are adult entertainment information sites, should be chosen based on the quantity and high ratings of user reviews. Based on the author’s experience, City Heaven tends to receive high ratings, so it’s recommended to compare information from multiple sources.

Scam Tactics in Escort Fraud #5: “Theft”

You might think, “No way!” but surprisingly common is theft during escort encounters. Examples include money being taken from the wallet after prepayment while taking a shower… such tactics are typical.

Shower time is a risky time

The pre-play shower time is the most exciting moment. While thinking, “How should I pleasure her today?” and other considerations, your valuables are outside your control. If you happen to get a worker with sticky fingers, it’s a highly dangerous situation.

Some confidently declare, “I only carry small change besides the money I give to the worker,” but theft doesn’t necessarily involve only bills.

In reality, the author had credit card information stolen. Checking the online statement on the closing date, there was a purchase of 150,000 yen for Apple gift cards, even though the author hadn’t made such a purchase… It’s an incident from many years ago, but it was definitely unnerving.

Prevention: “Book hotels with glass-walled bathrooms”

Carrying only cash in your pocket without a wallet or cards and going to a hotel is one option. However, it’s not very secure, and it’s inconvenient in case of any issues.

As a theft prevention measure, it’s best to ensure that the room’s condition can be verified even during shower time.

Recently, hotels with bathrooms that are part of the room and have glass walls are not uncommon.

You can gather your undressed clothes and valuables in a visible place from the shower and keep an eye out so that the worker doesn’t get any strange ideas.

While trying waterproof pouches for valuables in the shower room, it became apparent that you’re suspecting the worker. Since I experienced an awkward moment during the play, I don’t recommend it (laughs).

Scam Tactics in Escort Fraud #6: “Full-Service Scam”

Escort services prohibit full-service activities. Yet, there are cases where the worker herself invites you to engage in such activities. If you get carried away and accept, you may face serious consequences later.

From heaven to hell! Accepting the invitation results in exorbitant breach-of-contract fees

Except for soaplands, no other adult entertainment establishments permit full-service activities. Strictly speaking, even sex at soaplands is considered “free love between men and women,” and they only charge for bathing; that’s the reason.

Therefore, engaging in full-service activities during escort sessions is naturally illegal.

However, when alone with a worker in a situation outside the establishment’s supervision, if the worker sweet-talks and invites you, there is a high chance your emotions will sway, leading to engaging in the activity.

In the case of malicious establishments, the worker and the establishment collaborate to carry out a full-service scam. After the worker leaves, the establishment contacts you, claiming, “You engaged in full-service,” and aggressively demands payment.

The fact that the insertion took place is undeniable, and if told it’s a prohibited act… there’s nothing you can say. In severe cases, individuals have been forced to pay a settlement fee of one million yen.

Prevention: “Never accept invitations to full-service activities”

Unless you’re as handsome as a Johnny’s idol, an escort won’t invite you to full-service unless there’s an ulterior motive. If someone is that attractive, they probably don’t need adult entertainment.

While it’s true that some workers hint at full-service activities to attract regular clients… it’s generally advisable to consider the risk of full-service inductions during escort encounters as part of a full-service scam. It’s not something the worker thought of independently; always assume there’s a malicious establishment behind it.

If you accidentally accept and encounter trouble, don’t settle privately; consult with a lawyer. Facing the fraudulent acts of a malicious establishment requires the expertise of a lawyer.

How to Identify Reputable Establishments to Avoid Escort Fraud

We’ve introduced several cases of scams and provided preventive measures. However, the most effective way to avoid falling victim to scams is to steer clear of unscrupulous establishments.

Here, we’ll share tips on how to distinguish a reputable escort service!

① Avoid establishments recommended by street catchers

In the world of adult entertainment, independence is crucial. In simpler terms, it means “always choose the girl you want to have fun with by yourself.”

So, it’s a big no-no to be lured by street catchers to play with an escort in busy areas. This is because you’re not selecting a worker based on your own preferences but completely falling for the establishment’s guidance.

In reality, there are many cases where people have fallen victim to escort scams after being lured by street catchers.

In terms of scams, these are often overcharging cases, resulting in financial losses. From the author’s experience and stories from escort clients, there is a prevalence of scam victims around Ikebukuro due to street catcher activities.

Clients who follow catchers are generally more timid individuals. From the perspective of the catchers, they assess whether the client can be a target for escort scams right from the moment of engagement.

② Avoid establishments with few recent reviews

Major adult entertainment information sites like City Heaven and Pure Lovers are often used as references before engaging in escort play.

While it’s correct to assume that establishments with many reviews are reputable, do you think all highly-reviewed establishments are safe? Certainly, establishments with more reviews are usually better.

But what if the latest review is, for example, six months old?

In conclusion, it’s advisable to avoid establishments without recent reviews. A decline in reviews indicates a drop in popularity. Such establishments may find it challenging to generate revenue, and as a result, there’s an increasing number involved in escort scams.

In the author’s estimation, if there are no new reviews for about two months in urban areas and three months in local establishments, it’s a warning sign.

③ Avoid establishments with inconsistent profile pictures

Dummy or fictional shift establishments and malicious substitution establishments have a noticeable characteristic. That is, a lack of consistency in the profile pictures of the workers.

For a genuine establishment, profile pictures of workers should be taken in an environment prepared by the establishment itself. Whether or not the faces are shown, there should be a certain level of uniformity in composition, brightness, background types, and resolution.

However, in the case of dummy or fictional shift establishments and substitution establishments, the quality of pictures visibly varies. It ranges from clear, magazine-like images to blurry, selfie-like ones, lacking an overall cohesion.

This happens because they don’t conduct photo shoots for all their workers in-house. Consequently, there is a fatal inconsistency in the quality of profile pictures.

④ If you dislike Photoshop, avoid extremely cheap establishments

“Panel magic” (Photoshop manipulation) is a problem not easy to categorize as pure fraud, as it’s prevalent and the degree of victimization varies. It’s an issue not limited to escorts but extends to the entire adult entertainment industry.

From minor cases like being a bit heavier than in photos to severe instances of “a completely different person showing up,” various situations arise.

Even if you know you should request a change, the hesitation to speak up is part of the Japanese modesty.

Few moments are as empty as convincing yourself with “Well, whatever…” in your mind.

The quickest way to avoid Photoshop manipulation is to steer clear of extremely cheap establishments.

After all, if a girl is cute, she would try to market herself at a higher price, right? If an attractive girl is working at an extremely cheap establishment, it’s highly likely that she’s only offering services fraught with disappointment.

⑤ Check reputable adult entertainment establishments through our articles

To avoid scams, information is crucial. While this article targets escorts in general, specific regional information is also valuable.

That’s where our articles at the Adult Entertainment section come in handy!

We introduce reputable adult entertainment establishments from various regions across the country. Since it includes escort services, choose an article from your residing area and give it a read.

The biggest key to avoiding scam establishments is to accurately identify where reputable and healthy establishments are!

Conclusion|Spotting Signs of Scams and Enjoying Escort Play Safely

Escorts provide a unique opportunity to be alone with a girl in the truest sense. This is why it’s popular, and there are numerous establishments catering to various needs.

Therefore, the shock of experiencing scam victimization is significant.

Whether it’s Photoshop manipulation, overcharging, or full-service scams, the degree of victimization may vary, but no one wants to be involved in any form of scam. To avoid this…

・Stay sensitive to the characteristics of unscrupulous establishments
・Learn how to distinguish reputable establishments

Make full use of the scam cases and preventive measures introduced in this article, as well as the methods for distinguishing reputable establishments. Acquire the skills to avoid scams and fully enjoy escort play at 120%!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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