How Much Money is Needed to Play at an Escort?


Playing at an escort involves various costs such as hotel fees, escort transportation costs, etc., which can be challenging to estimate despite knowing the basic play fees. In this article, we’ll gently explain the necessary expenses for playing at an escort and provide an overview of the cost breakdown.

After reading this article, you’ll understand the total cost of escort play, making it easy for beginners to confidently call the girls!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.

Breakdown of Expenses for Escort Play

When playing at an escort, you incur not only the basic play service fee! There are many differences from storefront-type establishments, and there are expenses unique to escorts.

Breakdown of Escort Fees
Total Amount = Enrollment Fee + Transportation Fee + Play Fee + α

First, let’s get to know the basic fee structure for playing at an escort!

① Enrollment Fee (Average: Free to ¥2,000)

The fee incurred when using the shop for the first time is the enrollment fee. Since many escort services operate on a membership basis, you will be charged an enrollment fee for the first time.

However, many escort shops effectively make the enrollment fee “free.”

This means that there are many cases where the enrollment fee is made free with conditions such as “new customer discount” or newsletter registration.

Before visiting, check the shop’s website for discounts and coupons.

② Transportation Fee (Average: Free to ¥4,000)

Transportation costs are a unique expense for escorts. Unlike storefront-type adult entertainment such as soaplands or fashion health, this is a significant difference.

It is the fee for the girl to travel from the escort office where she waits to your home or love hotel.

The amount naturally increases if you call from a distant location, but there is a limit to the dispatch area set by the shop, and it is usually up to ¥4,000.

Some shops offer free transportation fees for areas near the office.

If you want to minimize expenses, it’s recommended to use a love hotel near the office.

③ Play Fee (Average for 60-minute course: ¥13,000 to ¥20,000)

The play fee is no different from storefront-type adult entertainment. It is the fee for the basic services provided by the girl.

In the case of escorts, basic services include kissing, full-body lip service, testicle licking, 69, sumata, fellatio, etc.

Of course, the longer the playtime, the higher the fee.

Since the details of basic services vary slightly from shop to shop, check them on the store’s website before visiting.

As explained later in the article, the play fee is where there is the most significant difference between shops.

It varies greatly depending on the grade of the shop, such as regular or high-class, and regional differences, whether it’s in a city or countryside.

④ Option Fee (Average: Free to ¥5,000) * Choose whether to include or not

In addition to the basic play, options provide deep and fetish services unique to escorts. Like storefront-type adult entertainment, escort shops offer various option plays.

The fee to receive such additional services from the girl. It’s entirely up to you whether to include them or not.

Typical option services include blindfold, pantyhose, cum in mouth (gokkun), and bringing home panties.

Each price is set individually, and the more hardcore and abnormal the play, the higher the cost.

Some shops offer free options to play. However, even if the shop allows it, some girls may have plays that they personally refuse. Check the profile page on the shop’s website carefully.

⑤ Nomination Fee (Average: Free to ¥2,000) * Free if you choose a free play

The nomination fee follows the same system as storefront-type adult entertainment. It is the fee incurred when you nominate a specific girl to play.

If you play freely without nominating, it is called “free,” and the nomination fee is not charged. Whether to

⑥ Cancellation Fee (Average: Free to ¥3,000) * Only when changing

If, upon meeting the dispatched girl, she turns out to be completely different from what you expected… In such cases, you can request a change of girls in an escort.

In other words, it’s the fee incurred when changing the girl who has come to suit your personal preferences.

Forcing a play with a girl who came all the way, saying, “Since you’ve come…” doesn’t lead to much excitement and can be uncomfortable for the girl.

Having the courage to request a change will ultimately result in a satisfying escort experience.

The fee varies depending on the shop, and some shops offer one free change, but these are relatively rare.

If you actually need to cancel, be prepared to pay around ¥1,000 to ¥3,000.

⑦ Love Hotel Fee (Average Resting Rate: ¥2,000 to ¥5,000) * Not needed if calling to your home

Since it’s not a storefront-type establishment, you’ll incur a hotel fee unless you call the escort to your home. When calling an escort, the client generally covers the love hotel fee.

The love hotel’s rates vary depending on whether it’s for a rest or an overnight stay, and some places also offer a free time system.

In the case of using an escort, resting is usually okay instead of staying overnight. However, even for a short two-hour use, it’s not extremely cheap compared to a full-day stay.

If you want to keep costs down, using a love hotel specified by the shop is a good idea. It’s easy to understand, and the girls can also feel secure.

For example, if there is a “plan including hotel fees,” you can use it at a considerably lower cost than the regular rate.

The situation varies from shop to shop, so check on the store’s website.

⑧ Other Expenses

While not a legitimate expense, there are cases where girls may propose additional fees for actual intercourse without informing the shop. This is what’s referred to as “enban” in the world of adult entertainment.

It’s dangerous to get carried away by unexpected proposals and accidentally agree. There are various risks involved.

For example, if the fact of enban is revealed to the shop, you may be fined later.

In the case of malicious shops, they may collude with the girl from the beginning and threaten with, “You forced her to have actual intercourse!” This is a tactic known as the “bijin-kyoku (tsutsumotase)” scam.

There are also cases where people, swayed by sweet whispers, accidentally engage in unprotected intercourse and suffer from sexually transmitted diseases.

The risks are quite high. Especially for escort beginners, it’s essential to firmly refuse such propositions.

Estimated Costs to Play at an Escort (in Tokyo’s 23 Wards)

Let’s take a look at the estimated costs of escort services in Tokyo’s 23 wards, categorized by the rank of the shop, from the cheaper “popular shops” to “regular shops” to “luxury shops.”

Be cautious with luxury shops, as there is no upper limit!

※ Translation Note: The term “enban” (円盤) is a reference to an additional fee proposed by the girl for actual intercourse, which is not part of the standard service and could have legal consequences.

※ Translation Note: The term “bijin-kyoku (tsutsumotase)” (美人局(つつもたせ)) refers to a scam tactic where the girl and the shop collaborate to threaten the customer with false accusations after an escort session.

※ Translation Note: The term “luxury shops” (高級店) refers to high-end escort establishments offering premium services, often at higher costs.

Escort Price Range (23 Wards)
General Establishment…¥22,000 (60 minutes)
Mass Market Establishment…¥15,000 (60 minutes)
Luxury Establishment…¥30,000 and above (60 minutes)


General Establishment’s Standard Rate is ¥22,000 (60 minutes)

General establishments fall between luxury and mass-market establishments. They are the most standard and have a higher number of establishments. The play fee, converted to 60 minutes, ranges from ¥13,000 to ¥16,000. Including hotel fees and appointment fees, the total cost comes to around ¥22,000.

Especially competitive areas within the 23 wards include Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Ikebukuro.

The intensity of competition has led to the characteristic of general establishments having rates as low as mass-market establishments, despite being in a different category.

Mass Market Establishments Charge ¥15,000 (60 minutes)

Establishments charging less than general establishments are referred to as mass-market establishments. In terms of basic play fees, ¥8,000 to ¥10,000 for 60 minutes is considered typical for mass-market establishments.

While there are benefits of affordability and ease of play, it is important to note that many of these establishments cater to mature women.

If you prefer younger companions, it is advisable to choose affordable establishments among general establishments. Locations such as Ueno, Uguisudani, and Otsuka have slightly different characteristics compared to general establishments.

In areas outside Ikebukuro with many chain establishments, there is a trend of many establishments offering free enrollment and appointment fees.

Luxury Establishments Charge ¥30,000 and Above (60 minutes)

Luxury establishments offer top-tier girls, including active AV actresses. Of course, the rates are higher, with even affordable establishments not falling below ¥30,000 in total.

In terms of play fees per hour, it ranges from ¥20,000 to ¥25,000 for the standard rank. At the highest level, it can cost ¥30,000 to ¥40,000 or more.

Like any industry, luxury establishments have no limit when it comes to higher prices. Even in luxury escort services, there are establishments where the cost can reach tens of thousands of yen for a single session. These are often frequented by celebrities and athletes.

Luxury escort establishments are particularly concentrated in areas such as Shibuya, Aoyama, Roppongi, and Ginza within Tokyo (23 wards), and there is a tendency for exceptionally high-priced establishments to be found around Aoyama.

Top 3 Escort Establishments for Affordable and Cost-Effective Fun

If possible, you’d want to enjoy escort services at a reasonable price. However, opting for “cheap may be expensive” as it could lead to regrets later.

Here, we introduce excellent escort establishments in the Tokyo 23 wards that offer a high level of service and great value!

① “Oppai Tokyo”

Recommended Points

・Encounter all types of breasts!
・Includes the coveted paizuri in basic play

[Basic Information]

Business Hours 12:00 to Last (Open every day)
Phone Number 03-6907-0206
Basic Fee ¥10,000 for 60 minutes (Appointment fee: ¥1,000)
Dispatch Areas Ikebukuro, Otsuka, Mejiro, Sugamo, Takadanobaba, and others
Main Age Group of Girls 20s
Number of Staff Approximately 50

Ikebukuro East Exit’s specialized Escort shop for breast enthusiasts. Experience moments of bliss with carefully selected beautiful busty girls!

The standout feature is that it’s not just a regular busty shop. While there are certainly plenty of busty beauties, not every man prefers large breasts.

From those who love beautiful breasts to those who prefer huge breasts, and from soft breasts enthusiasts to small-breasted fans, they have it all. The breast sizes range from a modest C-cup to an impressive G, H, or even I-cup!

Approximately 50 girls are available, spanning from 18 to 36 years old, with the main age group being in their 20s.

Basic services include “Breast Shot” and “Close-up Breast Pressure,” catering to breast-related preferences.

For those who like clothed sessions, the “Y-shirt or T-shirt Course” is recommended, and for those who enjoy slippery experiences, the “Lotion Bath Course” is a great option!

Customer Reviews for “Oppai Tokyo”

From electric massagers to cosplay, all options cost ¥1,000. However, since paizuri is part of the basic service, you can enjoy it to your heart’s content for free. If you use “Oppai Tokyo,” it’s a must-try!

Even daring requests like “Paizuri with the testicles!” are handled properly. The slight pain from hair being pulled seems acceptable with a beautiful woman’s paizuri.

Through the fabric, when pinched the nipples, the girl reportedly felt it and they became pleasantly firm!

② “One More Lady Kamata Store”

Recommended Points

・Automatically enters the second round after the first climax
・All options are free for sessions of 90 minutes or more!
・Over 250 ladies ranging from young wives to mature wives

[Basic Information]

Business Hours 10:00 to 5:00 the next day (Open every day)
Phone Number 03-6428-6406
Basic Fee ¥10,000 for 60 minutes (Appointment fee: ¥1,000)
Dispatch Areas Around Kamata Station, hotels, rental rooms, Ota Ward, and more
Main Age Group of Girls Late 20s
Number of Staff Approximately 250

An immensely popular Escort service originating from Kamata, offering an affordable rate with the bonus of a guaranteed second round. With a repeat rate exceeding 80%, it’s not just a fluke!

True to its name, the establishment boasts a lineup of beautiful wives. However, it’s better to think of them more in terms of the image of young wives rather than genuine married individuals.

They have an impressive roster of approximately 250 girls, with a mix including genuine late 30s married women, but the main age group leans slightly younger, in the late 20s.

Even without requesting, the session automatically advances to a second round. Thorough education of the girls ensures that you can enjoy yourself just by surrendering to the experience.

Moreover, for sessions of 90 minutes or more, all options are free! The content is quite extreme, including services like immediate fellatio, deep throat, and even anal for free, which is genuinely surprising.

With a variety of girls catering to both passive and dominant preferences, you’ll undoubtedly find a naughty lady that suits your taste!

Customer Reviews for “One More Lady Kamata Store”

Even if you can’t climax twice, being invited for a second round is delightful! The satisfaction of playing for 90 minutes as a free customer is unique to a high-quality establishment.

She’s an extremely beautiful married woman. However, this response is a bit disappointing. But the overall rating for this person is 4.3 out of 5, which is not bad. It’s probably because the basic service was substantial.

With free options, there’s a possibility of being casually skipped by the girls. It’s essential to double-check and confirm when making a reservation.

③ “Pocchari Busty Amateur Specialty Shop Shibuya Chanko”

Recommended Points

・Reasonable rates starting from ¥8,000 for 40 minutes
・The website explicitly mentions the weight of the girls!

[Basic Information]
■Work Data

Business Hours 12:00 to 3:00 the next day (Open every day)
Phone Number 03-6416-1616
Basic Fee ¥8,000 for 40 minutes (Nomination fee: Free)
Dispatch Areas Around Shibuya Station, rental rooms in Shinjuku Ward and Shibuya Ward, and more
Main Age Group of Girls Early 20s
Number of Staff Approximately 150

A popular Escort service based in Shibuya that gathers only chubby and busty girls. The line-up is packed with authentic busty girls whose E-cup breasts look somewhat subdued!

Thanks to the fierce competition in Shibuya, the super reasonable pricing is a charm in itself.

With a free nomination fee, you can enjoy from as low as ¥8,000 for 40 minutes. While the rate for 60 minutes is ¥10,000, the availability of short-time courses is a welcome option for those who prefer a quick session!

They proudly boast a roster of about 150 girls. Although there are occasional late 20s ladies, the main age group is around the early 20s, making it notably youthful.

The website provides detailed information, including the weight of the girls.

From slender busty girls to those with a somewhat slimmer BMI, you can pinpoint your preference for a chubby girl with the information available!

Customer Reviews for “Pocchari Busty Amateur Specialty Shop Shibuya Chanko”

Selected her based on the super erotic Hime Diary and it turned out to be an amazingly lucky case. A beautiful woman with 108cm G-cup breasts, spending more time sucking than talking!

If you prefer a plump girl, choose a lady who appears quite voluptuous in the profile photos. With still images, there’s a tendency for them to look larger overall due to their big breasts.

Since they are chubby despite being women, they have a reasonably heavy weight. Be extremely careful when facesitting; safety first (laughs).

Summary | Knowing the Total Cost Makes Escort Play Easy for Beginners!

“How much is it in total…” It’s tough to take the first step without a clear idea of the expenses, especially in the case of the adult industry.

Particularly with the escort service, once you know the total cost, it’s not as intimidating for beginners. While you can’t change the basic play fees, transportation costs, nomination fees, and option charges can be reduced or cut with your ingenuity.

When you understand the breakdown, escort play becomes even more affordable and enjoyable. Simulate where you want to spend your money and make a glamorous escort debut!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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