10 Ways to Truly Enjoy Escort Services


Escort services allow you to spend quality time and engage in intimate activities with your preferred girl, from cuddling to receiving oral pleasure. If you want to have a satisfying experience, especially if you’re unsure about how enjoyable escort services can be, fear not!

In this article, the author, who has utilized over 300 escort services, provides insights on how to truly enjoy escort services, catering to beginners in the world of adult entertainment. Whether you’ve never used escort services before or have had a disappointing experience, reading this article to the end will help you achieve the most pleasurable climax with escort services!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.

Rest Assured! Even Beginners Can Enjoy Escort Services

Thinking, “I want to try escort services for the first time in my life…” but unsure about the usage, system, and service flow? It can be challenging to take the first step. The author, who currently uses escort services twice a month, felt completely lost during the first experience without any prior research.

By understanding the rules and ways to enjoy escort services, you can achieve a satisfying experience. This article provides tips and points on how to enjoy escort services for beginners, so rest assured!

First, Let’s Review! What’s the Basic Usage of Escort Services?

First, let’s broadly introduce the basic usage of escort services! We’ll explain the flow from reservation to leaving, so read along while imagining your own experience.

By firmly reviewing the details, you can easily call a girl for the first time.

① Call the Shop to Reserve an Escort Girl

The first step when using escort services is to call the shop and make a reservation. You’ll convey details such as when, where, and for how long you want to use the service, as well as which girl you’d like to choose.

If you choose a specific girl, an additional fee for the nomination will be added to the basic fee, so it’s recommended to confirm the total cost. If you don’t have a specific girl in mind and are leaving it to the shop, inform them that you want to play freely.

② Receive the Escort Girl at Your Home or Love Hotel (Option to Change)

Once the reservation is made, you’ll wait for the girl to arrive at your home or love hotel. If it’s not crowded, the girl should arrive in about 15 to 20 minutes.

Depending on the love hotel, you may not be able to freely open the door, so call the front desk when the girl arrives. In the case of a business hotel, you might need a key card to reach your room, so you may receive the escort girl at the front desk.

If you confirm her appearance and it’s acceptable, proceed to the room. If you find it challenging to accept her on a personal level, consider changing. The change fee is usually around ¥2,000 to ¥3,000, and sticking with the same girl is more cost-effective.

③ Take a Shower

Once you’re in the room, the next step is to take a shower. Typically, you’ll take a shower together with the girl, and she will wash your entire body. For those experiencing escort services for the first time, it may feel embarrassing to be seen naked by the girl.

However, the girl needs to wash thoroughly to provide services with peace of mind. In this situation, go along with the flow without refusal.

④ Receive Erotic Services from the Escort Girl

After the shower, the main service begins. The flow of play varies depending on the chosen shop and girl, but it usually starts with kissing while lying on the bed. Broadly categorized, it goes from kissing to nipple licking, oral sex or simulated sex, and then to the climax.

You can enjoy all the basic plays mentioned on the shop’s official website, so indulge in the professional techniques to your heart’s content.

⑤ Shower Again Before Finishing

After experiencing the services and reaching climax, take another shower to wash away any sweat or semen on your body. While the first shower is thorough, the shower after the play is a quick rinse lasting about 3 minutes.

Enjoying Escort Services: Part 1 – “Take Your Time Choosing the Right Shop”

Now, the author, an enthusiast in adult entertainment, will share recommendations on how to enjoy escort services. Everyone feels anxious and nervous about their first escort experience. However, by referring to the enjoyment methods introduced here, you can have a satisfying experience beyond the cost!

Enjoying Escort Services: Part 4 – “Be Sociable and Enjoy Light Body Touch During Shower”

When you bring a girl into your room, it’s natural to feel nervous. However, it’s important to greet her warmly as being unfriendly might make her wary.

Talking about the weather or commenting on the girl’s belongings can lead to friendly responses. Just initiating a bit of conversation can bring you closer and ease tension between both of you.

However, keep in mind that extending the conversation might reduce playtime, so wrap it up at a suitable point.

Ways to Enjoy Escort Services: Part 5 – “Light Body Touch During Shower is Acceptable”

After settling the payment, it’s shower time. Showering involves more than just cleaning your body; it includes gargling with antiseptic solution and brushing your teeth.

Using the body soap provided by the hotel, the girl will wash your body. At this point, it’s also acceptable to lightly touch the breasts or buttocks for some physical contact.

Since some girls may find it difficult to wash while being touched, it’s smart to ask, “Is it okay if I touch?”.

Ways to Enjoy Escort Services: Part 6 – “Initially, Entrust the Flow to the Escort Girl and Enjoy Passively”

After taking a shower, it’s time to get into bed. When faced with a naked girl, it’s natural to want to take the lead, but try to resist that urge.

The escort girl is there to ensure you have a good time, so let her control the timing and flow of the play. Start with hugs and kisses like lovers rather than jumping straight into oral sex or handjobs.

If engaging in fingering or cunnilingus, do it gently and slowly. If you want tips on satisfying the escort girl, check out the related articles

Ways to Enjoy Escort Services: Part 7 – “Requesting the Plays You Want”

Once kissing or nipple licking is done, you’ll be stimulated with a handjob or blowjob. The flow of play varies by girl, but most girls will finish with a blowjob if you don’t request anything.

So, before reaching climax, communicate your desires. Saying, “Can you give me a paizuri?” or “I’d like to try sumata”, helps the girl adapt flexibly.

Some girls may feel unsure if your reaction is subtle or if you don’t make requests, so it’s important to communicate directly without being shy.

Ways to Enjoy Escort Services: Part 8 – “Savor the Afterglow of Ejaculation”

Enjoying pillow talk after ejaculation is another charm of escort services. Discussions about the play or hobbies during pillow talk deepen the relationship between both of you.

If you offer an arm pillow, the girl will be delighted, so let her lean on you and enjoy the moment.

Also, keep in mind that there are girls in escort services who are as young as 18. The situation of having a young girl beside you naked is an experience unique to the world of adult entertainment. Make the most of your time as if you were with a lover.

Enjoying Escort Services: Part 4 – “Avoiding Overly Intense Play”

One common mistake made by many beginners in the escort world is engaging in overly intense activities. When you pleasure a girl with fingering or cunnilingus, she might respond with cute moans and positive reactions.

While some may genuinely enjoy it, many escort girls also fake their moans to create a lively atmosphere. Consequently, some clients end up being too rough with fingering or biting nipples.

However, in reality, many girls find it painful. There’s even a risk of causing bleeding with aggressive fingering. It’s essential to be gentle and take it slow.

④ “Avoid Looking Down on Escort Girls”

People who look down on escort girls are not limited to beginners. There are many clients, regardless of experience, who lecture or criticize based on age. Comments like, “Why are you doing this job?” or “Just an escort…”, belittling the other person are a no-go.

Escort girls are individuals, and they haven’t entered the sex industry just because they enjoy sex. There’s always a reason behind their choices.

Once it’s apparent that the client is looking down on them, there’s a possibility that the quality of service may decline. As a man, it’s more enjoyable to be appreciated by escort girls, right?

When interacting with girls, it’s smart to be kind and offer compliments like, “You’re cute” or “Great figure”.

⑤ “Avoid Inviting to Private Settings”

When you find a favorite escort girl, there might be a temptation to say things like, “Let’s hang out on your day off” or “Let’s grab dinner after work”.

However, the time escort girls spend with clients privately is unpaid and serves no purpose. Moreover, meeting clients outside the establishment is strictly against the rules.

There’s one exception. If you’ve consistently chosen the same girl and built a good relationship, some girls may agree to private invitations.

If you genuinely want to go on a date, patiently continue visiting the establishment.

Enjoyable for Beginners! Top 3 Recommended Escort Services in Tokyo

Having introduced ways to enjoy escort services and avoid undesirable behaviors, let’s now explore actual establishments that you can try.

However, it might be challenging to figure out which establishment is suitable. You definitely want to avoid disappointing choices. So, here are some recommended escort services that beginners can enjoy with peace of mind!

① “Ultra Platinum”

Key Points

・City Heaven Comprehensive Ranking: 1st

【Basic Information】

Business Hours 10:00 AM – 5:00 AM (Next Day)
Phone Number 03-6265-9334
Basic Fee From 15,000 yen for 60 minutes (Nomination fee: 1,000 yen)
Dispatch Areas Shinjuku, Shibuya, Setagaya, etc.
Main Age Group of Girls Mainly in their early 20s
Number of Escorts Approximately 330

For those who simply want to play with cute girls, “Ultra Platinum” is recommended. This establishment ranks 1st on a leading portal site in the adult industry, listing over 8,500 stores.

Despite being ranked 1st, you might think it’s expensive. However, you can enjoy their services starting from 15,000 yen for 60 minutes, which is a reasonable price for a popular establishment.

Moreover, all the girls on the roster are of model or idol-class, featured in magazines. As they rigorously select girls, you can play with cute ones without the need for specific nominations.

② “Akihabara Cosplay Gakuen”

Recommended Points

・Fully Enjoy Cosplay

【Basic Information】

Business Hours 10:00 AM – 7:00 AM (Next Day)
Phone Number 03-6458-1414
Basic Fee From 11,000 yen for 40 minutes (Nomination fee: 2,000 yen)
Dispatch Areas 23 Wards
Main Age Group of Girls Mainly teenagers
Number of Escorts Approximately 140

When it comes to cosplay, school uniforms are a must! Who wouldn’t want to flirt with a girl dressed as a high school student? For those moments, “Akihabara Cosplay Gakuen” is the recommended establishment.

This shop specializes in amateur cosplay, offering a chance to play with girls who seem untouched by the adult industry. Most of the girls here are 18 or 19 years old, and some were real high school students until recently…

Nowadays, opportunities to play with such young girls are rare. With skin so soft it clings to your hands, just embracing them is fulfilling.

Moreover, not only are they young, but there are also many cute girls who could easily be part of idol groups like Nogizaka46 or Keyakizaka46.

With 60 free options such as knee-pillow ear cleaning and mixed bathing, this shop offers various ways to have fun!

③ “Boob Mart”

Recommended Points

・Immerse Yourself in Breasts!

【Basic Information】

Business Hours 4:00 PM – 5:00 AM (Next Day)
Phone Number 03-6380-2478
Basic Fee From 12,000 yen for 60 minutes (Nomination fee: 2,000 yen)
Dispatch Areas Shinjuku, Toshima, Suginami, etc.
Main Age Group of Girls Mainly in their early 20s
Number of Escorts Approximately 100

Summary | Master the Enjoyment of Escort Services for a Pleasurable Climax!

We introduced ways to enjoy escort services for beginners in the adult entertainment world, but the points of enjoyment vary from person to person. Some prefer engaging in conversation with the girls rather than the play, while others may want to explore various options.

By the way, the author finds it most enjoyable to be pampered like a baby at a busty escort shop!

Start with a short session at first; even the briefest experience at the establishment is fine. Some people may feel nervous or anxious, but by thoroughly imagining the scenarios while reading this article, you should be able to achieve a satisfying climax.

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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