Top 10 Recommended Escorts in Yamaguchi and Shunan


Shunan City, located in the southeastern part of Yamaguchi Prefecture, is known for tourist spots such as “Shunan City Tokuyama Zoo” and “Yuno Onsen.” However, do you feel there’s a shortage of entertainment options for men? As men, there are times when we inevitably feel a bit frisky and crave warmth.

For those individuals, this time, we introduce recommended escorts in Shunan! We’ve carefully selected excellent establishments where you can undoubtedly find satisfaction. If you’re struggling to choose a place, refer to this article to find a girl who suits your taste!

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Shunan Escorts – Great Cost Performance! Play with S-Class Beauties at Regular Rates!

Recommended Points for Shunan Escorts!

・Many cute girls for the price
・Strong photo editing
・Abundant married women’s shops

Before introducing the recommended escorts in Shunan, let’s organize what characteristics these establishments generally have.

Firstly, in Shunan, photo editing of girls is emphasized in all the shops. You might be disappointed thinking, “The girl looks completely different from the photos” just by relying on profile pictures alone.

When selecting a girl, it’s advisable to also check her selfie diary and social media accounts. Fortunately, the fact remains that, despite an average rate of ¥13,000 for 60 minutes, there are S-class beauties with looks akin to models or idols.

Shunan is enticing because you can play with girls resembling those in luxury establishments at the price of a public store. Additionally, there are many married women’s shops, offering intense experiences.

For those who appreciate older women, there are even mature women in their 60s, making it an area that caters to a broad spectrum of preferences.

Evaluation Criteria for Recommended Shops

This time, rather than just introducing Shunan escorts, we’ve established evaluation criteria so you can understand what characteristics each shop has.

・Escort Girl’s Level
Evaluated the overall looks and styles of the entire cast. We gave additional points if there was a high rate of face exposure or if panel edits were modest.
・Phone Correspondence
Evaluated the politeness of phone correspondence based on reviews and personal experiences. If clear explanations and friendly responses were observed even for first-time visitors, it received a high score.
・Service Content
Whether the service is provided thoroughly throughout the playtime. A high rating was given for an enthusiastic attitude, accommodating desired plays, and flexibility in responding.

Based on the evaluation, we’ve carefully selected Shunan escorts, so consider which aspects are highly rated for your reference.

① “Proudia”

Recommended Points

・Top-ranked escort in Shunan
・Mixed bathing in basic play
・Cute girls resembling idols

【Basic Information】

Business Hours AM10:00 to the next day 6:00
Phone Number 080-6330-9996
Basic Rate 60 minutes ¥16,000~ (Nomination Fee: Free)
Dispatch Area Tokuyama, Shimomatsu, Kumage, etc.
Main Age Group of Girls 10s to late 30s
Number of Girls Approximately 98

【Evaluation Criteria】

Escort Girl’s Level ★★★★★
Models and idol-level beauties are in the lineup
Phone Correspondence ★★★★★
Polite and smooth guidance is provided, creating a good impression
Service Content ★★★★★
Charming and considerate, flexible in accommodating desired plays
Overall Evaluation ★★★★★

“Proudia” is the most recommended escort in Yamaguchi and Shunan. The reason for the recommendation is that there are many cute girls available for the price.

The basic fee starts at ¥16,000 for 60 minutes, but it features visuals akin to “Trindle Rena” and “Nanao.” You can play with girls who are usually only found in luxury establishments, making it the best shop.

Furthermore, while the initial body wash is often limited to a shower, this shop includes mixed bathing as part of the basic service.

You can enjoy a lovey-dovey atmosphere with the girl in the bathtub, making you feel like you’re spending time with a girlfriend.

Recommended girl from “Proudia”: Sayaka-chan

The girl we want to recommend at the shop is Sayaka. Although her face is not revealed, she’s a beauty who could grace the cover of a magazine. With a slender figure resembling a model, she is charming and will make you feel like you’re with a girlfriend throughout your time together. It’s a miracle that Sayaka, who could easily be in a high-class establishment, is available at this shop.

Given how stunning she is, there’s a surge of people falling in love at first sight, so be sure to make a reservation.

Customer Reviews of “Proudia”

Curious about the services you can receive at Proudia? Next, let’s look at reviews from people who have actually used the shop

Reception is also polite and receives positive reviews, so be sure to give it a try.

② “Real Charge”

【Basic Information】

Recommended Points

・Play with AV actresses
・Reasonable rates
・Abundant options

Business Hours 10:00 AM to 3:00 AM
Phone Number 070-3961-4103
Basic Rate 60 minutes ¥15,000~ (Nomination Fee: ¥1,000~)
Dispatch Area Shunan, Hikari, Yanai, etc.
Main Age Group of Girls 10s to mid-20s
Number of Girls Approximately 27

【Evaluation Criteria】

Escort Girl’s Level ★★★★☆
・Active AV actresses are also present
・Panel photos are heavily edited
Phone Correspondence ★★★★★
・Provides a detailed explanation of the system

③ “Gross”

Recommended Points

・Play with fresh young girls
・Easy for beginners to use
・First-time nomination fee is free

【Basic Information】

Business Hours 10:00 AM to 3:00 AM
Phone Number 080-6328-7180
Basic Fee From ¥14,000 for 60 minutes (Nomination fee: Free)
Dispatch Areas Yamaguchi, Shunan, Ube City, etc.
Age Group of Girls 10s to 20s
Number of Girls in Service Approximately 20

【Evaluation Criteria】

Level of Escort Girls ★★★★☆
・Strict selection based on looks
Phone Handling ★★★★★
・Kind and gentle response
Service Content ★★★★☆
・Enjoys playing together
Overall Rating ★★★★☆

Customer Reviews for “Gross”

“Gross” offers the chance to play with various types of girls. Let’s see how customers who have used the establishment have reacted.

Now, let’s introduce reviews of the establishment.

Even those who traveled from a distance on a business trip were very satisfied. The cost performance is attractive, given the reasonable fee compared to the level of the girls’ looks.

This review also praises the play content.

With just under 20 cast members, some may worry, “Is this shop okay?” However, the service ensures a solid play without any pitfalls.

Some people seem to have lost their way back. However, thanks to the cooperation of the girl and the staff, they were able to return safely. It’s not just about finishing; the customer follow-up is also kind, making it an excellent service.

④「One Night Love」

Recommended Points

・Play with S-class girls reminiscent of high-class establishments
・Available for use with company colleagues and friends
・Extensive collection of costumes

【Basic Information】

Business Hours 10:00 AM – 3:00 AM (Next day)
Phone Number 080-5629-3072
Basic Fee From ¥16,000 for 60 minutes (Nomination fee: Free)
Dispatch Area Shunan City
Main Age Range of Girls 10s to early 20s
Number of Cast Members Approximately 80

【Evaluation Items】

Level of Escort Girls ★★★★★
Many cute girls with a transparent charm
Phone Response ★★★★☆
・Bright and energetic response
Service Content ★★★★☆
・Even young girls have skilled techniques
Overall Rating ★★★★☆

④「One Night Love」

Recommended Points

・Play with S-class girls reminiscent of high-class establishments
・Available for use with company colleagues and friends
・Extensive collection of costumes

There are no high-class escorts in Shunan, but at “One Night Love,” you can enjoy the company of idols and models similar to those found in high-class establishments. In the past, it gained attention and became a topic featured in weekly magazines.

They have girls resembling former AKB48 member “Atsuko Maeda” and cosplayer “Enako,” maintaining a very high level. Normally, playing with girls of this caliber would cost around ¥30,000 for 60 minutes, making it a cost-effective option.

Another point to consider is the variety of costumes compared to other shops. They offer rare outfits such as race queens, bunny girls, and Santa costumes, making it a great choice for cosplay enthusiasts.

Additionally, you can opt for a reverse threesome (2 girls and 1 client) course starting from 70 minutes for ¥32,000. It’s a perfect place to have fun with a colleague or friend after a drink.

Recommended Girl at “One Night Love”: Luv-chan

Highly recommended girl at “One Night Love” is “Luv” chan. She is a gentle and elegant beauty with G-cup breasts.

True to her name, she acts affectionate like a puppy during the play. Pressing her breasts against you while cuddling, she will surely make your heart race. She actively seeks kisses and makes you feel like you’re in a real relationship.

Her dedicated oral skills are also exceptional. If you want to spend a full hour indulging in sweet moments, she is definitely worth choosing.

Customer Reviews at “One Night Love”

“One Night Love” is so popular that it has been featured in magazines. You might be curious if they really have cute girls. Let’s introduce some customer reviews of the shop.

Even those who came from a distance for a business trip are very satisfied. The reasonable pricing compared to the level of the girls’ looks is the charm, allowing you to play cost-effectively.

This review also evaluates the play content positively. With a cast of about 80, you may worry about the shop, but they provide solid and enjoyable service without any pitfalls.

There are people who have lost their way back. However, with the cooperation of the girl and the staff, they were able to return safely. Not just finishing the act, they also provide excellent aftercare, making it a fantastic service.


Recommended Points

・Healing for both mind and body
・Challenge male squirting
・Choose your favorite aroma oil

【Basic Information】

Business Hours 9:00 AM – 3:00 AM
Phone Number 080-1585-2247
Basic Fee ¥13,000 for 60 minutes~ (Nomination Fee: Free)
Service Area Yamaguchi, Shunan
Main Age Group of Girls 20s
Number of Girls in Service Approximately 30

【Evaluation Criteria】

Escort Girls’ Level ★★★★★
Many beautiful model-like girls in service
Phone Handling ★★★★☆
Explains the system in a polite manner
Service Content ★★★★★
Excellent massage skills
Overall Rating ★★★★★

When you want a massage but also want to release some tension, using both an esthetic salon and an escort service might be a good idea, but it can be costly. In such cases, “AroMarquis” is recommended.

This establishment is a sexual esthetic salon where you can receive full-body massage and handjob services. A notable feature is the ability to choose your favorite flavor from multiple oils such as lavender, grapefruit, and ylang-ylang.

For those who don’t want their girlfriends or wives to know about their visit to a sexual esthetic salon, they also offer unscented oil for a worry-free experience.

The rates start from ¥13,000 for 60 minutes, but if you opt for the 150-minute course at ¥33,000, male squirting is included as a basic service, making the long course highly recommended!

Recommended Girl at “AroMarquis”: Sara Tsukishiro

The highly recommended girl at “AroMarquis” is Sara Tsukishiro. She is soft-spoken and gentle, making you feel relaxed just by being with her.

Despite her gentle demeanor, Sara’s massage skills are top-notch. She understands the pressure points of men and applies the perfect amount of force, effectively relieving stiffness.

Not only skilled in massage, but when she uses a handjob, she adds some sadistic verbal teasing, creating a captivating contrast.

Customer Reviews at “AroMarquis”

For those who may be using a sexual esthetic salon for the first time, here are some reviews from customers that you might find helpful.

During the treatment, the girl can liven up the conversation and attentively focus on releasing tension in specific areas. Visiting a sexual esthetic salon for the first time might make you nervous and stumble over words, but the girl will cover it well!

This review also evaluates the massage skills. Some girls hold qualifications or have experience in esthetics, ensuring a level that is on par with general esthetic salons.

While the massage begins in a soothing atmosphere, when the handjob starts, the girl transforms into a little devil. Suddenly revealing a sadistic side, she teases repeatedly once you climax.

Sexual esthetic salons offer the enjoyment of the girl’s contrasting personalities.

⑥ “Shizuku Ecchi-na Okusan”

Recommended Points

・Many beautiful married women
・Affordable play
・Massage and date courses available

【Basic Information】

Business Hours 10:00 AM – 4:00 AM
Phone Number 080-5750-6423
Basic Fee ¥13,000 for 60 minutes~ (Nomination Fee: ¥1,000)
Service Area Shunan, Iwakuni, Yanai, etc.
Main Age Group of Girls 20s to 40s
Number of Girls in Service Approximately 25

【Evaluation Criteria】

Escort Girls’ Level ★★★★☆
Many beautiful girls in their late 20s
Phone Handling ★★★☆☆
Ordinary response, neither good nor bad
Service Content ★★★★★
Outstanding fellatio technique
Overall Rating ★★★★☆

Shunan is an area where there is a wealth of married woman escorts, and there’s nothing better than spending time with an attractive married woman. “Shizuku Ecchi-na Okusan” employs beautiful wives in their 20s to 40s.

Particularly recommended is the young wife in her late 20s. There are some model-like and Nogizaka-like girls, making them exceptionally beautiful. Normally, a special nomination fee of over ¥3,000 wouldn’t be surprising, but if you’re lucky, you can enjoy their services even with a free appointment.

In addition to the basic course, there are also options for massages and date courses. The ability to enjoy various types of play at this establishment is a strong point. When using this service in Shunan, transportation costs are free, so be sure to give it a try.

Recommended girl at “Shizuku Ecchi-na Okusan”: Yukki Amami

The recommended girl at Shizuku Ecchi-na Okusan is Yukki Amami. She is slender and a beautiful wife. Some might recognize her name.

She resembles the actress Yuki Amami, and playing with her makes you feel like you are with the real person. Moreover, Yukki-chan will even provide anal licking without saying a word!

You can enjoy thorough play, caressing every inch of your body, and experience more intense play than anyone else. She has a slightly masochistic side, and the sense of responsibility is excellent.

Customer reviews of “Shizuku Ecchi-na Okusan”

Let’s check the customer reviews for those who have used “Shizuku Ecchi-na Okusan”.

Some people became so comfortable that they forgot their initial nervousness. Even though there are many young girls at the married woman store, they have high skills and consideration, allowing you to entrust everything to the girl.

You can even request a second round without hesitation!

Some people are in ecstasy from the rich blowjob. Since it’s a married woman store, anything done to you feels pleasant and you’ll be screaming. Premature ejaculators are desperately trying not to climax quickly.

Regardless of the review, the techniques and service content are highly praised. “Shizuku Ecchi-na Okusan” has cute girls and is a high-quality store that satisfies more than the price!

⑦ “Unforgettable Sensual Clinic”

Recommended Points

・Enjoy a teasing lower abdomen massage
・Ear teasing is included in the basic play
・Health courses are also available

【Basic Information】

Business Hours 10:00 AM – 4:00 AM
Basic Fee ¥14,000 for 60 minutes~ (Nomination Fee: ¥1,000)
Service Area Shunan
Main Age Group of Girls 20s
Number of Girls in Service Approximately 15

“Unforgettable Sensual Clinic” is an escort esthetic facility that offers health and esthetic courses. What sets it apart from other establishments is the inclusion of ear teasing in the basic play.

While receiving a massage, you can enjoy devilish whispers such as “You’re so erect” or “Your body is twitching.” Ear licking is also included, and when combined with a handjob, it creates an extremely exciting experience.

The ear teasing here is so addictive that it may make it difficult for you to visit other escort esthetic places.

It’s regrettable that there are no girls showing their faces, but there are many beautiful women who resemble hostesses or announcers, so the overall level of appearance is outstanding.

Recommended girl at “Unforgettable Sensual Clinic”: Miku Asakura

The recommended girl at “Unforgettable Sensual Clinic” is Miku Asakura. She is a charming and cute girl with a visual that wouldn’t be out of place in a high-class esthetic shop.

It’s understandable that she keeps her face private to avoid being recognized because revealing her face would undoubtedly lead to her being identified. Despite this, Miku-chan has extensive esthetic experience, and her massage skills are excellent.

She uses strong acupressure for the tense back and waist, and as the massage reaches the groin area, her expression changes, teasing and playing with male reactions. Getting a massage from a devilish beauty is not a bad experience at all.

Customer reviews of “Unforgettable Sensual Clinic”

“Unforgettable Sensual Clinic” has received high praise for its massage services, as seen in customer reviews.

You can have a pre-treatment consultation about which parts to massage and where you want emphasis, allowing you to receive a massage tailored to your needs, making your body feel remarkably lighter.

Although the percentage of girls showing their faces is low, seeing them in person reveals a beauty that surpasses the fee! Even with a free appointment, you can get a girl with a model-like figure and well-proportioned features, suggesting that they put considerable effort into recruitment.

⑧ “Okusama Tetsudo 69 Yamaguchi Shop”

Recommended Points

・Enjoy periscope play
・13 types of options are free
・Affordable anal fuck

【Basic Information】

Business Hours 9:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Phone Number 0570-093-070
Basic Fee ¥16,000 for 70 minutes~ (Nomination Fee: ¥2,000)
Service Area Throughout Yamaguchi Prefecture
Main Age Group of Girls Mid-20s to 50s
Number of Girls in Service Approximately 90

【Evaluation Criteria】

Escort Girl Level ★★★☆☆
・Many beautiful wives who look younger than their age
Phone Response ★★★★★
・Polite response for beginners in the sex industry
Service Content ★★★★★
・Skilled techniques
・Capable of thoughtful care
Overall Rating ★★★★★

“Okusama Tetsudo 69 Yamaguchi Shop” is also an escort service for wives in Shunan. Girls in their 20s to 50s are available, offering a wide range from young wives to mature women. It is recommended for those who say, “I have reservations about mature women, but… I want to try playing with a young wife!”

While there are other wife escorts in Shunan, the reason to recommend this shop over others is the broad range of play options. The basic play includes the periscope play, a familiar soapland activity.

In addition to receiving fellatio and paizuri while in the bathtub, there are 13 free options, including adult toys and watching masturbation.

Furthermore, the anal fuck option, which is typically priced at ¥10,000, is only ¥3,000 here. It’s a shop you should keep in mind for being able to try various plays with good cost performance.

Recommended Girl at “Okusama Tetsudo 69 Yamaguchi Shop”: Airi-chan

If you decide to use “Okusama Tetsudo 69 Yamaguchi Shop,” we recommend Airi-chan. She looks like a beautiful wife you’d find in a snackbar. With F-cup breasts, she is a girl even those who love breasts will fall for.

Airi-chan’s charm goes beyond her breasts; she also has techniques. Surprisingly, she’s skilled at making men squirt, and after ejaculation, she’ll tease your glans thoroughly.

Squirting is a play unique to M-sex and sex esthetics, but if you nominate Airi-chan, you can experience squirting in the basic play!

Customer Reviews of “Okusama Tetsudo 69 Yamaguchi Shop”

“Okusama Tetsudo 69 Yamaguchi Shop” has many girls with skills. Check customer reviews to see how they entertain you with various services.

Some people were so impressed by her skills that they came quickly. She is skilled at both fellatio and sumata, but the initial kiss is so melting that you’ll be enchanted.

If you have time, she’ll even respond to a second round, making her perfect for those who want to release multiple times.

There are cases where some wife shops send old ladies different from the photos. However, this shop has many girls who are more beautiful than their age, and you may be surprised, saying, “Is she really this beautiful?”

With a low rate of panel mosaics, you can carefully choose a girl by looking at her selfie diary and profile pictures.

There are also compliments for the phone response. The girl is guided on time, and the communication is smooth. It gives the impression that the staff is well-educated in customer service.

⑨ “Yamaguchi Shunan-chan Ko”

Recommended Points

・Play with plump and busty girls
・Overnight courses available
・Unlimited use of options for ¥2,000

【Basic Information】

Business Hours AM10:00 to next day 3:00
Phone Number 070-8972-6293
Basic Fee 60 minutes ¥11,000~ (Nomination fee: Free~)
Dispatch Area Shunan City Tokuyama Area
Main Age Group of Girls 10s to 30s
Number of Girls on Roster Approximately 30

【Evaluation Criteria】

Escort Girl Level ★★★☆☆
Busty and plump
Looks are mediocre
Phone Response ★★★★★
・Kind customer service
・Smooth dispatch of girls
Service Content ★★★★★
・Polite customer service
・Ensures a proper finish within the allotted time
Overall Rating ★★★★☆

If you want to embrace plump girls in Shunan, “Yamaguchi Shunan-chan Ko” is recommended. This shop doesn’t hire slender girls at all; only plump girls are available.

Being surrounded by flesh for the entire time will provide you with mental healing! With E-cup, F-cup, and even L-cup options, you can enjoy busty girls that you won’t easily encounter in other shops. It’s the perfect shop for those who love large breasts.

Although the girls’ looks are not particularly high, if you prioritize body type, you’ll undoubtedly be satisfied.

Another point is that if you have a favorite girl, you can spend the whole day together with the overnight course. For just ¥2,000 in options, you can enjoy over 10 options, including adult toys, gulp, and immediate insertion.

Recommended Girl at “Yamaguchi Shunan-chan Ko”: Hina-chan

A girl we want to recommend from the shop is Hina-chan. Perfect for those who love amateurs, as she’s a fresh 19-year-old.

Since Shunan-chan Ko is a plump shop, the girls’ looks may be lower compared to other shops. However, Hina-chan is extremely cute with a visual that seems like an underground idol.

Moreover, her F-cup breasts are soft like marshmallows, and you can enjoy fondling them for the entire time! If you’re a fan of breasts, be sure to nominate her.

Customer Reviews of “Yamaguchi Shunan-chan Ko”

Wondering how satisfied people are with “Yamaguchi Shunan-chan Ko”? Here are some reactions from customers:

Enjoying the talk and ensuring a proper finish within the allotted time. There are many girls nationwide who extend the time through conversation, but in this shop, there are no low-quality girls, so you can use it with confidence.

The staff’s phone response is also polite, and the girls provide good service. It’s regrettable to cut short the time spent here. “Chanko” is a nationwide chain with a strong brand presence.

If you’re a fan of plump girls, be sure to give it a try.

⑩ “Koakuma Mature Women Shunan-Tokuyama Shop”

Recommended Points

・Wrapped in maternal kindness
・Enjoy intense play
・Peace of mind from a major group

【Basic Information】

Business Hours 9:00 AM to 6:00 AM the next day
Phone Number 090-7133-7718
Basic Fee 60 minutes ¥9,800~ (Nomination fee: Free)
Dispatch Area Shunan, Tokuyama, Shimotsu, etc.
Main Age Group of Girls 30s to late 60s
Number of Girls on Roster Approximately 130

【Evaluation Criteria】

Escort Girl Level ★★★☆☆
・Beautiful mature women like Ayumi Sugimoto are also on the roster
Phone Response ★★★★★
・Polite responses
Service Content ★★★★★
・Many technicians
・Actively takes charge
Overall Rating ★★★★☆

While playing with younger girls can be enjoyable, there are also those in Shunan who seek rich encounters with mature women. That’s where we recommend “Koakuma Mature Women Shunan-Tokuyama Shop.”

This establishment caters to mature woman enthusiasts, with an age range from the 30s to the late 60s. It features mature women exuding charm like “Ayumi Sugimoto” or beautiful mature ladies who appear younger, akin to “Yumi Kaoru.”

The “Koakuma Group” operates affiliated stores nationwide, providing over 15 years of experience in escort services. Both the staff’s responsiveness and the quality of the girls are commendable, ensuring a worry-free experience.

You can meet the girl and go to a hotel together, allowing you to savor a pseudo-date atmosphere before the play begins—a notable feature!

Recommended girl at “Koakuma Mature Women Shunan-Tokuyama Shop”: Satsuki

The highly recommended girl at “Koakuma Mature Women Shunan-Tokuyama Shop” is Satsuki. She boasts a model-like figure with elegantly stretched limbs.

Although Satsuki is new to the industry, her blowjob skills are exceptional, earning praise from numerous repeat customers. With her tongue clinging to the glans and an intense stroke, it’s rare for someone not to climax.

Truly a human onahole. Those who want to experience the intense blowjob of a mature woman should definitely give her a try.

Customer Reviews for “Koakuma Mature Women Shunan-Tokuyama Shop”

“Koakuma Mature Women Shunan-Tokuyama Shop” has garnered high praise for its service. Let’s take a look at the voices of those who have used the establishment.

Experienced mature ladies can intuitively understand the acts you desire without explicit communication. They are considerate and will wholeheartedly embrace any form of affection.

The reliability of photos and profiles is high, making it a safe choice for use. If there’s anything you don’t understand about the fee system or options, the staff will respond attentively.

Rather than one-sidedly being dominated by the girl, there is a good balance of offense and defense, allowing for a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The sensitivity is good, and there is no artificiality in the performance.

Mature women establishments tend to have more lively play than other genres.

Conclusion | If you’re going to play with an escort in Shunan, “Proudia” is recommended

We introduced escort services in Yamaguchi and Shunan, with the top recommendation being “Proudia.” The girls are attractive for the price, with many resembling models or idols.

While Shunan may have heavily edited profile photos or many cases of obscured faces, with this shop, you can freely play with peace of mind. However, everyone has different budgets and desired genres.

Feel free to try an escort service that suits you best.

Feel free to contact me!

There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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