10 Negotiation Techniques for Having Sex with Escorts


The secret desire of many men is to discreetly have full-service sex with escorts.

In reality, about 60% of escorts have a strict no-full-service policy. In other words… conversely, there is a 40% chance with the remaining girls.

According to me, a veteran escort user with 13 years of experience, escorts who are actually aiming to “increase regular customers and earnings” are the prime targets. If you skillfully tap into their psychology, achieving full-service is not as difficult as it may seem!

So, in this article, we present secret negotiation techniques for successfully having full-service sex with escorts! By utilizing the methods outlined in the article, you can have a fulfilling experience of full-service with escorts and savor the sense of accomplishment!

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Even Escorts Allow Full-Service!

“Kiban” is a term in the adult entertainment industry that means “sex without additional charges.” While “honban” refers to the act itself, removing one horizontal line from the character “本” (hon) results in “木” (ki), leading to the term “wood number → kiban.”

By the way, in soaplands, they don’t refer to full-service as “kiban.” Since full-service is expected at soaplands, it’s considered normal.

Of course, “kiban” is strictly prohibited in escort services. However, surprisingly, escorts do engage in full-service relatively commonly!

There’s no sense of boasting, right? A rather straightforward report. Even though it’s an event worthy of tweeting, it’s not unusual enough to brag about.

The escort was a local idol. A seemingly common story, right? We’ll touch on “kiban” briefly later. It’s envy-inducing to be able to have sex with a reasonably cute young girl through an escort!

We’ll explain more about “enban” later. It’s a real confession, “It’s a hassle to make you come.” The escorts might also be thinking, “If it’s just foreplay, I won’t get wet anymore~.”

10 Techniques to Successfully Have Full-Service with Escorts

What techniques are necessary to have full-service sex with escorts? We’ll unveil 10 techniques that lead to success!

① Always Nominate the Escort

Make sure to nominate the escort. From the perspective of the girl, clients who play freely without nominating lack attractiveness.

Here, “attractiveness” means… essentially, money. If a client chooses and specifically nominates her, there’s a chance that, depending on the service, he might become a regular customer in the future.

Since 50% of the nomination fee is returned to the escort, being nominated leaves a positive impression on her. So, with even more enthusiasm in the service, the potential for full-service opens up.

On the other hand, clients who play freely are considered ones who hesitate even on the nomination fee. In their eyes, the money they spend on themselves is either zero or very minimal.

Nominating and calling sends the message, “This person seems to have money…” and creates the expectation that, “If full-service is allowed, he might become a generous regular customer.”

② Check the Hime Diary on the Official Website and Choose a Girl with a High Attendance Frequency

If you want to have full-service sex with an escort, make the most of the official website of the agency. Specifically, check the Hime Diary and pay attention to the attendance frequency of the girls. The attendance frequency is crucial for determining whether full-service is possible.

If the girl rarely attends, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to have full-service with her. Most likely, she isn’t in financial trouble and has no intention of earning through full-service.

On the flip side, high attendance frequency escorts are your targets! They likely have a strong desire to earn, and there’s a high possibility that they earnestly wish to “increase regular customers!”

“I see… In that case, girls who work diligently every day would be ideal.”

Well… not quite! Girls who work shifts from morning to night every day probably won’t agree to full-service unless it involves additional charges, known as “enban,” a term in the adult entertainment industry. In that case, it’s better to visit a soapland where negotiations are straightforward, so I don’t recommend it at all.

③ Splurge and Add Plenty of Options

If I were to offer a general guideline for having full-service with escorts, it would be to “spend generously.” I mentioned in the first technique that “nominating the escort is essential.” This is because clients who go for free play often deviate from this policy.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a show or pretense. The important thing is to convey to the escort, “This person seems to have money…” Through this approach, you can make use of the escort’s favorable impression by adding plenty of options, which are a significant source of additional income for the escort.

Even if you can handle too many options within the time frame, never rush.

“You’ve entertained me thoroughly, so today is already more than enough.”

Show composure like that, turning the opportunity into a chance to significantly boost the escort’s favorability.

④ Narrow Down the Targets and Approach Them Thoroughly

If you want to have full-service sex with an escort, it’s crucial not to approach multiple girls. It’s more effective to focus on narrowing down your targets and concentrating your financial resources and efforts, leading to better results.

Of course, we understand the desire to have full-service with various types of escort girls.

However, to achieve full-service, you first need to call the escort. As mentioned before, additional expenses such as “mandatory nomination” and “overflowing with options” accumulate.

It’s economically unfeasible to approach multiple girls, and even if you do, the worst outcome awaits—your funds per person decrease, and you may be rejected by all the girls.

Be prepared that without convincingly making the escort feel, “I want to make you a regular customer,” the request for full-service may not be granted.

Therefore, instead of being indecisive and getting distracted, you should target only one girl and approach her exclusively.

⑤ Add Anal (AF) Option

A while ago, we introduced the method of “adding plenty of options.” It was a quantity-based strategy, but this time, we have a sophisticated technique that exploits the psychological gaps of escorts.

It’s natural to choose a girl who is okay with anal during the nomination stage, but preferably, go for someone a bit older, in their late twenties to thirties.

The reason is not for full-service, but for Anal Fuck (AF). However, experienced escorts who can handle AF with ease are more likely to succeed.

Since it’s an option, it’s permissible to insert it anally. However, intentionally act like “it’s not going in smoothly.”

This is a common scenario, so there’s no need to worry. If the escort looks apologetic, casually ask, “Is it okay if we go all the way?

Substituting with vaginal sex instead of anal makes sense, and escorts who are okay with anal are often open-minded. Also, many find it less burdensome to settle with vaginal sex rather than anal. Based on the author’s experience, surprisingly, permission for full-service is often granted quite easily.

⑥ Reserve a Luxury Hotel

If you want to have full-service with an escort, it’s recommended to reserve a more luxurious playroom than usual. Since women pay attention to the atmosphere, the chances of getting permission for full-service significantly increase.

When reserving a room in a regular escort service, you might consider the cheapest room available. Cheap love hotels recommended by the shop are very appreciated when funds are low.

However, sometimes these rooms may have a strong tobacco smell or sheets with hairs, making the experience unpleasant (common in local love hotels).

Even if not expressed on her face, the escort probably doesn’t feel comfortable. In an uncomfortable room like that, will a woman who values the mood be willing to agree to full-service? If it’s an obviously high-grade hotel, it also serves the purpose of giving the impression that you are wealthy!

⑦ Praise the Girl Extensively

President Tetsu Kenjo of Gentosha is famous for praising everyone he meets. When someone asked him why, he said, “Because there’s no one who dislikes being praised.

To have full-service sex with an escort, you must first make her feel that way. Start by praising her extensively and making her feel good.

Do you know the type of client that sex workers, not just escorts, dislike the most? It’s the silent type. Being silent leads to awkward moments, and an uncomfortable atmosphere arises.

You don’t need to be as skilled in conversation as a comedian, but as long as you don’t get tongue-tied, it’s okay.

If that’s the case, praising the girl extensively, from her looks to every move, can be effective as an auxiliary means of communication.

During the play, praise her techniques and the beauty and charm of her body. “Can I go all the way?” becomes more likely if you make the escort feel really good!

⑧ Hair, Clothes, Shoes! Approach Neatly

“I want to have full-service sex with an escort!” That’s your motivation. But have you forgotten to make efforts to boost her motivation from the escort’s perspective?

Women are not as concerned about whether a man is handsome or tall as much as men think. Especially if it’s a relationship based solely on the body rather than becoming a lover.

However, if you’re unclean or your grooming is sloppy, a “I don’t want to sleep with someone like this!” feeling may arise.

What can you do to address this? It’s simple. Just tidy up your appearance and present yourself neatly.

Get a haircut and a clean shave at a barbershop. Clothing from Uniqlo is sufficient, so consider a complete wardrobe overhaul.

Also, a bad impression is left if your shoes are dirty. If meeting at a hotel, it’s preferable to change into new ones if possible.

⑨ From Condom-Protected Simulated Sex (Sumata), Progress to Full-Service

If the escort service includes simulated sex (sumata) as a basic play, consider yourself lucky. Engage in condom-protected simulated sex, have plenty of fun, and smoothly introduce the topic of full-service. This often works.

The key is to bring unopened, brand-new condoms.

Pretend to be a sensitive gentleman concerned about infection prevention and say, “It might be good to at least do some foreplay.”

In reality, attempting to go without a condom significantly lowers the success rate of full-service. There are risks of sexually transmitted infections, and if pregnancy occurs, it could lead to trouble for the shop. Engaging in unprotected sex without consideration is absolutely not recommended.

If you wear a condom in advance during simulated sex, the escort can feel much more at ease. If you casually ask in that context, “How about with a condom?” it is more likely to be accepted.

However, be sure to ask at least twice. It will almost
certainly be declined on the first request.

It’s essential not to be too persistent, but also, don’t give up too easily. While observing the girl’s reaction, push a bit to win her over to the desired full-service with finesse.

⑩ Go for Long Sessions from the First Encounter

Having the secret desire of wanting full-service with the escort makes you more nervous than usual when meeting. Allow some flexibility in time and aim for long sessions.

Additionally, this has the effect of appealing as a “potential regular customer.” For escorts, there’s nothing more appreciated than a client who chooses a long session.

It minimizes the time for commuting between jobs, allowing them to effectively utilize their daily working hours.

Choosing a long session from the first encounter is also crucial. If you start selecting long sessions from the 3rd or 4th time, the escort might see through and think, “This person really wants to do it…

If you choose a long session from the early stages, it leaves an impression of your generosity and is effective in establishing a connection even before full-service sex is confirmed.

Points to Note When Negotiating Full-Service Sex with Escorts

We have introduced negotiation techniques for having full-service sex with escorts. When putting it into practice, there are a few points to be aware of.

① Do Not Forcefully Demand Full-Service Sex

It is absolutely crucial to refrain from forcing sex on escort girls. Many escort girls have a strict policy against engaging in full-service encounters, with an estimated 60% of them, based on the author’s experience, having a no-full-service stance.

Consider this: If a girl is willing to provide full-service, she would likely choose to work in a higher-income soapland from the start. Engaging in full-service sex at an escort service is considered a rather gray area, and establishments explicitly prohibit such activities.

Coercing a girl into sexual activity is tantamount to rape, and in the worst-case scenario, it could lead to reporting and involvement of law enforcement.

② Decline Additional Fees Proposed by the Girl

Among escort girls who are open to sex, some may express willingness if offered additional fees. However, this already falls outside the realm of full-service. As mentioned earlier, additional fees constitute a different service known as “yen-ban,” and some girls may demand significantly high fees for this service despite appearances.

If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of additional fees, it is advisable to immediately terminate negotiations for full-service.

③ Do Not Blindly Trust Online Information like “Bakusai”

On the internet, there are bulletin boards such as “Bakusai” and “Host Love” where information about escort girls’ full-service experiences is posted. However, assuming that it is all true just because it seems like “real voices” is a mistake.

While some may seem credible, 80% of the information is likely false. For instance, if a client failed to coerce full-service and had a bad experience, he might use the bulletin board simply out of spite for revenge. Due to anonymity, facts and lies can be mixed freely. Rival escort girls from the same establishment might also post false information as a form of harassment.

It is dangerous to blindly trust online information.

④ Be Cautious About Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Escort girls willing to engage in full-service are like angels for male clients. However, considering that they provide the same service to other clients, it becomes evident that STI prevention is extremely important.

Condoms are essential for full-service with an escort, and avoiding unnecessary mucous membrane contact is advisable. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, even oral sex poses a significant risk, and for cunnilingus, it is recommended to do it through a dental dam.

Take solid measures for STI prevention and enjoy protected sex!

Conclusion: Master Negotiation Skills, and Full-Service with Escort Girls is Within Reach!

Even those who thought, “Having full-service sex at an escort service is impossible…” might have had a significant change in perspective after reading this article.

“I want to gain regular customers and stabilize my income at a high level.”

Girls who earnestly think this way are the prime targets. While 60% of girls may have a no-full-service stance, among the remaining 40%, there are invariably those open to such arrangements.

Skillfully tapping into the psychology of girls who desire regular customers surprisingly makes full-service achievable with ease. To achieve this, creating an illusion of affluence is essential. Whether through specific preferences, luxurious hotels, or extended sessions, everything is a mechanism to dazzle the eyes of escort girls.

Master the 10 negotiation techniques introduced here, and make the dream of full-service sex with escort girls a reality!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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