Yokote’s Top 7 Recommended Escorts


Akita Prefecture’s Yokote City is famous for its snow festival’s “kamakura” and local gourmet dish “Yokote Yakisoba.”

It’s known as an attractive area for tourism and gourmet dining in the southern part of the prefecture. Surprisingly, Yokote also offers escort services. However, due to the presence of establishments engaging in questionable practices such as sending foreign escorts or poor staff responses, caution is advised.

To help you avoid falling into pitfalls, this time we’ll introduce some recommended escort services in Yokote. With this article as a reference, you can find establishments where you can comfortably enjoy your time!

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Escort Services in Yokote: Be Aware of Potential Pitfalls and Choose a Safe Place

Recommended Points for Yokote Escort Services!
・Abundant selection of married women
・Beautiful women from Akita
・Reasonable rates

There are around 20 escort services in Yokote. The majority are married women’s establishments, with fierce competition in the realm of mature women. Compared to other areas in Akita, Yokote boasts a significant number of beautiful married women, including those with allure akin to “Dan Mitsu” or “Yoshise Michiko.”

However, a noteworthy feature is the prevalence of potential pitfalls. When you check the official website of certain establishments, it showcases stunning models, but the girls who arrive rarely match the photos.

Moreover, some places may dispatch Chinese or Filipino escorts, disguising them as Japanese. By checking the girls’ photo diaries, you can identify discrepancies in Japanese language usage, such as strange grammar or frequent typos.

For those new to the adult entertainment scene, using an escort service without proper research often results in encountering pitfalls.

This time, I’ve carefully selected escorts that you can enjoy with peace of mind, so please use it as a reference.

Evaluation Criteria for Recommended Escort Services

In introducing Yokote’s escort services, we’ve established the following evaluation criteria to help you quickly understand each establishment’s strengths and features. Be sure to check these as well.

・Escort girls’ level
 Average visual level of the girls on staff. It evaluates not only looks but also considers whether the actual girls are cuter than in photos, which adds points.
・Phone response
 Evaluates the staff’s language usage and whether there is a polite explanation of the system. Shops that smoothly dispatch girls receive high ratings.
・Service content
 Evaluates whether the girls provide thorough service for the entire duration. Shops that talk to extend the session or display reluctant attitudes receive deductions.

Without further ado, let’s introduce the recommended escort services in Yokote.

① “Heart Moon Yokote”

Recommended Points
・Well-established for over 15 years
・Attractive beauties with great figures
・Free change and cancellation

[Escort Crazy Nakitaro’s Evaluation!]

Escort girls’ level ★★★★☆
・Many models with slender figures on staff
Phone response ★★★★★
・Extremely polite and smooth guidance
Service content ★★★★☆
・Treats you like a girlfriend
Overall rating ★★★★★

[Store Information]

Business hours 0:00 to 2:00 the next day
Phone number 080-3143-1143
Basic fee From ¥12,000 for 50 minutes (Nomination fee: ¥1,000)
Dispatch area (within ¥2,000) Yokote, Oomagari, etc.
Main age group of girls 20s to late 30s
Number of girls on staff Approximately 48

The most recommended escort service in Yokote is “Heart Moon Yokote.” In the Yokote area, there are many fraudulent escort services that close within 5 years or dispatch foreign escorts.

However, “Heart Moon Yokote” is a well-established store that has been in operation for over 15 years. Even when opting for a non-specific choice, slim and attractive beauties come to serve you.

Furthermore, change and cancellation fees are free, allowing you to swap if the girl doesn’t match your preferences. The fact that changes are free is a testament to the confidence they have in their girls.

Moreover! You can enjoy costumed play affordably as they offer a free choice of one outfit.

Recommended Lady at “Heart Moon Yokote” is Mei

A highly recommended girl at the establishment is Mei, a beautiful young wife at the age of 34. She possesses an outstanding, slender figure that defies her age, and her gentle demeanor has earned her a reputation as a superb entertainer among repeat customers.

With experience in esthetics, she takes care to provide a relaxing massage. Choosing Mei guarantees a soothing experience for both body and mind!

Customer Reviews of “Heart Moon Yokote”

“Heart Moon Yokote” is one of the most popular escort services in the Yokote area. Let’s take a look at how customers who have used the service react.

It’s not just about the girl being cute. Whether you can enjoy your time together is crucial. A girl’s cheerful personality and engaging conversation, as mentioned in the above review, lead to high satisfaction.

Even if the looks are slightly different from your preference, interesting conversation makes you want to choose her again.

Not only is her personality bright, but she also possesses kindness. She not only takes care during the play but also leads well if she realizes you’re not familiar with the adult entertainment scene.

This review also praises the service aspect.


They provide an intimate, lovey-dovey experience, relieving the stress from work.

② “Essential”

Recommended Points
・Young age group
・Free change
・Many amateur-style girls

[Escort Crazy Nakitaro’s Evaluation!]

Escort girls’ level ★★★★☆
・Many cute amateur girls who look like they could be at Starbucks
Phone response ★★★★★
・Friendly and polite response
Service content ★★★★☆
・Even inexperienced girls provide earnest service
Overall rating ★★★★☆

[Store Information]

Business hours 10:00 to 3:00 the next day
Phone number 080-2682-4519
Basic fee From ¥16,500 for 60 minutes (Nomination fee: ¥0)
Dispatch area (within ¥2,000) Yokote
Girls’ main age group 19 to 27 years old
Number of girls on staff Approximately 11

“Essential” exclusively employs young individuals in their late teens to early twenties, focusing on amateur-style girls. While there may be some differences between profile photos and reality, their looks are certainly not unpleasant.

You might encounter unexpectedly beautiful women, including those who look like underground idols, so if luck is on your side, you might meet a stunning beauty. Even if, by any chance, the girl is not your type, you can change for free, ensuring peace of mind.

Recommended Lady at “Essential” is Ao-chan

A highly recommended girl at this establishment is Ao-chan, with a lovely appearance reminiscent of an underground idol. She boasts one of the best visuals among Yokote’s escort services.

Her large F-cup breasts are another appealing feature. Enjoying a delightful paizuri between her soft, ample breasts is an incredibly pleasant experience! If you’re looking to have fun with a young, busty girl, be sure to give her a try.

Customer Reviews of “Essential”

“Essential” receives favorable reviews in customer feedback. Let’s check out some comments from people who have used the service.

There are also glowing reviews praising the unexpectedly beautiful girls nominated. As the appearance of girls can sometimes differ between photos and reality, it’s essential not to rely too much. However, it’s a moment of joy when the girl exceeds expectations.

Some have also hit the jackpot with a tall, model-like figure. Despite the small number of girls, you can see they have set standards based on visual appeal.

Inexperienced individuals have room for improvement in technique. Nevertheless, the diligent service attitude to satisfy customers is commendable.

③ “44 heart ~Yonyon Heart~”

Recommended Points
・Wide range of paid options
・Enjoy plays not available in other stores
・Slippery mat play available

[Escort Crazy Nakitaro’s Evaluation!]

Escort girls’ level ★★★★☆
・Girls of various types are available
Phone response ★★★★★
・Polite and friendly guidance with a gentle tone
Service content ★★★★☆
・Plays until the end without wasting time
Overall rating ★★★★☆

[Store Information]

Business hours 10:00 AM to LAST
Phone number 080-5577-1020
Basic fee From ¥11,000 for 50 minutes (Nomination fee: ¥1,000)
Dispatch area (within ¥2,000) Yokote City, Yuzawa City, Daisen City, etc.
Girls’ main age group 20 to 38 years old
Number of girls on staff Approximately 11

“44 heart ~Yonyon Heart~” is a store in Yokote where you can enjoy plays not available in other escort services. Paid options include scatology, soft S&M, enema, and more. It’s a perfect shop for those who love S&M plays.

However, SM play enthusiasts are only a small part of the clientele. There’s another reason to recommend the main store, and that’s because you can enjoy mat play! Usually, you’d have to go to a health or soapland dedicated to mats for such experiences.

However, at this establishment, for just an additional fee of 3,000 yen, you can enjoy mat play. It’s the only escort service in Yokote where you can enjoy mat play, making it worth trying out just for that!

The girls range from 18 to late 30s, covering a wide age range. With various types, including loli, gal, and married women, you are guaranteed to find a girl who matches your preferences.

Recommended Lady at “44 heart ~Yonyon Heart~” is Rui-chan

A recommended girl at this establishment is Rui-chan, a fresh 18-year-old you rarely see in Yokote, standing at a petite 151 centimeters. If you’re a fan of lolis, she will undoubtedly capture your heart.

Despite her appearance, she loves baths. She will immerse herself with you, offering intense intimacy from before getting to the bed, allowing you to enjoy a rich experience.

You can spend a lover-like time from start to finish until you check out of the hotel!

Customer Reviews of “44 heart ~Yonyon Heart~”

“44 heart ~Yonyon Heart~” has an extensive range of options, and they have girls of various types. Let’s see if this is genuinely a shop where you can play satisfactorily by checking customer reviews.

Some customers are surprised by the beauty to the extent of feeling nervous. While the basic fee is higher than other shops, it gives the impression of firmly selecting attractive girls.

It’s exciting when a girl who doesn’t look erotic engages in a play that involves confidently handling a penis. On the contrary, if a girl with a slutty appearance feels embarrassed during play, it’s irresistible.

④ “Okusan no Kaori Yokote Branch”

Recommended Points
・Large number of cast members
・Many skilled technicians
・Service beyond the price

[Escort Crazy Nakitaro’s Evaluation!]

Escort girls’ level ★★★★☆
・Beautiful sisters in their 30s are on staff
Phone response ★★★★☆
・Easy-to-understand guidance even for beginners
Service content ★★★★☆
・Considerate voice during play
Overall rating ★★★★☆

[Store Information]

Business hours 10:00 AM to Midnight
Phone number 080-1801-6717
Basic fee From ¥12,000 for 60 minutes (Nomination fee: ¥1,000)
Dispatch area (within ¥2,000) Yokote, Daisen, etc.
Girls’ main age group 24 to 47 years old
Number of girls on staff Approximately 75

There are times when you want to indulge in the sweet embrace of a married woman and experience intense techniques. In such moments, we recommend the escort service “Okusan no Kaori Yokote Branch.”

This establishment has a lineup ranging from young wives in their 20s to mature women in their late 40s. Perhaps due to their rich personal experiences, there are many technicians skilled in fellatio and expert cowgirl techniques.

Moreover, they always cuddle with men, listen to their stories, and provide services and hospitality of quality beyond the price.

Recommended Lady at “Okusan no Kaori Yokote Branch” is Nanako-san

A highly recommended lady at this establishment is Nanako-san. She previously ranked high in the Akita area during the “Miss Heaven General Election,” an event to determine the No.1 sex worker nationwide.

With an attractive appearance reminiscent of actress Michiko Kase, she is not only visually appealing but also offers extraordinarily rich and intense plays. When kissing, she entwines her saliva-covered tongue, providing an incredibly enjoyable experience.

Her deliberate and juicy fellatio is also exceptionally pleasurable. With both good looks and excellent techniques, she is a goddess. Be sure to give her a try.

Customer Reviews of “Okusan no Kaori Yokote Branch”

“Okusan no Kaori Yokote Branch” is a popular shop that has gained strong support from locals. Let’s check the high-rated reviews from customers.

Yokote’s escort services often feature married women with oily hair and a lack of cleanliness. However, this shop has clean and beautiful married women on staff, making you smile the moment you open the door.

The play doesn’t follow a mechanical flow but takes time for each act, providing a service with high satisfaction. With good technique, the service aspect brings great fulfillment.

Inexperienced newcomers in the industry can be hit or miss, with the service being less reliable. However, this individual seems to be highly satisfied despite being inexperienced. With many talented married women on staff, it’s highly recommended!

⑤ “Hitodzuma Maruhi Kurabu”

Recommended Points
・Services include handjobs only
・High ratio of women with large breasts
・Praised by repeat customers

[Escort Crazy Nakitaro’s Evaluation!]

Escort girls’ level ★★★☆☆
Beautiful married women who look younger than their age are also available
Phone response ★★★★★
・Provides polite guidance
Service content ★★★★☆
・Enjoyable breast play utilizing the high ratio of large-breasted women
Overall rating ★★★★☆

[Store Information]

Business hours 10:00 AM to 3:00 AM
Phone number 090-2600-3263
Basic fee From ¥10,000 for 40 minutes (Nomination fee: ¥1,000)
Dispatch area (within ¥2,000) Yokote, Yuzawa
Girls’ main age group 26 to 50 years old

“Hitodzuma Maruhi Kurabu” is a cost-effective married woman establishment. It offers services starting from a minimum of ¥10,000 for 40 minutes, with the option of a handjob-only service for that duration. This allows for a quick and satisfying play similar to a soapland in a short period, making it convenient.

For those who prefer being surrounded by plump girls, there is also the “Super Pocha Course.” With a high ratio of busty women and ample time to indulge in F-cup or larger breasts, it’s a fantastic course for those who appreciate plumpness.

The overall level of the girls might not be exceptionally high. However, because a shop offering various playstyles in Yokote’s escort services is rare, we recommend this establishment.

Recommended Lady at “Hitodzuma Maruhi Kurabu” is Mikako

A girl we recommend at the shop is Mikako. Despite being 44 years old, just look at her. Her skin is beautiful, reminiscent of the fair skin of Akita beauties, and she has a good figure.

With E-cup breasts, Mikako is popular among those who love breasts. Beyond her appearance, she is a good listener, and conversations with her are lively. She laughs at silly jokes, so being with her is soothing.

Since you can be pampered thoroughly, be sure to nominate her.

Customer Reviews of “Hitodzuma Maruhi Kurabu”

Boasting a high repeat rate, “Hitodzuma Maruhi Kurabu” has earned praise from customers who have actually used the shop. Let’s look at some reviews.

Since it’s a married woman shop, don’t expect fresh, young girls. However, with beautiful women who look younger than their age and elegant madams with polite language, the moment you meet them, excitement and arousal surge.

Repeat customers also praise the shop. They seem satisfied with the service every time. Regardless of the girl, there are techniques, and there is consideration during play, allowing for a worry-free experience.

While there are no exceptionally beautiful girls like Kyoko Fukada, the absence of ugliness is also the charm of this shop. Just the fact that there are no unattractive girls makes it worth a visit.

⑥ “Hotspot”

Recommended Points
・Incredibly affordable rates
・Decent girls for the price
・Minimal difference between photos and reality

[Escort Crazy Nakitaro’s Evaluation!]

Escort girls’ level ★★★☆☆
・Clean and beautiful mature women on staff
Phone response ★★★★☆
・Smoothly guides to the girls
Service content ★★★★☆
・Balanced enjoyment of both giving and receiving
Overall rating ★★★☆☆

[Store Information]

Business hours Reception: 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM next day
Phone number 090-8220-5500
Basic fee From ¥6,050 for 55 minutes (Nomination fee: ¥1,100)
Dispatch area (within ¥2,000) Yokote, Yuzawa
Girls’ main age group 21 to 38 years old
Number of staff Approximately 25

If possible, you’d want to enjoy entertainment while keeping adult entertainment costs down, right? The most cost-effective escort service in Yokote is “Hotspot.” The rates start at a minimum of ¥6,050 for 55 minutes, and even the 70-minute course is under ¥10,000.

What’s even more surprising is that instant play and anal sex are free of charge. Anal sex is usually a paid option with a market rate of ¥10,000, making this a very advantageous offer.

Girls of various types, such as gal styles like “Koda Kumi” and married woman styles like “Yuki Matsushita,” are available. Considering the rates, the girls are of a satisfactory level.

Recommended Lady at “Hotspot” is Naoka-chan

A recommended girl at the main shop is Naoka. She is 26 years old with a voluptuous D-cup figure. She feels great to hold, and just hugging her is soothing.

Since there are many married woman shops and fewer young girls in Yokote’s escort services, being able to play with a rare woman in her mid-20s like Naoka-chan is special.

Moreover, she is bright and friendly, making it easy to get along with her right from the first meeting. She puts a lot of effort into service, ensuring an incredibly satisfying climax!

Customer Reviews of “Hotspot”

As the main shop is a budget-friendly establishment, some may honestly be unsure if they can enjoy themselves. To help with that, here are some voices from those who have actually used the shop. Please consider them.

The minimal difference between the photo diary and reality is also a highlight of the main shop. In the midst of the prevalence of photo fraud in budget shops, having a girl who matches the photos is greatly appreciated.

The play involves not only one-sided dominance but also a back-and-forth, making it enjoyable. It’s good that the girls are trying to feel good too. Even after one climax, if there’s time, they’ll suggest a second round.

There are compliments for the staff’s handling as well. They smoothly dispatch girls, and they kindly explain the course and whether there are any coupons. It’s a shop where even beginners to adult entertainment can play with peace of mind.

⑦ “Shiroi Koibito”

Recommended Points
・Local Akita girls are on staff
・Slim girls are available
・Reasonable rates

[Escort Crazy Nakitaro’s Evaluation!]

Escort girls’ level ★★★☆☆
・Slim and well-styled girls are available
Phone response ★★★★☆
・Reservations are smoothly accepted
Service content ★★★★☆
・Services are solid considering the rates
Overall rating ★★★☆☆

[Store Information]

Business hours 11:00 AM – 3:00 AM next day
Phone number 090-5840-6065
Basic fee From ¥11,000 for 60 minutes (Nomination fee: ¥0)
Dispatch area (within ¥2,000) Yokote
Girls’ main age group 20 to 35 years old
Number of staff Approximately 3

“Shiroi Koibito” is an escort service that primarily employs girls from the local Akita area. For those who come from a distance for business trips or travel, being able to play with local girls rather than girls just visiting is delightful.

It would be thrilling to hear cute Akita dialect during play, wouldn’t it? Additionally, this shop has many slender girls, making it recommended for those who prefer a slim physique.

The fee is ¥11,000 for 60 minutes, making it charming for its cost-effectiveness! However, the drawback is the limited number of staff, only 3. While it provides reassurance with no unattractive girls, there is hope for an increase in the cast.

Recommended lady at “Shiroi Koibito” is Miho-san

A girl worth recommending at this shop is Miho. She is a beautiful wife with black hair. She has a gentle personality and will envelop you with kindness during play.

Her techniques in fellatio, sumata, and handjob are skillfully varied, with an exceptional skill level. If you’re quick on the draw, she will undoubtedly leave you completely satisfied. For those who want to enjoy intense play, be sure to nominate her.

Customer Reviews of “Shiroi Koibito”

“Shiroi Koibito” operates with a small but elite staff and has gained consistent support in reviews.

While achieving a low price of ¥11,000 for 60 minutes, they provide play that is more intense than the fee suggests. It’s a perfect place for those who prioritize service when choosing a shop.

There are also satisfied voices about encountering slender girls. With slim and beautiful legs, it’s a recommended shop for those who love beautiful legs.

Summary | If you’re going to play with an Escort in Yokote, “Heart Moon Yokote” is recommended

We introduced recommended escort services in Yokote, but the top-recommended establishment is “Heart Moon Yokote.” With a long track record of operation, it is a reputable shop where you can play with peace of mind even without a specific nomination.

In fact, when you search for Yokote escorts online, you’ll find over 20 shops. You might think there are more! However, most of them are potential pitfalls with different girls arriving than those listed as staff.

When using an escort service in Yokote, refer to this article for selecting a shop.

Feel free to contact me!

There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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