Explaining the Terminology of Japanese Escort Services


Using an escort service for the first time can be nerve-wracking…

But don’t worry. From choosing an escort service to addressing the girls, understanding the process in advance can make your experience smoother.

So, in this article, we’ve compiled information on “How to Address Escorts” that even beginners can feel comfortable with!

Whether you’re afraid of making a mistake with an escort service or hesitant to make the call even after finding the desired shop or girl, reading this article will ensure a seamless escort experience without any hiccups!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.

First-time with Escort Services? Not Scary at All! Feel at Ease by Learning How to Address the Girls

This time, we’re presenting an article about adult entertainment, a topic that has been well-received in our adult section.

With the recent impact of regulations like the Adult Entertainment Business Regulation Law, the number of store-based adult entertainment establishments has decreased, making escort services more prominent. So, even if you want to use adult entertainment now, your primary choice is likely to be escort services.

However, if you haven’t had experience with escort services, you might not know how to use them. Therefore, this article covers how to choose, address, and enjoy escort services comprehensively.

To put it plainly, both the staff at the shops and the escorts are accustomed to dealing with individuals who may not know much about the adult entertainment world. So, if things don’t go smoothly, there’s no need to feel embarrassed or worried about it!

[Review] What Exactly Is an Escort Service?

Before delving into how to address escorts, let’s first summarize what escort services are, especially for those who are complete beginners.

While everyone casually refers to it as “deli” with a sense of familiarity, the official term is “Delivery Health”. Since it’s a well-known fact that it’s an adult service, let’s take a closer look at escort services!

Escort Services: “Bringing Girls to Hotels or Homes”

Firstly, escort services don’t have physical stores. Unlike regular fashion health, pinsaro, or soapland establishments that have a storefront and welcome customers there, escort services operate differently.

True to the name “delivery,” girls are dispatched from a waiting place to specified hotels or the customer’s home. Escort services that specialize in hotels are often called “Hotel Health,” and the term “escort service” is commonly used for delivery-type adult entertainment in contrast to store-based adult entertainment.

Escort girls are typically transported by the shop’s car. Although there are occasional cases where escorts use their private cars, this is an exception. Most shops are operated with a driver to facilitate transportation.

Services Include Up to Oral Sex (Penetration is Not Allowed)

The services offered by escort services typically include activities such as fellatio, handjob, rubbing genitals together, breast job, etc. The use of lotion is also common.

For those with zero knowledge of adult entertainment, it might be perceived as a place for sexual activities, but actual penetration is prohibited because it would violate the law. While there are instances where things may proceed somewhat casually, expecting full sexual intercourse is generally not allowed.

The basic service menu varies depending on the shop or escort, and there are various paid options as well. Costumes, swallowing, anal sex, and others often come at an additional cost, ranging from 1,000 to 8,000 yen, and you can enjoy them with an extra fee.

Wide Coverage of Areas

Since escort services don’t have physical stores, most shops specify the areas where they provide services. They often cover broader regions, such as the entire Tokyo Metropolitan Area or the eastern part of Kanagawa Prefecture, rather than a single station’s vicinity.

Moreover, as the distance increases, the transportation cost also rises accordingly.

If the destination is a hotel or residence close to the waiting place, the transportation cost is often free. Therefore, it’s recommended to choose a nearby shop to keep the cost down.

By the way, the fees for escort services typically include the basic fee, transportation cost, hotel fee, and nomination fee. If you go for a nearby shop with a free transportation zone, you might be able to enjoy it quite affordably.

Many Nationwide Chain Shops

One of the charms of escort services is the availability of well-established chain shops. Major companies and AV production companies are involved, and there’s actually a large network in place.

Therefore, even if you move to a distant location or travel on a business trip, it’s also a viable option to choose a familiar chain shop. Using a familiar system reduces the likelihood of encountering a disappointment.

Additionally, escort girls often work in regional areas through affiliated group networks or may travel from regional areas to urban areas. Since most escort girls want to avoid being recognized, they intentionally go to distant places, and many girls are dispatched through these arrangements.

Explaining the Basic Steps of Addressing Escorts in 9 Steps

Now, let’s get to the main topic. We’ve compiled the basic steps for addressing escorts.

There are a total of 9 steps, and by following these steps, you can experience a successful first-time escort without any issues.

You can make your first escort experience a high probability success just by following these steps!

STEP 1: Search for the Shop You Want to Use

When you want to have fun with escort services, start by searching for a shop. Since there are many escort services, take your time to choose the right one.

Searching for a shop is recommended on the internet. While free adult information centers can help you find hotel health services, they are limited to nearby areas. So, using the internet, which allows you to search extensively, is recommended.

Use major adult introduction sites such as CityHeaven, Deriheru JAPAN, Fuzoku JAPAN, BananaV, etc. These well-operated escort services always provide shop information on major sites, making it easy to search.

As a tip, if a shop is listed on one site but not on others, there’s a possibility that the shop may not be of good quality. If possible, it’s recommended to choose a shop listed on CityHeaven. Beginners should check CityHeaven first.

STEP 2: Decide on the Girl You Want to Nominate

Once you’ve decided on the shop, the next step is to find the escort you want to nominate. If you already have a specific escort in mind, you’ve probably already chosen the shop. If you’re planning to play freely, you can skip this section.

Escorts can be nominated. While the system of choosing based on photos (※ available in certain types of escort services where you decide after seeing photos) is becoming less common, the basic options are usually “Specific Nomination” or “Freestyle Nomination.”

All the escorts available are always listed on the introduction site or the official website of the shop. They need to be listed to be available for nomination, so unless there are exceptional circumstances, you can easily find escorts by checking online.

Preferences vary from person to person, and that’s okay. If you find someone you like based on photos and profiles, feel free to nominate them.

STEP3: Decide on the Course You Want to Enjoy

Once you’ve settled on the desired shop and escort, the next step is to choose a course. This also varies depending on the shop, ranging from courses with massages to those specializing in S or M role-playing.

Generally, there is a standard course or health course for regular services, with additional options only available if the shop provides unique services.

Since course settings are somewhat geared toward a more niche clientele, many people don’t pay much attention to them. If your local escort offers only one course, and you have no specific preferences, choosing the regular course for a satisfying experience is a safe bet.

STEP4: Determine the Time You Want to Enjoy

While there are services like handjob health or pinsaro that provide relief in 10 or 20 minutes, escort services usually have a time setting starting from around 40 minutes.

Short-course settings like these are not typically seen in escort services, mainly because there are preparations such as taking a shower involved. Even if they exist, they don’t seem very interesting.

Therefore, the time options start from a minimum of 40 minutes. Of course, there are also shops that offer long-duration courses like the “300-minute overnight course,” so it’s worth considering if you have a favorite escort and the budget for it.


It’s natural that escorts welcome longer durations as it increases their earnings. Occasionally investing generously rather than being too frugal can make both parties feel good.

STEP5: Choose the Area You Want to Enjoy

Once the shop, escort, course, and time are decided, it’s time to choose the area. While the area is generally limited once you’ve chosen the shop, you can still choose the hotel, making it more convenient for you.

The main reason to consider the area is to prevent personal identification. If someone sees you entering a suspicious hotel alone after using a local escort, they might suspect you used an escort or even engaged in an affair.

Therefore, deciding on the area, including the location of the hotel, is essential for using escort services more confidently. Especially for those with a partner or married individuals, it’s crucial to carefully consider and decide on the area more than the type of shop or the type of escort.

STEP6: Reserve via Phone or Online

Once everything, including the shop, course, and escort, is set, it’s finally time to make a reservation. While calling and asking questions directly is not a bad idea, it’s also important not to give the impression that you haven’t done any research.

Modern escort services allow reservations online. Although registering on the site (inputting personal information) is required, you can easily check available times and escorts, and reserve your desired slot, making it convenient.

Of course, making a phone call in the traditional way is perfectly fine. Since you already have the details decided, such as “from what time, which escort, for how long, and at which hotel,” it’s very efficient to communicate this information.

STEP7: Follow the Guide to Move to the Hotel, etc.

Once you’ve made a reservation for the escort service, it’s time to move. If you’ve specified your home, the escort is waiting, so clean up nervously and wait for her to arrive.

Upon reaching the hotel, it’s common for the escort to enter the room first. Some shops meet in front of the hotel or nearby, and there are also shops where you can specify meeting as an option (common in mature woman/married woman types).

After arriving at the hotel, rent the room for the reserved time, check in, and contact the shop again once you’re inside the room. The escort will then be dispatched (some may already be on the way), so relax and prepare while waiting nervously.

STEP8: When the Escort Arrives… First, Settle the Payment (Prepayment)

When the escort arrives at the room, while it might be tempting to immediately engage in some intimate moments, the first step is to settle the payment. Some shops with services like instant oral or instant relief may start right away, but most escorts typically settle the payment first before initiating the services.

Additionally, at this point, you can also make changes to the duration or chosen service. While requesting something that requires substantial preparation, such as cosplay or massage, on the spot might be challenging, it’s a common practice in the escort world to extend the time if the escort is exceptionally charming.

Some shops now accept credit cards, and there is a growing trend of online payments. The industry is evolving, and there are expectations of further technological advancements, such as the use of electronic money.

STEP9: Start the Play

Once the payment is properly settled, it’s finally time to begin the service. You can take a shower with the escort, engage in playful activities on the bed, have a leisurely toast, and the overall experience is relatively flexible.

As escorts cover a wide range within the adult industry, the play styles vary significantly depending on the escort. Some may excel in oral services, others in simulation, and there are even those who showcase their skills in the bathroom like soapland workers. Therefore, the service is usually tailored to accommodate your preferences and the escort’s style.


You never really know someone’s type until you meet them, and even in intimacy, compatibility is uncertain until you experience it. So, taking the plunge and trying it out is the first step.

Tips for Beginners to Fully Enjoy Escort Services

Once you’ve learned the steps, let’s also cover some tips for using escort services.

Here, we’ve compiled eight tips, not only for enjoying escort services comfortably but also for minimizing the risk of potential failures.

Experience is said to be the best teacher, but with some prior knowledge, you can avoid unnecessary expenses!

① Choose a Shop Based on Reviews

While the internet is a reliable source for finding escorts, selecting the best shop among the countless options often requires checking reviews. Most sites have a review posting feature, and good shops tend to have a lively presence of reviews. While negative reviews may exist, the ratio of satisfied customers provides insight into the shop’s quality.

By the way, there are also posts on forums like Bakusai or 5chan related to adult entertainment, but it’s advisable not to rely too much on bulletin board systems. Some users intentionally post negative comments to hide their favorite escorts, and many posts are of questionable credibility, so sticking to escort review sites is recommended.

② Choose Shops Recommended by Major Adult Entertainment Sites

Major sites like City Heaven or Deriheru Japan not only feature popular escorts that rank high but also those recommended by the site itself. There are usually two or three recommended shops per region.

The criteria for site recommendations include having a high number of reviews, longstanding presence, and a lack of negative reputation. Therefore, when a shop is labeled as “site recommended,” consider it at least not a scam or dummy store.

③ Nominate Experienced Escorts

Among the stories of failures with escort services, many involve getting a new escort who may not meet expectations or having poor compatibility. While personal preferences certainly play a role, given that this is a job for escorts and a form of entertainment for clients, finding an experienced escort is a quick way to ensure a capable and considerate service. If the escort has a good reputation, it’s guaranteed that she can adapt to different preferences and offer a thoughtful experience.

Choosing between youth and experience may be a difficult decision, but to avoid disappointments, go for a seasoned professional.

④ It’s Okay to Admit You’re a First-Timer

In the realm of adult entertainment, including escort services, many failures are attributed to people pretending to be someone they’re not. Rather than putting on a facade and trying to impress, escorts find it easier to interact with clients who are genuine and natural.

Therefore, if you’re using escort services for the first time, it’s recommended to admit that you’re a beginner. Being open about being nervous or inexperienced is better than pretending, as it will likely be noticed anyway. In fact, embracing your status as a newcomer might evoke a sense of maternal care from the escort, leading to an even more special service!

⑤ Absolutely Avoid Forbidden Actions

In the realm of escort services, there are two absolute no-no’s: “forcing sexual acts” and “asking for contact information.” While some escorts may allow extra services or exchange contact details for regular clients, such cases are rare. Escorts often share information about clients during casual conversations or report to staff. Those who use services wisely often receive favorable treatment (e.g., being assigned a beautiful new escort, informed of special promotions, etc.), making it ultimately cost-effective.

⑥ Use Cancellations or Complaints Flexibly

One of the unexpected dilemmas when using escort services is dealing with “complaints” and “cancellations.” When using inexpensive shops on a freestyle basis, the risk of encountering these issues is higher.

Regarding complaints, unless the situation is severe, you might receive some form of compensation, depending on the case.

While it might be uncomfortable to cancel, it’s better to cancel with a clear conscience than to spend wasted time with someone you don’t fancy. Many low-cost escort services allow free cancellations at least up to two times.

⑦ If Photos of Escorts on the Website Seem Suspicious, Avoid

When researching escort services online, do you come across shops with an unusually large number of incredibly cute girls?

To cut to the chase, if there are many girls with clear faces and appealing photos, that shop might be suspicious. There’s a possibility of it being a dishonest escort service that uses dummy photos to lure clients.

Conversely, shops where girls hide their faces but regularly update their diaries tend to be more reliable. While there’s an increase in escorts who appeal with their faces, most girls still prefer to work discreetly.

⑧ If Staff Answering the Phone Seems Suspicious, Avoid

Have you ever thought a place seemed good, only to call and have someone foreign-sounding answer with a casual “Moshi Moshi”?

A common occurrence in deceptive escorts is the presence of foreign staff who speak broken Japanese. There are still many escorts where women who have come from abroad pretend to be Japanese beauties.

These types of establishments often provide subpar services and frequently try to recommend additional fee-based full-service courses. Even if you happen to go along with it, you never know what might be said later.

If you have a preference for foreigners, that’s entirely fine, but it’s advisable to avoid dealing with these intentionally malicious establishments.

Enjoyable for Beginners! Recommended Escort Shops in Tokyo

Finally, we’ve compiled information on recommended escort services. It’s only three shops, but be sure to take a look.

The focus is on the Tokyo area. Even if you live in Kansai or elsewhere, there may be opportunities to visit Tokyo for various reasons.

To make the most of your night in Tokyo, these are all highly recommended escort services. If you reside in the Tokyo area, consider checking them out as one of your options!

“Ultra Grace 24”

Recommended Points

・The ultimate high-quality escort located in the heart of Tokyo!

【Basic Information】

Business Hours 24 hours
Phone Number 03-5348-5514
Basic Fee From 13,000 yen for 50 minutes (Nomination Fee: 0 yen)
Dispatch Area Shinjuku Area
Main Age Group of Girls Late teens to early twenties
Number of Girls on Roster Approximately 350

Summary|Escort can be fun even for beginners! If you know the process of how to call, you will feel safe and comfortable!

In this article, we have summarized “How to call Escort” in detail!
I won’t bore you with basic information about Escort, but it’s easier to talk about it if you first thoroughly select a restaurant and make up your mind about what you want. Make a reservation, move to a hotel (or wait immediately if at home), and then you can wait for the missus to arrive.

This article also details the process of using Escort, so whether you are about to make your Escort debut or are struggling to somehow find your favorite store or girl, please refer to this article for future reference!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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