What is the ideal duration for an Escort service?


When you feel the urge or crave human warmth, you might want to indulge in an Escort service. Some may be considering using this service for the first time, while others may have experienced it once and were unable to achieve satisfaction.

Choosing the right girl in Escort services is important, but even more crucial is selecting the duration of the service that suits you. By choosing the right duration, you can enjoy playing with the girl to your satisfaction.

In this article, we will explain the merits and demerits of different Escort service durations and answer the question: “Which duration is best for Escort services?” If you read this article, you’ll find out exactly how many minutes are optimal for your play.

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Conclusion: Beginners, choose the “60-minute course”!

When deciding on the duration of an Escort service, beginners may be unsure, but opting for the 60-minute course is the best choice for those new to the adult entertainment scene.

The reason is that it helps to mitigate the risk of disappointment if you make a poor choice when selecting a girl. It can be disappointing if the girl who arrives is less attractive than you imagined.

However, compared to 90 or 120-minute courses, the 60-minute course is more affordable, minimizing financial damage.

There are shorter courses than 60 minutes, but the pressure to “ejaculate quickly!” hinders a satisfying experience.


In this article, we’ll delve into why 60 minutes is a good choice and explore the merits and demerits of other courses.

Types and Prices of Escort Service Durations

Escort services come in various forms, and there are different ways to enjoy them. The choice of duration also affects the cost.

Let’s organize the information about the different durations and their average prices.

Four basic durations: 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and 120 minutes

Escort service durations are primarily divided into 45 to 120 minutes. You can have a quick session in 45 minutes or a leisurely play without time constraints in 120 minutes.

However, the durations may vary between different establishments. Some may offer a 30-minute course instead of 45, or a 50-minute course instead of 60.

Since the prices and satisfaction vary depending on the duration, it’s essential to choose the duration that suits you.

Average prices for each duration

Duration Budget Escort Regular Escort Luxury Escort
60 minutes Approximately ¥25,000 to ¥35,000 ¥35,000 to ¥60,000 ¥60,000 to ¥150,000

Escort services can be categorized into budget, regular, and luxury, with the listed prices being estimates for Tokyo. Prices may be lower in regional establishments.

Budget Escort services are accessible with ¥25,000 for 60 minutes, making them wallet-friendly. Regular Escort services offer a mix of attractive girls, with prices typically increasing for durations over 90 minutes.


Luxury establishments have varying prices due to the ranked system for girls, so the cost depends on the girl you choose.

It’s crucial to choose the duration based on your budget.

Caution! Escort Service Duration and Playtime Are Different

A common misunderstanding is that Escort service duration and playtime are the same. Not all the time allocated for the duration can be used for play.

Choosing a course randomly may lead to dissatisfaction with the service. First, let’s understand the difference between course duration and actual playtime.

Shower time and more are included in the course duration

Escort service duration includes initial greetings and shower time. When the girl arrives at the hotel, she enters the room, starts the timer after payment, but doesn’t immediately undress for play. The session usually starts with casual conversation like “Where are you from?” and “It’s cold today.”

After ending the conversation at a convenient point, the girl cleans up in the shower. Play begins only after the shower.

In summary, the course duration includes preparation and changing, so the actual playtime is shorter.

Remember, “Playtime = Course Duration – 20 minutes”

Consider the actual playtime in Escort services as the course duration minus 20 minutes. For a 60-minute course, the playtime is 40 minutes. For a 90-minute course, the actual playtime is around 70 minutes.

The overall process for Escort services includes:

① Girl enters the room
② Settlement of payment and greeting talk
③ Shower and body wash
④ Start of play
⑤ Shower after finishing
⑥ Change and exit

The course duration is counted from step ②, the “Settlement of payment and greeting talk.” Shower and greetings take about 10 minutes, and steps ⑤ and ⑥ take another 10 minutes.

Surprisingly, preparation and post-play dressing take up more time than expected. If you want to prioritize the play content in Escort services, it’s crucial to choose a duration with sufficient flexibility.

Features of Escort Service Durations

After reading this far, you might think, “Isn’t the longest course time the best?” However, there are actually benefits to shorter times, and conversely, there are drawbacks to longer course times.

Depending on your play style and mood, you need to choose the course time. Let’s now look at the characteristics of each course time.

45-Minute Course: The Safest and Most Reliable Option

・Even if you get an unattractive lady, the expense is low.
・Insufficient time, making the later part of the play hurried.
・Risk of not being able to finish.

The 45-minute course is the lowest-risk option when using an Escort service. Imagine entering freely and encountering an unattractive lady.

Opening the door and seeing the real appearance of the lady might make you think, “I want her to leave quickly…” With a 45-minute course, you can quickly end the play, and the cost is lower compared to other courses.

The advantage of 45 minutes is that you can minimize the damage when the lady is not your type. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that the playtime is limited, making it very hectic.

It’s challenging to play calmly, and the session may end before receiving all the services. If you are late in ejaculating, there is also a possibility of not being able to finish.


The 45-minute course is recommended when you want to “see what kind of girl will come” or “want to play while keeping the cost down.

60-Minute Course: The Most Standard Option

・Stable and can finish satisfactorily
・If it ends in one round, you may have excess talk time after ejaculation.
・Difficult for a second round within the time limit (barely).

The 60-minute course of Escort is the most standard and commonly chosen by many. The benefit is that you can enjoy moderate talk with the lady and have a complete play.

Even if an unattractive girl comes, you can minimize the financial damage. Also, with 60 minutes, there is a high probability of ejaculating even if you’re late.

For those with stamina, you might want a second round, but it’s difficult with 60 minutes. Basically, it ends after one ejaculation, while having pillow talk. However, if the partner is an efficient veteran and your erection quickly recovers, you can barely manage a second round.

90-Minute Course: A Stable Option for 2 Rounds and Cuddling

・Can play for effectively more than 60 minutes, allowing for a relaxed experience.
・Sufficient time for a second round.
・Talk time is long, making it easy to lose momentum.
→ Play may become shorter.

With a 90-minute course, you can play for 60 minutes effectively. The advantage is the ability to play relaxedly without time pressure. You can enjoy talking with the lady about hobbies, gourmet food, kiss, hug, and intimate moments.

As it allows for an easy second round, it’s a recommended option for those who want multiple releases. The drawback is that prolonged talk may lead to not being able to have a second round or finish the desired play.

Escort ladies often enjoy chatting, and once the talk gets lively, it becomes challenging to wrap up the session. However, if you rush without a proper break and ask for another round, there is a possibility of being disliked with a response like “Let me rest a bit more.” The 90-minute course is recommended for those familiar with Escort services.

120-Minute Course: Leisurely Enjoyment in a Date-like Atmosphere

・Can have meals, enjoy karaoke, and experience a date-like atmosphere.
・Dreamy third round is also possible.
・High expenses.
・Significant damage if an unattractive lady arrives.

With a 120-minute course, you can have a third round, and there is plenty of time for activities other than play.

You can bring food to the hotel and have a meal together, enjoy karaoke provided in the love hotel, and some girls may even accompany you with drinks.


Privately, the charm of 120 minutes is experiencing a date-like feeling.

However, there are drawbacks to 120 minutes. One is the cost; 120 minutes costs at least 30,000 yen or more, making it a significant financial burden.

And if an unattractive girl arrives in a 120-minute course, it’s the worst scenario. You have to spend two hours with a girl like “Jabba the Hutt” from Star Wars.

It’s painful when you hit a landmine, and the damage is not only in terms of money but also mentally. The 120-minute course is best used when selecting a girl you have played with several times.

For Beginners, 60 Minutes is Safe! You Can Receive Basic Services Thoroughly

In conclusion, if you’re unsure which course time to choose, 60 minutes is recommended. With 60 minutes, there’s no need to rush, and you can thoroughly enjoy activities like oral sex, handjobs, and rubbing.

When using escort services, you want to be satisfied before leaving. While 45 minutes is appealing financially, it’s challenging to relax during play because it’s rushed. Ultimately, you may regret not choosing a slightly longer time.

Once you are familiar with escort services and have found your favorite lady, spending a leisurely time with 90 or 120 minutes is the best!

Summary | Enjoy Escort Services with the Perfect Course Time for You!

We’ve explained the average prices of escort course times and how to choose the right course time. For beginners, choose a 60-minute course. If a shop doesn’t offer 60 minutes, 45 or 50 minutes is recommended.

Understand the escort system and how to play, and once you find your favorite lady, enjoy the play in an elongated time frame.

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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