How to Call Truly Busty Girls in Escort Services


How to Call Truly Busty Girls in Escort Services. Big breasts are the ultimate justice! There are many comrades who, like the author, have an unwavering love for big breasts. While a moderate E-cup is good, isn’t a bombshell J-cup or K-cup even better?

For those who love breasts, when choosing an escort, it’s a no-brainer to go for a busty girl! However, despite selecting a busty girl, there are cases where, upon seeing the real thing, the volume is surprisingly small, leading to disappointment.

Therefore, this time, we will explain the tips on how to truly play with busty girls in escort services and avoid falling victim to breast fraud. By reading this article, you’ll be able to play with your ideal busty girl in escort services starting today!

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Not as Big as Expected… Falling Victim to Breast Fraud Leads to Frustration in Escort Services

Diving into big breasts and getting a paizuri (breast job) in escort services is sublime. Some may even enjoy ejaculation through lactation handjobs like in adult videos.

Unfortunately, escort services have breast fraud. You nominate a girl with E-cup breasts, but when you see her, her chest is smaller than you imagined, resulting in disappointment.

In reality, there are cases where people fall victim to breast fraud, as seen in the following review:

To some extent, being prepared for looks that are inferior to the profile photo is understandable. However, having breasts that are wrinkled and saggy, to the point where you can’t even bury your face, is the worst.

When the author fell victim to breast fraud, he was extremely disappointed and couldn’t ejaculate even once in a 60-minute session. Feeling disgusted by being deceived, he couldn’t enjoy plays like fellatio or intercrural sex at all.

“Did I really pay money to this woman?” Irritation builds up when you throw your money into the garbage bin of escort fees.

Causes of Falling Victim to Breast Fraud in Escort Services – 5 Reasons

I want to reduce the number of people falling victim to breast fraud! As a lover of big breasts, I want everyone to play with their ideal busty girl in escort services.

Next, I’ll introduce the reasons for falling victim to breast fraud in escort services, so let’s thoroughly understand how they deceive us.

①: Escort girls’ profile photos show only clothed pictures, with padding

Be cautious if there are only clothed photos in the escort girl’s profile picture. Common ones include dress or costume attire like cabaret girls.

In the case of clothed photos, padding can be inserted into the bra, so even if the girl doesn’t have big breasts, she can easily make her breasts look large. You can also conceal a NuBra in a dress.

Some shops display the cup size with padded bras, so when the girl takes off her clothes, you might be disappointed, saying, “It’s not big at all!”

Costumes that expose cleavage often shift the side fat to the chest, making even a D-cup girl look like an F-cup.

②: Tightening the bra deliberately in profile photos

Not only using padding in clothed photos but also deliberately tightening the bra to make the breasts look bigger.

Tightening the bra lifts the breasts towards the décolleté, making the shape appear beautiful and creating a sense of volume.

Also, recently in the underwear industry, “enhancing bras” have become popular. Enhancing bras have thick pads built into the cup section. As they can create the ideal cleavage the moment the bra is put on, they are also popular among flat-chested individuals.

In essence, anyone can easily have big breasts as long as they wear a bra, so be cautious about relying too much on profile photos.

③: Applying filters to profile photos

Nowadays, it’s easy to apply filters to photos even on smartphones. After taking a profile photo, with a single button, breasts can be made larger or abdominal fat can be removed.

More than 90% of escort shops nationwide apply filters to profile photos, trying to make the girls look a little better.

Since the competition in the sex industry is fierce, there’s no help for it as a measure to attract many clients. It’s challenging to find shops that post unprocessed photos.

Cases where you’re disappointed with “The breasts are smaller than in the profile photo!” often result from being deceived by photo manipulation.

④: Inflating the three sizes

There are cases where people fall victim to breast fraud due to the three sizes. Not limited to escort services, but across various formats such as health and soaplands, the three sizes in the sex industry are generally not accurate.

Despite being chubby, the waist may be listed as 55, or despite having only a C-cup, it may be listed as an E-cup.

Apart from the shop’s attempt to make the girl look better, there are also cases where the girl’s three sizes have significantly changed after joining, yet the information remains unchanged.

The author once nominated a girl with G-cup breasts in the past. However, the girl who actually came had only about a D-cup. The girl had been in the industry for two years and seemed to have drastically lost weight due to stress.

Trusting the three sizes too much can lead to being deceived…

⑤: Manager’s comments are vague

In the profiles of girls, there is always a “comment from the manager” or “introduction of the girl.” However, the manager’s comments are surprisingly casual.

Especially when the number of cast members reaches 100, it’s challenging to write comments for each person. Moreover, in escort services where many newcomers join, just thinking about comments can be a struggle.

Therefore, we provide descriptions that are likely to apply to some extent. For a girl with E-cup breasts, we use expressions like “bountiful breasts,” and for a girl with F-cup breasts, we use phrases like “gigantic breasts like marshmallows.”

However, it’s important to note that the manager is not directly confirming the girl’s breasts, so there may be a difference between the size the customer imagines and the reality.

If you see “bountiful breasts” in the description and choose the girl, thinking, “She must have huge breasts!” you might end up feeling disappointed with “smaller than expected” breasts.

6 Ways to Avoid “Breast Fraud” in Escort Services

Now that we’ve addressed the causes of falling victim to breast fraud in escort services, knowing how to avoid it will allow you to enjoy busty experiences with peace of mind.


Next, let me introduce how to avoid breast fraud! It’s also useful for avoiding plain-looking disappointments.

①: Choose Girls who Show “Topless” in Profile Photos or Introduction Videos

It’s recommended to choose girls in their profiles who are in a topless pose. With topless photos, you can reliably avoid clothed breast fraud.

However, be cautious of images where breasts appear to be lifted by the arms. This pose is used to make the breasts look voluminous.

Some agencies also provide introduction videos. Videos are less likely to be edited compared to images and are easier to measure breast size.

②: Check “Selfie Photos in the Diary” until Satisfied

As mentioned earlier, profile photos of girls are taken by photographers. Since girls know the angles and editing techniques that make them look cute, relying only on profile photos can lead to falling for breast fraud.

Therefore, it’s recommended to check their diary photos as well. Diaries are not only used for attracting customers but also for reporting work schedules and expressing gratitude to clients.

Diary photos are mostly selfies taken by the girls, making them less likely to be manipulated compared to photos taken by professional photographers.

Check not only one diary but also the past week’s worth to get an idea of how large their breasts are.

Some girls also have personal Twitter accounts. If there are private selfies, it can be a reference. However, check what kind of tweets they have made in the past, as they might reuse old selfies.

③: Don’t Blindly Trust the “Cup Size” in Profiles

Do not fully trust the cup size mentioned in the girl’s three sizes. Cup size is determined by the difference between the top (nipple) and under (lower breast).

Even a girl with an E cup may have only about the volume of a C cup. Also, cup size is self-reported by the girl. Since it’s not measured by staff with a tape measure, it can be exaggerated as much as they want.

Cup size can be changed by the girl or the agency’s convenience, so take the information with a grain of salt.

④: Research User Reviews

To avoid breast fraud, researching reviews from people who have actually used the service is effective. Reviews are posted on adult entertainment information websites.

By looking at reviews posted for individual girls, you can find out their looks and whether they actually have big breasts.

The website with the most reviews is “City Heaven.” However, keep in mind that City Heaven also has reviews that are considerate to the shop, so it’s recommended to use “Review-Only Adult Entertainment Information” as well.

Using anonymous bulletin boards like BBS or Hoslav is also an option, but their credibility is not guaranteed since you don’t know who wrote the reviews.

There are cases where girls spread false rumors or clients write fake negative reviews to hide their favorite girls, so be cautious.

⑤: Avoid Choosing New Girls or Girls on Trial

Escort services often have new girls or trial-entry girls marked with a “new leaf” symbol. Simply avoiding girls who have just entered the shop makes it less likely to fall for busty fraud.

Newcomers have fewer diary photos, and there are almost no reviews. Information available is limited, making it difficult to determine if they have big breasts.

⑥: Choose Plump or Busty Specialty Shops

If you want to play with big breasts with certainty in escort services, choosing plump or busty specialty shops is the most reliable option.

Busty specialty shops focus on casting girls with big breasts, so they generally don’t have flat-chested girls. Some shops even restrict recruitment to girls with “E cup or larger.”

Plump specialty shops also have many girls with big breasts, so they are recommended. In other shops, they may focus on the attractiveness of appearance and waist slimness, using photo editing or exaggerating three sizes.

However, busty and plump specialty shops don’t prioritize visual appeal, so there is less photo editing, and the risk of being deceived based on profiles is lower.

Three Recommended Escort Shops in Tokyo for Comfortably Calling Busty Girls

In escort services, you should now understand how to avoid busty fraud.

However, if you’re not familiar with adult entertainment, distinguishing genuine busty girls can be challenging. So next, I will introduce escort services in Tokyo where you can reliably enjoy busty girls.

These are shops that I actually use when I want to play with big breasts, so you can use them with confidence!

Recommended Escort Shop 1: “Moerin” (Escort, Budget: ¥15,500 and up)

[Store Information]

Business Hours 4:00 PM – 5:00 AM
Phone Number 03-6380-2478
Basic Fee ¥12,000 for 60 minutes (Nomination Fee: ¥2,000)
Basic Play Kiss, Blowjob, Sumata (rubbing), Paizuri (breast job)
Transportation Fee Free~
Age Range of Girls 18 to 27 years old
Number of Girls on Roster Approximately 87

Lotion Bath Enjoyment
“Oppai Mart” is one of the most popular busty specialty shops in Shinjuku, a renowned Escort establishment. A distinctive feature is the ability to enjoy a lotion bath, allowing you to fondle slippery large breasts, experience paizuri (breast job), and even enjoy periscope play reminiscent of scenes in adult videos, providing excitement not achievable on the bed.

Getting up close and personal in the bath, engaging in intimate play while grabbing the breasts, is an unparalleled delight!

The girls’ faces undergo some retouching, placing their appearance in the B-class range. The prevalence of girls with explosive bust sizes like K-cup and J-cup is remarkable, surpassing even the top-ranking “Moerin” in terms of busty ratio. Since almost all girls expose their breasts in profile photos, you can get a solid grasp of their sizes.

When it comes to busty establishments, paizuri is truly divine! Reviews from those who have experienced it include praise like “I never thought paizuri could be this good.”

By the way, “Oppai Mart” holds an event on days with 0 or 8 every month, known as “Breast Day.” It can be enjoyed for 80 minutes at ¥15,000, and it comes with a free bikini costume.

The combination of busty girls and bikinis is highly recommended! Be sure to aim for the event days and give it a try.

Summary | Fully Savoring Busty Delights in Escort Services

We thoroughly explained the ways to truly enjoy busty girls in Escort services in this article, so everyone can indulge in breast-centric pleasures starting today.

In conclusion, we introduced recommended Escort shops in Tokyo where you can play with truly busty girls, but before using their services, be sure to check the girls’ selfie diaries and reviews thoroughly.

No matter how busty they are, satisfaction is not guaranteed if the service is poor. To fully enjoy busty experiences, make sure to conduct proper research.

This concludes the report from the Escort Section editorial team.

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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