5 Escort recommendations in Hirosaki (Aomori)


“Hirosaki City” (ひろさきし), located in the western part of Aomori Prefecture, is the third-largest city in the prefecture after Aomori City and Hachinohe City. It’s also an academic city with the only national and private universities in Aomori.

Hirosaki boasts numerous tourist attractions like Hirosaki Castle, attracting visitors from both within and outside the prefecture. The area is more prosperous than one might imagine.

Even in Hirosaki, there is a bustling downtown area where locals and tourists from other prefectures enjoy the lively atmosphere. When it comes to downtown areas, adult entertainment is often part of the scene.

Whether you can enjoy adult entertainment without going all the way to Aomori and if there are really good adult entertainment shops…


This time, based on extensive experience exploring Tohoku’s adult entertainment, the author will introduce recommended escort services in Hirosaki.

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.

Top 5 Recommended Mature Escort Services in Hirosaki

Recommendation Rating: ★★★★☆

There are 14 mature escort services in Hirosaki. Some Aomori-based establishments may also dispatch escorts upon consultation, bringing the total to over 14. Transportation fees are reasonable, and there are even free escort services from Aomori, making it surprisingly affordable to enjoy these services.

The standard rate for mature escorts in Hirosaki is ¥12,000 for 60 minutes, making it relatively inexpensive. The main age group is 20s to 30s, with fewer women in their 40s. The overall quality of the girls is high, ensuring an enjoyable experience even for those not specifically into mature women.

While the quality is generally high, there have been reports of negative experiences with some establishments that received a ★5 rating. Therefore, although we would like to give a ★5 rating, we’ll rate the recommendation at 4.

Some establishments also offer free nomination fees, so it’s advisable to make a reservation and enjoy a tailored experience.

① “Aomori Hirosaki Mature Escort Service Momoya”

Store Name Aomori Hirosaki Mature Escort Service Momoya
Business Hours 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM (Until 12:00 AM in Hirosaki)
Service Area Near Aomori Hirosaki
Phone Number 080-6217-5460
Play Fee 60 minutes ¥13,200~
(Nomination Fee ¥1,100 / Transportation Fee: Free~)
Main Age Range of Escorts 30s~40s

“Aomori Hirosaki Mature Escort Service Momoya” is part of the Momoya Group, a chain of mature escort services. It is known for its speedy dispatch service, reaching accommodations in Hirosaki and Aomori City in as little as 10 minutes.

For those interested in abnormal play, options like Anal Play for ¥5,500 and a Rotor for ¥1,100 are available at reasonable prices. The chain boasts a diverse lineup of women in their 20s to 40s.

While the appearance level is average, the play is satisfying, and each girl is considerate.


 It caters to those who enjoy play-oriented mature escorts, offering abundant options for teasing and experiencing the expertise of mature women.

② “Mature Secret Club” (Mature Women Escort Service)


Store Name Mature Secret Club
Business Hours 24 hours
Service Area Aomori・Hirosaki
Phone Number 017-761-5499
Play Fee 60 minutes ¥12,000~
(Nomination Fee ¥1,000 / Transportation Fee: Call for details)
Main Age Range of Escorts 20s~40s

“Mature Secret Club” is an affordable mature escort service where you can play reasonably. The basic fee is ¥12,000 for 60 minutes, but if you use the service from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, the price drops to ¥11,000 for 60 minutes, and transportation and nomination fees become free.

As there are few escort services that offer free transportation, this is highly recommended for those who want to save money and enjoy mature women. The age range of the girls is from the mid-20s to around 40s, providing a variety from young wives to mature women. Since there are many slender girls overall, it’s an even more appealing shop for those who prefer slim figures.

While there are some modest-looking girls, there are also mature women who resemble celebrities like Sayaka Isayama and Jun KOMORI, so the overall appearance level is satisfactory.

③ “The Secretary Room”

Store Name The Secretary Room
Business Hours 10:00 AM – 4:00 AM
Service Area Aomori City・Near Aomori City (Also available in Oshu, Asamushi, Hirosaki, Kuroishi)
Phone Number 080-1698-1188
Play Fee 60 minutes ¥11,000~
(Nomination Fee ¥1,000~ / Transportation Fee ¥1,000~)
Main Age Range of Escorts 20s

“The Secretary Room” is an image-based escort service with a secretary office concept. Beautiful girls will play in mini-skirt suits. Since rendezvous is possible, you can really feel like having a naughty encounter on your way home from work.

The panties and pantyhose worn by the girls are also available for free, and taking them home is okay! It’s a delightful escort service that you can enjoy even after returning home.

Only beautiful women with beautiful legs that suit mini-skirt suits are enrolled. Although additional charges apply, playing while wearing a suit is possible, adding a level of realism. It’s a precious escort service that makes you feel like a president.

They sensually take off pantyhose, and you can also put them on or smell them as you wish.

The underwear with the girl’s scent can cost more than ¥3,000 at an adult shop. However, you can’t be sure whether they are really worn or not.

With “The Secretary Room,” you can see them being taken off right in front of you, ensuring it’s genuinely authentic. The author had fun with pantyhose after the girl left!

④ “☆Amateur Aomori Collection☆”

Store Name ☆Amateur Aomori Collection☆
Business Hours 24 hours
Service Area Aomori City and surrounding areas (Also available in Hirosaki area)
Phone Number 017-761-5882
Play Fee 55 minutes ¥13,000~
(Nomination Fee ¥1,000 / Transportation Fee: Free~)
Main Age Range of Escorts Early 20s

“☆Amateur Aomori Collection☆” is an amateur-style escort service where you can play with innocent local amateur women from Aomori. Despite being amateurs, the selection criteria are strict, and all the girls have visuals comparable to idols.

The system is simple and straightforward with no additional options, allowing you to avoid unnecessary expenses.

There is an impression that there are many cute girls in their early 20s. Although none of the girls show their faces completely, you can clearly see who the cute ones are even with a mosaic. Since there are few girls from other areas, it’s perfect for those who want to play with local girls from outside the prefecture.

They respond not in casual wear but in dresses, suits, etc., creating an atmosphere similar to a new cabaret hostess. However, all of them are capable of handling conversations properly, so even those who are not good at talking can enjoy it without any problems.

⑤ “Aomori Hirosaki Chanko” (Escort)

Store Name Aomori Hirosaki Chanko
Business Hours 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Service Area Hirosaki
Phone Number 080-7476-4663
Play Fee 60 minutes ¥8,000~
(Nomination Fee: ¥0 / Transportation Fee: ¥1,000)
Main Age Range of Escorts Up to 30s

For those who want to play with a chubby body, “Aomori Hirosaki Chanko” is recommended. This shop only employs chubby girls, allowing you to fully enjoy their voluptuous bodies!

The prices are reasonable, and with the Free-limited “Super Edmund Time,” you can play for ¥5,000 for 50 minutes or ¥7,000 for 70 minutes, prices bordering on a loss.

Various girls are available, ranging from slightly chubby to almost giant. 90% have large breasts, with some boasting J-cup or K-cup gigantic breasts!

As there is no specialized large-breasted shop in Hirosaki, “Aomori Hirosaki Chanko” is recommended for breast enthusiasts. They offer a 3P course, allowing you to luxuriously nominate two big-breasted girls and realize double paizuri or fellatio.

Summary of Recommended Escort Shops in Hirosaki

Hirosaki’s adult entertainment consists solely of escort services, but the variety of genres is rich. Each shop offers affordable play, ensuring a delightful experience even without full-service options like soaplands.

If you choose a shop based solely on affordability, you might end up with regret, and it could sour your enjoyment of adult entertainment. To avoid regrets, make sure to gather reliable information and check the latest reviews.

Additionally, when choosing an Aomori-based escort, be sure to check the transportation fees. The transportation fee to Hirosaki is around ¥2,000, but in locations away from the city center, the cost may unexpectedly increase.

It’s advisable to play in the city center’s hotels to save on transportation costs. Enjoy the beautiful memories of Hirosaki, and after sightseeing, treat yourself to the beauty of Aomori. It will be a satisfying memory of Hirosaki!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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