Guide for First-timers: How to Use Escort Services


If you’re a man, you’ve probably heard the term “escort” at some point. Even if you’re curious, you might not know the specifics of how it operates and what services are available.

If you can use escort services with confidence and safety, it’s likely something you’d want to try at least once in your life. So, this time, the author, a seasoned enthusiast with over 500 escort experiences, will explain how to use escort services.

By reading this article to the end, you’ll gain detailed knowledge about escorts, enabling you to have the most satisfying experience by actually using the services!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.

Escort: A Shop Where “Girls Are Called to Provide Erotic Services at Your Place”

An escort is a shop where girls are called to your home or hotel to provide erotic services. To compare it to pizza delivery, it’s like having a driver deliver a girl instead of pizza.

Escort services have established rules and pricing systems, so it’s crucial to understand the details. Next, we’ll provide a brief explanation of escort services, so let’s learn each aspect one by one.

There Are “Meet-up Style” and “Hotel Escort” Types of Escorts

While escorts typically dispatch girls directly to your home or hotel, there are also shops that offer meet-up style services.

Meeting up involves meeting the girl at the nearest station, convenience store, park, etc., and then heading together to a hotel. The advantage of meeting up is that you get to enjoy a date-like atmosphere while moving to the hotel.

In addition to this, there is a type of escort called “Hotel Escort,” which only dispatches to love hotels. In this case, you visit the reception store, register, and then proceed to the hotel.

Although there is an additional hassle in moving, Hotel Escorts have the benefit of no transportation fees for the girl.

Basic Services Include Kisses, Handjobs, and Blowjobs

In escorts, services like kisses, handjobs, and blowjobs are available. Other activities like grinding, fingering, and cunnilingus are also okay. Basically, you can enjoy any non-penetrative play.

Each escort service lists basic services on their official websites, allowing you to check the details anytime. However, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll receive all services in a single escort session.

Since girls are required to provide services within a specified time, there may be cases where they skip grinding, fingering, or cunnilingus without ejaculation.

To fully enjoy escort services, it’s essential to proactively request what you want, such as “I want grinding” or “I prefer finishing with a blowjob”.

Explore Additional Plays with Paid Options

Escort services offer paid options. These include cosplay, vibrators, and taking panties home, providing additional plays for extra fees.

For those with specific interests, options like facial shots, cum swallowing, or golden showers are also available. Paid options are like side dishes on a McDonald’s menu.

Some escorts offer a comprehensive package where all options can be enjoyed within the basic play.

Forbidden Acts Include Voyeurism and External Dates

One notable feature of escort services is that, apart from penetration, various plays are generally allowed. However, there are also forbidden acts.

Especially prohibited are voyeurism and recording. Voyeurism is a violation of minor criminal laws and local ordinances on public nuisance, leading to police involvement.

Recording itself is not a crime, but there may be a risk of damage claims if the girl is emotionally harmed by the recorded material. Playing within the bounds of common sense is crucial in escort services.

Also, exchanging contact information or meeting the girl outside the shop is strictly prohibited. These rules are in place to avoid troubles with clients, so keep them in mind.

Ejaculation Frequency Varies Based on Shop and Course Time

When using escort services, you’d want to ejaculate as much as your stamina allows. The frequency of ejaculation varies depending on the shop’s system and the course time.

Generally, “unlimited ejaculation within the course time” is allowed in most cases. Even in 40 or 60-minute courses, two rounds are possible.

However, the number of ejaculations can also be influenced by factors such as shower time at the beginning and end, talk time, and the motivation of the girl.

In reality, achieving two rounds in 40 minutes or trying for two rounds in 60 minutes is realistic. If you want to reliably enjoy two rounds, consider opting for a 90-minute or longer session.

Genres Vary: Cosplay to Mature Women, Depending on the Escort

Escort services come in various genres depending on the shop. You can choose a shop that aligns with your preferences and the type of girl you’re interested in.

There are schoolgirl-themed escorts where girls provide services in JK costumes, mature women shops where you can enjoy intense play, and shops specializing in busty girls.

With schoolgirl-themed escorts, you can enjoy cosplay within the basic fee, and in busty shops, achieving ejaculation through breast play is possible. Enjoying the process of choosing a shop is part of the charm of escort services!

Choosing a Girl: “Free” or “Nomination” Are the Two Options

When using escort services, you choose either “Free” or “Nomination.” In “Free,” the girl for your entertainment is chosen by the staff, and they dispatch a girl available during your requested time.

As you can’t choose the girl, there’s a chance you might get someone who isn’t your type. Conversely, there are cases where a girl cuter than expected arrives, making it a true gamble. The excitement of not knowing “who will come” is what makes Free enjoyable.

If you choose “Nomination,” you pay an additional fee to call a girl of your liking. The standard range for nomination fees is 0 to 2,000 yen. When you nominate the same girl for the second time, it’s called “Honsenmei,” similar to the system in cabarets.

However, unlike cabarets, it’s not a permanent nomination, so if the nominated girl is “different than expected,” you can change to another girl. Note that changing incurs an additional change fee of 1,000 to 2,000 yen.

Additional Fees Such as Membership Fees and Transportation Costs

In addition to the course fee, escort services involve membership fees and transportation costs.

Basic fee + Membership fee + Transportation cost = Total cost. If you choose a love hotel, there’s a love hotel fee, and if you nominate a girl, there’s a nomination fee.

The membership fee is like a right to use the shop and typically costs between 1,000 and 2,000 yen initially. Some shops have free membership, so if you want to minimize costs, consider places without a membership fee.

Escort services also cover the girl’s transportation costs. The standard range is broad, around 0 to 2,000 yen. Choosing escorts from nearby areas is advisable to minimize transportation expenses, which tend to increase for more distant locations.

Explaining How to Use Escort Services in 8 Steps

You should now have an understanding of the structure and system of escort services. Next, we will explain how to use escort services in 8 steps. Tips and precautions for calling escorts will also be introduced!

By reading this, you can master how to use escort services, so be sure to check it out.

STEP 1: Choose a Shop on a Sex Industry Information Site

First, when using escort services, the initial step is choosing a store. There are various search methods, but start with a search like “area name + escort.”

Sites like “City Heaven” or “Kuchikomi Sex Industry Information Station” should appear, allowing you to check what kind of shops are nearby.

Look at the concepts, prices, and girls of each store, and choose two promising stores. The reason for having two candidates is because there’s a possibility that the chosen store is busy, and you might not be able to play immediately.


Once you have candidates, decide on the minutes course for each store and whether to go with Nomination or Free.

STEP 2: Choose the Hotel for Dispatch

Once you’ve decided on the store, now decide where to secure a hotel. You can call them to business hotels where you are staying, but be careful because they often have strict monitoring at the front, increasing the risk of failure in dispatching the girl.

Use the following sites to check if you can call an escort to the business hotel and, if choosing a love hotel, search for nearby hotels. If you find a place that seems good in terms of price and room design, make a reservation in advance by phone or online.

While wanting to keep the hotel cost low is understandable, choosing a clean hotel is essential to avoid the girl feeling discouraged, thinking, “This hotel…”.

STEP 3: Make a Reservation by Phone with the Shop

Since escort services are non-store types, you need to make a reservation by phone or online instead of visiting the shop directly.

When making the call, start with “I’d like to use the ◯-minute course.” They will ask whether it’s Free or Nomination, and finally, you’ll answer the location of use.

If you’re using a discount coupon for the shop, say “I want to use the ◯◯ coupon.” Confirm the total amount on the phone to use the service with more peace of mind.

If you’re not used to it, it might be confusing about what to say. However, simply answer the staff’s questions, and don’t worry, it’s okay not to be nervous!

By the way, when reserving escort services, they might ask for your name, but it’s okay to use a fake name!

STEP 4: Check Your Appearance While Waiting for the Girl

After arranging the escort on the phone, all you need to do is wait for the girl. But rather than just waiting, thoroughly check your appearance at this point.

Especially, nail care is essential. If your nails are too long, touching the girl’s body could cause bleeding or discomfort.

For safety and enjoyment, use the nail clippers provided in the hotel to adjust the length properly.


Bad breath makes girls reluctant to kiss. Make sure to brush your teeth and take care of your oral hygiene.

STEP 5: Finally, Face-to-Face! Greet with Enthusiasm

Once your nails and oral care are done, all that’s left is to wait for the girl to arrive. If it’s not crowded, she should come about 15-20 minutes after the phone call.

When you successfully invite the girl into the room, greet her with a smile. Since silence can make the girl nervous too, it’s crucial to behave amiably. After the greetings, settle the payment first.

It’s smooth to prepare the total amount on the table in advance. Try to avoid receiving change as much as possible.

After the monetary exchange, the first few minutes will be talk time. If you mention that it’s your first time using escort services or that you’re a virgin, the girl will lead the play with kindness!

STEP 6: It’s Okay to Be Passive During Play

After the initial talk, clean your body in the shower before proceeding to play on the bed. The girl will wash your body in the shower, and it’s completely okay to leave the arrangement from the shower to the bed to your partner.

Lie on your back on the bed, and the girl will cover you, providing kisses and lip service. While being passive is fine, praising the girl with words like “It feels good” or “You’re cute, ◯◯-chan” will make the girl happy!

Since you’re using escort services, feel free to make active requests like “I want to climax with oral” or “I want to try the cowgirl position.”

It might be embarrassing, but making such requests makes it easier for the girl to provide service, and she will make an effort to satisfy you.

STEP 7: Immerse Yourself in the Afterglow After Finishing

Enjoy the girl’s techniques and climax. After ejaculation, lie down on the bed and immerse yourself in the afterglow. Engage in light-hearted talk about topics like hobbies, gourmet, and pets.

Avoid asking private questions like “Why are you doing this job?” or “How much do you earn?” as these can make the girl uncomfortable.

When the timer rings during the talk, it’s a sign that the play is over. Take a shower at the end and prepare to leave the hotel.

If you have remaining time and energy, it’s okay to straightforwardly ask for a second round, saying, “◯◯-chan’s play felt good, can you help me once more?”

Since time can be wasted on just talking, know when to exit.

STEP 8: Express Thanks and Leave the Hotel

After taking a post-play shower, change clothes, and see the girl off. It’s okay to leave the hotel together.

Finally, say “Thank you for today!” and part with a kiss or hug!

Additionally, after using the service, posting a review on the official website or a sex industry information site will be appreciated by the girl.

Points to Note When Using Escort Services

We’ve explained how to use escort services and the flow so far, and it’s generally easy since being passive is acceptable. If you imagine the process in your mind beforehand, you should be able to handle it well.

However, there are some points to be aware of when using escort services. Unintentionally violating manners and causing damage to the girl’s mood or, in the worst case, being banned from the shop is a possibility.

Here are five points that beginners, in particular, should pay attention to.

①: Same-Day Unauthorized Cancellation

Surprisingly common is same-day unauthorized cancellations. Cancelling without saying anything when you reserved a few days ago and are not in the mood or have other plans is an absolute no-go.

It causes a great deal of inconvenience for the shop and the girl. In the case of escort services, they keep the client’s phone number, so malicious unauthorized cancellations will put you on a blacklist and lead to a ban.

If it’s a standalone shop, it’s okay, but in the case of a group store, there’s a chance of being banned from all sister stores. To enjoy for a long time, always inform them if you need to cancel.

②: Never Use Shops with Blonde Beauties

Blonde beauties, an aspiration for Japanese people. Straight, flowing hair, a curvy figure, and intense intimacy in sex.

Many might want to experience sex with a foreigner. There are specialized escort shops for blonde beauties as well. Looking at the girls in the lineup, they all seem like “Taylor Swift” or “Anne Hathaway.”

At first, you might think, “Seriously! Awesome!” but it’s almost 100% photo fraud. In reality, a non-blonde, black-haired, chubby girl might come, or girls of Chinese or Southeast Asian descent might appear.

The author also had a painful experience when just starting escort services. Avoid foreigner-exclusive shops.

③: Negotiating for Full Service

As mentioned earlier, full penetration is not allowed in escort services. Even though you understand that it’s not allowed, when you have the girl in front of you, your rationality might go out the window, and you might negotiate for full service, saying, “Can I insert it?”

You might feel tempted to try to insert during a genital-to-genital massage, but absolutely refrain from doing so. Engaging in full service constitutes prostitution, making it an illegal act.

Engaging in full service can lead to legal consequences, so enjoy within the defined rules.

④: Avoid Newcomers Initially

For those who have just debuted in escort services, it’s advisable to avoid playing withnewcomer escort girls. Those with limited experience tend to lead poorly, and you might not receive satisfactory service.

Some girls may even neglect kissing, so it’s crucial to choose girls with a longer history of service when starting out.

You can check whether a girl is a newcomer on the official website. In the girl’s profile section, those marked with a young leaf icon are newcomers.

In the case of mature woman shops, even if there’s a young leaf icon, the girls may have rich sexual experience, so there’s generally no issue. Be cautious when selecting girls in their 10s to early 20s from other shops.

⑤: Don’t Persist or Get Angry If You Can’t Ejaculate

Everyone feels nervous during their first escort experience. Due to nervousness, you might not be able to concentrate on the play, leading to a situation where you seem close to climax but can’t ejaculate. Cases where ejaculation doesn’t occur before the time is up are also possible.

However, blaming the girl with “I paid money!” if you can’t ejaculate is a big no. Also, persisting with statements like “I’m about to finish soon” when the timer is ringing is strictly prohibited.

Not being able to ejaculate within the allotted time is certainly a lack of the girl’s skills. However, there are also factors such as physical compatibility and conditions. The girl is likely feeling frustrated for not being able to satisfy you.

When you can’t climax, expressing appreciation like, “Thank you for trying so hard” or “I’m sorry I couldn’t finish,” will make you more popular with the girl!

Summary: Mastering How to Use Escort Services and Trying It Out!

We’ve explained how to use escort services and highlighted some important points, but it’s not that difficult. If you have any doubts about the shop’s system or how to enjoy it, don’t hesitate to contact the shop directly—they will kindly provide answers.

Also, if you let the girl know that you’re a beginner at escort services, she will lead you gently, ensuring a comfortable experience. Lastly, review the mentioned points to avoid causing any inconvenience to the shop or the girl. Keep them in mind for a worry-free experience.

Feel free to contact me!

There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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