Escort in Ibaraki Prefecture: 5 recommendations


Recording the lowest ranking in the prefectural charm attractiveness ranking for 7 consecutive years, Ibaraki Prefecture finally climbed to 42nd place in 2020. While it may have somewhat limited charm as a tourist destination, it’s known as one of the top areas in Northern Kanto with a rich Escort scene.

So, this time, I’d like to introduce the Top 5 Recommended Escorts in Ibaraki Prefecture. Carefully selected from all regions, including the main Escort areas such as Tsuchiura, Tsukuba, Mito, and Kamisu, these establishments offer intensely satisfying experiences that rival those nationwide!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.

Escort Scene in Ibaraki Prefecture

Although Ibaraki is said to lack charm as a tourist destination, it has many famous spots such as Kairakuen and Ushiku Daibutsu. Blessed with nature like the sea and mountains, the charm of the region deeply resonates, especially for adults.

Ibaraki is also known as the leading Escort prefecture in Northern Kanto. The completeness, especially in Tsuchiura and Tsukuba, is nationwide. With an Escort rate of around ¥13,000 for 60 minutes, the pricing is relatively reasonable, and it undoubtedly has the potential to break into the upper ranks of Escort charm attractiveness rankings.


This time, I would like to introduce five recommended Escorts in Ibaraki.

・High-quality luxury Escort with AV actresses on staff
・Affordable Escort to enjoy the skills of amateur wives with outstanding cost performance
・Escort for indulging in intense play with Ibaraki gals

And more, rigorously selected number one Escort shops from various regions. Regardless of where you live in Ibaraki, you can definitely use these services.

Each one’s charm and features, as well as actual user reviews and campaign information for cost-effective use, are thoroughly reported. Enjoy the charm of Ibaraki that only adults can understand to the fullest!

①INFINITY GOLD~Infinity Gold~

Genre All Genres
Departure Location Mito
Service Area Mito City, Hitachinaka City, Naka City, etc.
Business Hours 14:00 to next day 5:00 (Closed: None)
Reservation Phone Number 029-354-7737
Basic Fee 60 minutes/¥16,000~ (Nomination Fee: ¥2,000)
Looks Level ★★★★★
Service Reputation ★★★★★
Number of Staff ★★★★★
※★Ratings are unique evaluations within the same region

If you’re looking to enjoy Escort services in the central areas of Ibaraki, including Mito and Hitachinaka, the INFINITY GOLD is highly recommended.

This “INFINITY GOLD” is an immensely popular establishment that secured the top spot in the Mito Escort rankings. Not only does it boast a high cast level, but the quality of service is also top-notch, proudly holding a level of quality that rivals the best in Ibaraki and even nationwide.

With rates starting from ¥16,000 for 60 minutes, it’s slightly higher than the average, but the value is undoubtedly worth it. There aren’t many places in Ibaraki where you can experience services comparable to luxury Escorts in Tokyo.

Recommended Feature: Overwhelming Cast Level with Almost 0% Panel Magazine Rate

The biggest charm of INFINITY GOLD is undoubtedly its overwhelming cast level. Only the most beautiful women are on staff in Ibaraki, and among them, even AV actresses can be found. The looks level, satisfying even with free use, overwhelms other establishments.

Additionally, a special “Gold Pack Course” is available, allowing you to enjoy the following plays:

A Course: Lotion bath + Costume play
B Course: Lotion bath + Costume play + Vibrator
DX Course: Lotion bath + Costume play + Vibrator + Video recording

With prices starting from ¥25,000 for 90 minutes, it’s on the higher side, but considering it includes options, it’s actually very reasonable. The refined cast and the enjoyable Gold Pack Course truly shine like gold. It’s a place worth experiencing.

②Kamisu Red Diamond

Genre All Genres
Departure Location Kamisu
Service Area Kamisu, Kashima, Inashiki, etc.
Business Hours Weekdays: 9:00 to next day 2:00

Fri & Sat: 9:00 to next day 3:00 (Closed: None)

Reservation Phone Number 0299-95-5440
Basic Fee 60 minutes/¥17,000~ (Nomination Fee: ¥1,000)
Looks Level ★★★★★
Service Reputation ★★★★★
Number of Staff ★★★★★
※★Ratings are unique evaluations within the same region

“Kamisu Red Diamond” is a popular Escort service operating in the eastern part of the prefecture, including Kamisu and Kashima.

The quality of the cast is on par with “INFINITY GOLD,” offering a rich variety from elegant to gal styles. With an age range from teens to early twenties, all the girls, as the name suggests, shine like diamonds.

The service quality is exceptionally high, boasting a level of quality comparable to high-end Escorts in Tokyo. If you’re looking for an Escort in the eastern area of the prefecture, you can’t go wrong with Kamisu Red Diamond.

Recommended Feature: Cast Quality with No Failures Even with Free Nominations

The biggest selling point of Kamisu Red Diamond is undoubtedly its cast quality. With AV actresses among the cast, the level is very high, and even without a nomination, you can fully enjoy playtime with superb beauties.

One significant attraction is the availability of a free course for ¥15,000 for 60 minutes. You get to choose from 3 girls you’ve selected in advance, ensuring you play with someone who suits your preferences.

For longer sessions, the “RED Course” is recommended. Priced from ¥27,000 for 90 minutes, it’s a bit higher, but it includes options like lotion bath, vibrator, and costume play, totaling ¥9,000.

Both the cast and the service are of very high quality. It’s quite enviable for those living in the eastern area to have access to such a store anytime.

③Amateur Wife Service Club Hip’s Toride Store

Genre Married Women / Mature Women
Departure Location Toride
Service Area Within Toride City and its vicinity
Business Hours 10:00 to 23:00 (Closed: None)
Reservation Phone Number 0297-77-7701
Basic Fee 90 minutes/¥15,000~ (Nomination Fee: Free)
Looks Level ★★★★☆
Service Reputation ★★★★★
Number of Staff ★★★★★
※★Ratings are unique evaluations within the same region

If you want to use Escort services in the southern part of the prefecture, including Toride, this is the place to recommend. “Amateur Wife Service Club Hip’s Toride Store” allows you to fully enjoy rich services from married women and mature ladies.

The cast includes various age groups, from early twenties to late thirties. With a wide variety of types such as elegant wives, cute wives, and gal moms, you will surely find an amateur wife to your liking.

With a group expanding its presence in the metropolitan area, the service is also highly satisfying. The rates, starting from ¥15,000 for 90 minutes, offer high cost performance that you wouldn’t expect, given the sensually dense play you can enjoy.

Recommended Feature: Outstanding Cost Performance, Enjoy a Variety of Plays at No Additional Cost

The biggest charm of Amateur Wife Service Club Hip’s is undoubtedly its outstanding cost performance. With rates around ¥13,000 for 60 minutes being the usual, being able to play for ¥15,000 for 90 minutes is indeed exceptional.

Moreover, plays like immediate oral, swallowing, facial shots, which should typically be additional options, are available for free. Of course, availability may vary depending on the cast, but still, offering almost all options for free is quite generous.


As the cast consists of experienced married women and mature ladies, the service level is also top-notch. With this content, these options, at this price. The Escort paradise of Ibaraki is here in Toride.

④Lickable Girls!

Genre Gal
Departure Location Tsukuba
Service Area Tsukuba City, Tsuchiura City, Chikusei City, etc.
Business Hours 9:00 to 3:00 (Closed: Irregular)
Reservation Phone Number 080-8734-2693
Basic Fee 60 minutes/¥17,000~ (Nomination Fee: ¥1,000)
Looks Level ★★★★★
Service Reputation ★★★★☆
Number of Staff ★★★★★
※★Ratings are unique evaluations within the same region

If you’re looking for a popular spot in the bustling Escort district of Tsukuba and Tsuchiura in Ibaraki, it’s “Lickable Girls!”

The cast members are young, cute, and charming, all in their late teens to early twenties. Reflecting Ibaraki’s style, the majority of the cast are gals, offering a chance to fully enjoy play with lively and trendy gals, which may be a bit intimidating in other situations.

Not only in Tsukuba and Tsuchiura but also, the dispatch area covers the western part of the prefecture. The western part of Ibaraki isn’t particularly known for its lively Escort scene. If you live in that area, this shop would be a great choice.

Recommended Feature: Enjoy Intense Play with Naughty Gals!

The biggest charm of “Lickable Girls!” is, of course, the cast full of gals. Whether you’re a gal enthusiast or someone interested but hesitant to approach gals, Escort allows you to easily enjoy some intimate time with them.

The play with gals is simply intense. These playful Ibaraki gals have excellent techniques and will tantalize your entire body, focusing on the lower half.

While the rate of ¥17,000 for 60 minutes is slightly higher than the market average, both the cast and service make it well worth the value. From fair-skinned gals to dark-skinned gals, exotic or loli-types, enjoy the feeling of becoming a playmate with various gals.

⑤DIVA 2nd season Hitachi Store

Genre Amateur・Suits
Departure Location Hitachi
Service Area Near Hitachi City
Business Hours 9:00 to 3:00 (Closed: None)
Reservation Phone Number 080-4444-3101
Basic Fee 45 minutes/¥12,000~ (Nomination Fee: ¥2,000)
Looks Level ★★★★☆
Service Reputation ★★★★☆
Number of Staff ★★★★★
※★Ratings are unique evaluations within the same region

Finally, let me introduce the popular “DIVA 2nd season Hitachi Store” in the northern area of Ibaraki, including Hitachi. Originally a well-known Escort in Mito, you can enjoy high-quality play here.

The cast members range from their teens to their thirties, offering a diverse selection of girls, all of whom are not your typical Escort girls in a good way, appealing to those who love fresh amateurs.

One of the charms is the variety of courses starting from 45 minutes. Depending on your mood or available time, you can flexibly adjust your playtime. A wide range of options is also available for you to enjoy your preferred play to the fullest.

Recommended Feature: Top-Quality Cast and Service in the Northern Area

The biggest charm of DIVA is its top-tier quality in the northern area. Both the cast and the quality of service are exceptionally high. If you reside in the northern area, using this Escort is a surefire way to satisfaction.

Another appealing point, regardless of the cast or course, is that the girls come dressed in recruitment suits. This is a very attractive feature. Legs peeking out from tight skirts and cleavage showing from the top certainly tickle the male heart.

Some cast members from the Mito store are also available, making it one of the top Escort options in Ibaraki. With various types of girls available, it’s easy to be captivated. If you play with different girls every week, you’ll surely experience the thrill of having many playmates.

Experience Ultimate Pleasure at Recommended Escorts in Ibaraki!

In recent years, Ibaraki’s charm has gained recognition, making it the leading adult entertainment prefecture in northern Kanto. With soaplands and Escorts scattered throughout the prefecture, you can undoubtedly enjoy high-quality play no matter where you live.

This time, we introduced five recommended Escort shops in Ibaraki. Let’s take another look at which Escorts are available in each area:

・Central Area: INFINITY GOLD
・Eastern Area: Godo Red Diamond
・Southern Area: Amateur Wife Service Club Hip’s
・Tsukuba/Tsuchiura/Western Area: Lickable Girls
・Northern Area: DIVA 2nd season Hitachi Store

All the Escorts in each area are of exceptionally high quality. Truly, Ibaraki is appealing to adult men who enjoy nightlife, and its charm is nationwide.

The quality of cast members and service content is now on par with Tokyo. In Ibaraki’s Escorts, please enjoy the ultimate pleasure!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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