5 Escort recommendations in Ome, Tokyo


Ome City, located within Tokyo, is abundant in nature, providing a streetscape where one can forget the hustle and bustle of the city. Events such as the “Ome Marathon” and the “Daruma Market” are also well-known.

In the town surrounded by mountains and greenery, “Ome,” many people might not associate it with Escort activities. However, there are thriving areas like “Tachikawa” nearby, so calling girls to hang out is the basic way to enjoy Ome.

Excitement builds up, but if the girl you call turns out to be a disappointing dud… It’s frustrating. If you’re going to play, you’d want to play with a top-notch girl and have a satisfying climax.

So, based on the experiences of the author, a 20-year veteran in the Escort writing industry, we introduce shops that are guaranteed not to disappoint and exceptional girls. For those thinking of playing in Ome, this is a must-read!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.

Escort is the mainstream in Ome! Choose a reliable shop with a mix of hits and misses

Preserving the old-fashioned townscape, Ome City is about 50 km west of the central Tokyo, with 10 stations on the JR Ome Line and well-developed bus routes extending to the outskirts. It takes about 30 minutes from Ome Station to Tachikawa Station and approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to Shinjuku Station.

With a well-developed road network, including the Central Capital Region Expressway, it’s an environment that makes weekend drives or outings easy.

When enjoying Escort activities in Ome, dispatch-type Escort is the norm. There are no store-type health establishments or soaplands in this area, and there are no Ome-based Escort services.

It’s better to use Escort shops in nearby areas such as Tachikawa and Fussa. The price range is around 14,000 to 15,000 yen for a 60-minute course, which is considered a reasonable rate compared to Escort services in Tokyo.

Especially in Tachikawa, there are many cheap and high-quality shops, so we’ll introduce a carefully selected top 10 Escort shops in the Tachikawa area that you can use in Ome.

However, if you make a mistake in choosing a shop here, it could lead to unfortunate results…

Even if you want to climax comfortably, it would be a waste of money and time if things don’t go well. Depending solely on review sites can also lead to failures.

So, based on the author’s 20 years of experience as an Escort writer and information from Escort colleagues nationwide, we introduce high-quality shops in Ome that you can play without disappointment.

Recommended mature Escort services in Ome where you can play intensely

Recommendation Rating: ★★★★☆

Tachikawa’s mature Escort services offer intense play, services, and a desire to be enveloped in motherhood, making it recommended for those who prioritize content. They will serve you fully for the time, so you can be more satisfied than the price suggests.

On the other hand, there is a significant difference in the attractiveness between hits and misses. If you rely too much on profile photos, you may be disappointed.


If you want to play with a girl who is definitely good-looking, choose a girl ranked high in the shop’s internal ranking.

① “Jyoshikousei Senningen Tachikawa Shop”

Shop Name Jyoshikousei Senningen Tachikawa Shop
Business Hours 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Service Area Tachikawa, Fuchu, Kichijoji, etc.
Phone Number 042-595-7709
Play Fee 60 minutes 9,000 yen~
Nomination Fee 1,000 yen~/Transportation Fee 1,000 yen~
Main Age Range of Girls 20 to 44 years old

“Jyoshikousei Senningen Tachikawa Shop” is a rare mature shop where you can enjoy unique play that other shops don’t offer. In the “Fascinating Home & Hotel Drinking,” you can invite the girl to your room and drink together.

It’s perfect for those who want to enjoy private time. The ability to finish with a handjob is also a point.

There are 180 girls on the roster, ranging in age from 20 to 44.

For those who are resistant to mature women, it’s also an option to get used to it starting from younger girls. The level of attractiveness varies, but there are also beautiful wives.


Since the photo retouching is modest, it’s good that you can carefully choose from the photos.

② “Tachikawa Jyoshikousei Kenkyukai”

Shop Name Tachikawa Jyoshikousei Kenkyukai
Business Hours 10:00 AM – 2:30 AM (next day)
Service Area Around Tachikawa
Phone Number 042-533-4560
Play Fee 90 minutes 16,000 yen~
Nomination Fee Free/Transportation Fee 2,000 yen~
Main Age Range of Girls 26 to 52 years old

“Tachikawa Married Women Study Group” is an affordable and cost-effective married women Escort shop in Kokubunji. You can use it from 90 minutes for 16,000 yen, and you can play at a reasonable rate with long courses.

The point is to arrange a meeting with the girl in front of Kokubunji Station and head to the hotel together.

There are just under 100 cast members, with a wide age range from 26 to 52. You can play with both newlyweds and authentic mature women in their 50s.

There are also young-looking and stylish married women, highly praised not only for looks but also for delivering no compromises during play.

However, since the age range is varied, those with a preference for married women should consider making a specific nomination!

The recommended girl that the author actually played with and had an incredibly pleasant experience is “Kurumi” (40 years old)! Her cute look with a well-suited shortcut didn’t make her seem like she was in her 40s!

The refined appearance and the mature charm that exudes a tempting scent are truly a perfect fit for the term “beautiful mature woman”! With a youthful and toned body and a voluptuous D-cup bust, when tempted… you’ll be excited instinctively, without thinking!
Being a service-loving, lascivious M-mature woman who says, “When I see the places the customer is feeling, I also feel…,” you can expect a quite intense service!

③ “Mature Escort Final Chapter Tachikawa Shop”

Shop Name Mature Escort Final Chapter Tachikawa Shop
Business Hours 10:00 AM – 5:00 AM (next day)
Service Area Tachikawa and others
Phone Number 042-512-5095
Play Fee 60 minutes 9,995 yen~
Nomination Fee Free/Transportation Fee 1,000 yen~
Main Age Range of Girls 30s to 40s

“Mature Escort Final Chapter Tachikawa Shop” is an extremely famous mature women-exclusive Escort shop with over 100,000 members. It’s gaining attention with its unique website, and it’s a shop where you can enjoy rich plays like instant fellatio and instant cunnilingus for 60 minutes at 9,995 yen, making it a favorite among repeat customers.

There are a total of 126 mature women on the roster, with the main age range being from the late 30s to the 40s, but there are also serious mature women in their 50s and above. The shop refers to the women on their roster as “old women” and features strong advertising slogans, but behind that, there are also beautiful mature women.

Whether you want to play with a friendly, ordinary mature woman you see in the city or enjoy time with a beautiful mature woman who doesn’t seem to age, it’s recommended to nominate to play with the mature woman of your preference.

2 Recommended Affordable Escort Shops in Ome

Recommendation Rating: ★★★★☆

If you want to play affordably in Ome, choosing budget shops mainly dispatched from the Tachikawa area can be cost-effective. While cheap shops often give the impression of being risky, Tachikawa Escort has many places with good quality!

To ensure there are no failures even at a reasonable price, I, a seasoned Escort veteran, have selected 5 excellent Escort shops to introduce.

① “Sugu Nametakute Gakuen ~Nametakute Group Tachikawa School~” (Escort)

Shop Name Sugu Nametakute Gakuen ~Nametakute Group Tachikawa School~
Business Hours 10:00 AM – 5:00 AM (next day)
Service Area Tachikawa, Kokubunji, and others
Phone Number 042-595-8928
Play Fee 60 minutes 18,000 yen~
Nomination Fee 2,000 yen/Transportation Fee 1,000 yen~
Main Age Range of Girls 20 to 22 years old

“Sugu Nametakute Gakuen ~Nametakute Group Tachikawa School~” is a school-themed Escort service that can be used from 60 minutes for 18,000 yen.

Girls wear school uniforms for the service, and there are 7 courses available, such as “Instant Fellatio and Anal Licking Course” and “School Swimsuit Lotion Bath Course,” providing various ways to play.

There are over 300 girls on the roster, with ages ranging from 20 to 22. There are plenty of young and cute girls, making it difficult to choose.

There is little gap between the facial photos and reality, and if you make a nomination, you can definitely play with a girl of your liking. When the author used it freely, he got a model-like girl resembling “Mariya Nishiuchi,” so it was a big hit.

② “Shirowai Amateur Lewd Club Tachikawa Shop”

Shop Name Shirowai Amateur Lewd Club Tachikawa Shop
Business Hours 10:00 AM – 5:00 AM (next day)
Service Area Tachikawa and others
Phone Number 042-512-5096
Play Fee 60 minutes 13,000 yen~
Nomination Fee 1,000 yen/Transportation Fee 1,000 yen~
Main Age Range of Girls 20s

“Shirowai Amateur Lewd Club Tachikawa Shop” is a dedicated Escort shop for amateurs. They carefully select and employ pure amateur girls who seem “likely to be around.”

This is a group shop of “Mature Escort Final Chapter,” introduced in the mature Escort section, and you can play at a reasonable price, starting from 60 minutes for 13,000 yen!

There are 58 girls on the roster, with the main age group being in their early 20s, and a few in their late 20s. Younger girls are predominantly featured here.

Although the photo editing is a concern, there are almost no girls whose atmosphere differs. In fact, the editing is doing unnecessary work, and many girls are cuter in reality.

Summary of Recommended Escort Shops in Ome (Tokyo)

While there are no adult entertainment establishments in Ome, you can enjoy entertainment by using Escort services in neighboring areas. Even places that tend to be expensive in the city can offer reasonably priced adult entertainment in Tachikawa and Fussa!

Tonight, enjoy a hot play with a recommended girl at a shop that you won’t miss for sure.

Feel free to contact me!

There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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