5 Escort recommendations in Ichinomiya(Aichi)


The Tokai region is known as a haven for adult entertainment. In Gifu Prefecture, the famous Soapland district, Kanazuen, is located, and Nagoya boasts numerous high-end adult entertainment establishments.

This time, we introduce recommended Escort information from the areas around Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture!

From orthodox beauties to uniformed girls and mature women, we cover a wide range of Escort types. We’ve compiled basic information about the shops, pricing systems, and discount details all at once. Check out the information on top-notch Escort services in Ichinomiya, perfect even for excursions!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.

Escort Scene in and Around Ichinomiya, Aichi Prefecture

Ichinomiya is a city in the northwest part of Aichi Prefecture. It is the fourth most populous city in Aichi, following Nagoya, Toyota City, famous for Toyota Motor Corporation, and Okazaki City, known for its Hatcho Miso.

Ichinomiya was once prosperous for its textile industry, and it was known for having many female factory workers. It is said that there were many cafes where women served (the origin of today’s maid cafes. Some shops went overboard in competing with others, resulting in excessive services).

Regarding adult entertainment, Ichinomiya used to have an area called “Hanaokaen,” a red-light district. However, it has almost disappeared now, with only a few storefront-style adult entertainment shops remaining in the vicinity. Instead, there has been an increase in dispatch-type Escorts and hotel health establishments in recent times.

This time, the historical Ichinomiya-based Escort services have been researched by the adult entertainment section. We’ve selected five recommended shops!

・Standard Escort service with talents and model-level beauties
・Elegant and moist service boasting mature women
・Escort service with JK cosplay girls cuter than the panels

The genres are diverse. Whether it’s service content, looks, or budget, you don’t have to compromise on any. There are many cost-effective Escort services, and even those accustomed to high-end Soaplands or Escorts are sure to find satisfaction with these excellent shops!

① Daisuki

Genre Beauty・Slender・Busty
Departure Location Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture
Dispatch Area Within Ichinomiya City and throughout Aichi and Gifu Prefectures
Business Hours 10:00 AM to 5:00 AM (Open Year-Round)
Reservation Phone Number 080-1584-8000
Basic Fee 70 minutes/¥13,000~(Includes Nomination Fee)
Looks Level ★★★★★
Service Reputation ★★★★☆
Number of Escorts ★★★★★

※★Ratings are based on independent evaluations within the same region
First and foremost, we recommend “Daisuki,” an Escort service that can be dispatched throughout Aichi and Gifu. This is the most cost-effective and well-reputed shop in the area, earning its selection this time.

Prices start from ¥13,000 for 70 minutes. This rate applies to the Morning Course until 2:00 PM. During other hours, the minimum price is around ¥14,000. Moreover, the displayed amounts are all-inclusive (covering hotel fees and transportation costs), making it the best cost performance.

Options range from ¥1,000 for “No Panties, No Bra,” “Pantyhose, Fishnet Tights,” “Pink Rotor,” to “Electric Massager, Vibrator.” You can enjoy a wide variety of plays!

Recommended Features: Available from cute girls to mature ladies!

The charm of Daisuki lies in the diversity of the girls available. Of course, this doesn’t mean there’s a difference in looks or services based on personal preferences!

The shop has around 100 girls at all times. The age range extends from just-adult cute girls to mature ladies exuding adult charm. The styles range from slender and small-busted bodies to full-figured glamorous and busty ones. While about half of them don’t show their faces, high-spec beauties that won’t disappoint are abundant.

Additionally, you can choose between the regular course (using a hotel bed, etc.) and the mat course.


Whether you want to savor their techniques or enjoy a romantic, lovey-dovey atmosphere, you can relish your preferred play!

② AVANCE Ichinomiya Store

Genre Mature Women
Departure Location Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture
Dispatch Area Owari Region (Ichinomiya, Inazawa, Kasugai, Komaki)
Business Hours 10:00 AM to 5:00 AM (Open Year-Round)
Reservation Phone Number 0586-28-3520
Basic Fee 70 minutes/¥15,000~(Includes Nomination Fee: ¥2,000)
Looks Level ★★★★☆
Service Reputation ★★★★★
Number of Escorts ★★★★★

※★Ratings are based on independent evaluations within the same region
This is the Ichinomiya branch of the AVANCE Group, which operates Escort services in various locations such as Nagoya and Fukuoka.

The genre is mature women. From young wives in their early twenties to mature women in their late thirties and forties, there is a wide range of escorts available. With over 100 escorts available at all times, the strength lies in being able to use the service without waiting. Of course, it’s also recommended to find your favorite and make a reservation.

Prices start from ¥15,000 for 70 minutes. This is for the Net Reservation Limited Course with posted reviews. The regular rate starts from around ¥17,000. Additionally, there are additional charges for nomination fees, transportation expenses, hotel fees, and options.

The budget estimate is around ¥20,000, making it a very standard Escort service!

Recommended Features: Elegant customer service that is considered number one in the area!

AVANCE is renowned for its customer service. In terms of manners and etiquette, it can be considered number one in the area!

According to experiences and testimonials, when the escort arrives at the hotel, there is a self-introduction, a deep bow and thanks for the nomination (or use in the case of freelancers). Every action is elegant—from undressing to neatly folding clothes, and washing the body meticulously. Everything is of high quality.

The play content starts with a kiss, followed by a handjob and blowjob, full-body lip service, sumata, paizuri, and more. Slow and sticky intercourse is the main focus. They respond to requests, so even those who like to take the lead can feel at ease.

While it’s expected in high-end Escort services, such treatment in a standard Escort service with a budget of around ¥20,000 is quite rare!

③ IRIS Ichinomiya

Genre Beauty, Slender, Busty
Departure Location Ichinomiya, Aichi / Inazawa area
Dispatch Area Within Gifu City, Kinetsu-en, Ichinomiya, Inazawa area, etc.
Business Hours 12:00 PM to 5:00 AM (Open Year-Round)
Reservation Phone Number 090-2188-7144
Basic Fee 60 minutes/¥13,000~(Nomination Fee: ¥1,000~)
Looks Level ★★★★☆
Service Reputation ★★★★☆
Number of Escorts ★★★★★

※★Ratings are based on independent evaluations within the same region
Next is Iris, another major affiliate. This Escort is familiar to those living in the Chubu and Tokai regions.

The genre is “standard,” but the age range of the girls is quite low.

The fee system starts at 13,000 yen for 60 minutes. The “komi komi” course is 16,000 yen for the same number of hours, so you can play with a budget of 20,000 yen. There are a variety of options, from eye masks and hand shackles to more in-depth play, such as instant shoving, pants take-home, facial ejaculation, holy water, and gokkun (semen).


You can have a wide range of fun at this one store!

Recommended point: Many beautiful girls around 20 years old are on the staff!

Iris’s recommendation would have to be the looks and style of the girls!

More than half of the girls in the photos on the internet have their faces shown (with a thin mosaic around the mouth only). More than half of the girls have their faces shown on the Internet (only their mouths are lightly mosaiced), and there is a lineup of beautiful girls who look like models or celebrities. The level of the girls is one of the best in the area. Some of the girls are in their teens, so you can experience a barely legal Lolita experience!

The basic play includes showering together, giving blow jobs and hand jobs in bed, and bareback cocksucking. If you make full use of the options, the content of the play will become deep and maniacal, so you can enjoy the play with a beautiful girl of the highest class just like in adult videos. This is highly recommended for those with a Lolita fetish or who are particular about their looks and their play!

4) Paco-Pacoma Ichinomiya Branch

Genre Married Woman, Mature Woman, Big Tits
Place of departure Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture
Business Trip Area Nagoya City and the three Tokai prefectures are also available
Reservation phone number 090-2189-4610
Basic Fee 45min/6,000yen~(Nomination fee: depends on the girl)
Looks level ★★★★☆
Reputation of Service ★★★★☆
Number of people enrolled ★★★★★

*Ratings are independent ratings within the same region.

Continuing with another entry, we have the mature women and MILFs Escort service “Paco Paco Mama.” It’s easy to remember as it shares its name with an uncensored video site.

The shop’s genre is “Mature Women.” They have over 50 married women ranging from their 20s to their 40s. Despite the term “married women,” there are still some who look and are relatively young, making it a satisfying choice even for those not specifically into mature women fetishes.

Options are somewhat simple, with offerings like rotor and vibrator play, anal, and voyeurism of wetting. If you have specific preferences, inquire about them when making a reservation!

Recommended Features: Play with married women on a budget, the cheapest in the area!

The most significant appeal of Paco Paco Mama is its pricing. It’s incredibly affordable! Not just in the local area but also one of the cheapest nationwide for a rich service from married women!

The minimum price is a flat 45 minutes for ¥6,000. It’s as cheap as pinsaros or image clubs, but there are additional fees like nomination fees and transportation costs. Still, it’s unlikely to exceed the late 10,000 yen range, making the cost performance unparalleled.

Of course, the basic service isn’t limited to just a handjob. You can properly take a shower in a hotel, experience immediate oral, deep kisses, and receive a generous blowjob. If you want to take the lead, that’s fine too. If married women are your preference, this is undoubtedly a highly recommended affordable Escort service!

⑤ JK Circle Ichinomiya Store

Genre High School Girls, Beautiful Girls, School Uniforms
Departure Location Ichinomiya City, Aichi
Dispatch Area Ichinomiya, Inazawa, Kasugai, Komaki, and other areas in Owari
Business Hours 10:00 AM to 3:00 AM (Open Year-Round)
Reservation Phone Number 0587-50-6868
Basic Fee 60 minutes/¥13,000~ (Nomination Fee: ¥2,000)
Looks Level ★★★★★
Service Reputation ★★★★☆
Number of Escorts ★★★★☆

※★Ratings are based on independent evaluations within the same region
For enthusiasts of Lolita complex, there’s the JK Escort service tailor-made for them, and it goes by the name of “JK Circle”! It’s a franchise that also has branches in Nagoya and Sakae within Aichi Prefecture.

As of 2021, the official website features message videos from the girls currently working there, expressing their determination to persevere even in the midst of the pandemic. This is a rare and fantastic initiative in the adult entertainment industry.

The genre remains “JK Cosplay.” While there are no actual high school students, there are around 100 girls who look as young and cute as junior high students or exude adult charm. The pricing system is relatively standard, making it especially recommended for those who love younger companions!

Recommended Features: Diverse options! Various 3P courses and cosplay available

JK Circle offers a multitude of ways to enjoy your time.

In terms of options, they even offer a unique “sock takeaway play” instead of the typical panty takeaway play. It’s a complete specialty for enthusiasts.

What’s even more impressive is the “3P course”! While it costs more than double the regular course, two girls will join you, providing a harem experience. This is truly luxurious.

There are numerous student-themed cosplays, including “gym uniform with bloomers,” “school swimsuit,” “leotard,” “cheerleader,” and “tennis wear,” among others, and all cosplays are free!

Whether you want to have a flirtatious time with a JK in a regular course or enjoy a harem or cosplay, the options are plentiful and depend on your preferences!

The Ichinomiya City area in Aichi Prefecture is full of top-notch Escort services!

This time, we introduced recommended Escort services in the Ichinomiya City area, which is considered the mecca of adult entertainment in the Tokai region of Aichi Prefecture!

The Ichinomiya City area boasts outstanding establishments that can rival even the famous districts in Nagoya, one of Japan’s most lively cities. Not only are the costs affordable, but the level of service is also exceptional. You can experience rich services that make you wonder, “They go this far even at such low prices!?”

We’ve carefully selected 5 recommended establishments that dispatch to the Ichinomiya area and its surroundings. We’ve compiled details about the shops, their features, reviews, and campaign information all at once.

Whether you’re visiting Ichinomiya or residing nearby, please consider this recommended information. You’re sure to find pleasure and relaxation beyond your budget!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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