5 Escort recommendations around Ito(Shizuoka)


During long holidays such as the year-end and New Year or Obon, many people plan trips to Ito City. Located in the eastern part of the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture, it has become a somewhat hidden gem resort destination.

This time, we have carefully selected 5 recommended Escort services you can enjoy in Ito City! We have compiled information on the shop’s system, pricing, unique services, and attractions. Special campaign information is also available. If you are planning to visit Ito City, be sure to check it out!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.

Escort Scene in Shizuoka Prefecture, Around Ito City

Ito City is a city located in the eastern part of the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture. It is adjacent to Atami City and Izu City, and has been a popular travel destination for a long time. There are villas of celebrities and entertainers, and many prestigious inns.

Although Ito City has a history of various types of entertainment, due to regulations and urban development, most storefront-style adult entertainment shops have disappeared. Therefore, Escort services are the mainstream in the surrounding areas of Ito City, even though there are no offices or waiting areas in Ito itself. Many Escorts are dispatched from areas like Atami and Numazu. In this selection, we have chosen especially recommended Escort services. While there may be some transportation costs, these are all reliable shops that promise high-quality services!

・Dispatch of Beautiful Women in Japanese Kimono! High-class Escort with the Atmosphere of a Pleasure Quarter
・Dispatch of Service-oriented Married Women! Well-known Escorts from Numazu and Atami
・Popular Escort Service with Many Lolitas and Gal-style Beauties


We will introduce shops that suit your preferences! Rest assured, even if you are picky about looks and style, you can enjoy a sexy and satisfying night in Ito to the fullest!

① Delivery Princess Iroha

Genre Beauty / Japanese Kimono
Departure Location Gotemba
Service Area Eastern Shizuoka / Partial Area of Yamanashi Prefecture
Business Hours 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM (Irregular holidays)
Reservation Phone Number 070-8588-0168
Basic Fee 60 minutes / ¥18,000~ (No designation fee)
Looks Level ★★★★☆
Service Reputation ★★★★★
Number of Staff ★★★★☆
※★Ratings are based on our unique evaluations within the local area.

Our top recommendation is “Delivery Princess Iroha”! It was renewed in 2020 and reopened as a new Escort service.

The dispatch area covers the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture and some areas in Yamanashi Prefecture. Ito City is also included in the coverage, so feel free to inquire. By the way, the shop has official accounts on LINE and Twitter, so you can also contact them through those platforms.

As you can see from the images and the name, “Delivery Princess Iroha” is, as the name suggests, themed around a Japanese-style princess. The ladies are dressed in kimono, and the service is truly bewitching and full of charm. You can enjoy a luxurious service that is not available at other shops.

Recommended Points: Photo and Video Shoots Possible! Various Options Available

“Delivery Princess Iroha” offers a variety of options. Additional charges start from ¥1,000, and you can even go up to anal play for a maximum of ¥10,000.

Especially recommended is the “Ear Cleaning” and “TENGA Masturbation” available for ¥1,000. It’s a menu exclusively for complete M-style enthusiasts, and you can relax like at a reflexology store. While TENGA masturbation might be a bit niche, it’s highly recommended for those accustomed to using male pleasure devices or those who haven’t tried it before. The sensation of being dominated by a lady in Japanese attire is something you won’t experience at other shops.

Additionally, you can also opt for “Photo” and “Video Shoots” at an extra cost. Photos start from ¥2,000 per piece, and video rates vary individually, so inquire at the time of reservation. It can be useful later for personal enjoyment or recommending to others!

② Cure Lady

Genre Lolita / Sister
Departure Location Numazu
Service Area Eastern Shizuoka / Yamanashi Area
Business Hours 1:00 PM to 3:00 AM (Open 24/7)
Reservation Phone Number 080-2049-2867
Basic Fee 60 minutes / ¥14,000~ (Designation fee: ¥1,000)
Looks Level ★★★★☆
Service Reputation ★★★★☆
Number of Staff ★★★★★
※★Ratings are based on our unique evaluations within the local area.

Cure Lady is a Lolita and younger sister Escort from Numazu area. If you like young girls, this is definitely the place to go. The dispatch area covers the entire eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture to Yamanashi Prefecture.

Pricing is as shown in the table above. The minimum is 60 minutes, and there is no short course. The price itself is the market price of a normal Escort. Since there is a small transportation fee (5,000 yen or more for Ito city according to the website), it is advisable to prepare a slightly larger budget.

There are about 100 girls on the staff. Since more than 10 girls are always on duty or waiting, it seems that there is not so much waiting time. The only thing to worry about is travel time. It is a good idea to make reservations early!

Recommended point: 3P is available as an option! You can have your dream harem play

In addition to basic play (raw fellatio, bareback, oral ejaculation, etc.), Cure Lady has a full range of options. If you’re going to use it anyway, I recommend adding a little something extra.

Option prices start at ¥1,000. A wide range of play options are available, from immediate shaku, facial ejaculation, holy water, and gokkun, to goods such as electric meters, rotors, and vibrators.


The maximum price of 10,000 yen option allows for “AF (anal fucking)” and “threesomes. Anal penetration is common, but threesomes are a bit unusual. How about inviting two girls for a harem play? You can also enjoy a double blow job, kissing, and nipple licking!

③Cute amateur specialty store

Genre Loli/Gyaru-kei
Place of departure Atami
Business Trip Area Eastern Shizuoka
Business Hours 9:00 – 4:00 the next day (open all year round)
Reservation phone number 080-0200-0417
Basic Charge 60min/15,000yen~(Nomination fee:2,000yen)
Level of looks ★★★★★
Reputation of service ★★★★☆
Number of people enrolled ★★★★☆
※★Rating is an independent rating within the same region

This is the Escort service “Cute Amateurs Specialized Shop,” where cute amateur women have gathered, just as the name suggests. Preceding the shop name is the tagline “Complete industry newcomers gathered here!” and, quite literally, they have a lineup of innocent and fresh young beauties with no prior experience.

The pricing system is as indicated in the table above. While the rates are somewhat on the higher side, taking advantage of the discount campaigns mentioned later can significantly reduce your budget. As the shop is based in Atami, even if you request dispatch from Ito City, the transportation cost is around 1,000 yen. Considering this, the cost performance can be deemed sufficient!

Recommended Points: All girls have big breasts! Various options are available

The girls range from their teens to twenties. Although they are categorized as Lolita and Gal types, they come in a wide variety, including shaved, big breasts, and slightly mature types. The site provides detailed information about each girl, so choose according to your preferences.

Moreover, in the options, items like rotor, vibrator, electric massager, pantyhose, and various costumes are free. It’s rare for goods-related options to be free, but since the budget remains the same, it’s recommended to include them for now.

Additional charges apply for services such as golden shower (urination, pee), facial cumshots, immediate fellatio, anal sex, etc. Similar to selecting a girl, if you have preferences, make sure to take advantage of these options!

④ Gift from an Angel

Genre Lolita, Slender, Beauty
Departure Point Atami
Service Area Atami, Ito, Shimoda
Business Hours 10:00 AM to 5:00 AM (Open 24/7)
Reservation Phone Number 090-8184-8079
Basic Fee 80 minutes/15,000 yen~ (Nomination fee: 2,000 yen)
Looks Level ★★★★☆
Service Reputation ★★★★☆
Number of Attendants ★★★★☆
※★Ratings are based on unique evaluations within the same region

This is the standard-type Escort service “Gift from an Angel” originating in Atami. It is a recommended Escort for those who want to enjoy high-quality services while keeping costs in check.

The pricing starts from 15,000 yen for 80 minutes. This is for the regular course.

There are approximately 16 girls on the roster. The number of attendants on duty or in waiting is around 5 at all times, so it’s advisable to make reservations early. On the flip side, it seems possible to aim for a girl you want by selecting her freely.

The age range is from the teens. There are young and fresh girls, including those with big breasts, slender figures, and short stature!

Recommended Points: All options are included! Simple plan setup

“Gift from an Angel” has no paid options. Adding an extra 3,000 yen to the regular course makes it an all-inclusive plan.

However, there is no information regarding the crucial details of the options. It is mentioned that each girl may have different preferences and restrictions, so it’s essential to confirm this when making a reservation. Some possible options include “adult toys like vibrators and dildos,” “play contents like immediate fellatio and facial cumshots,” and “luxury options like anal sex and video recording.”

Considering the cost-effectiveness, it is recommended to use this service. Since the play contents of the regular course are also not specified, inquiries are a must!

⑤ Strawberry House

Genre Lolita, Beautiful Girls, Gal
Departure Point Fuji
Service Area Eastern Shizuoka Prefecture
Business Hours 9:30 AM to 4:00 AM (Open 24/7)
Reservation Phone Number 080-5120-1234
Basic Fee 60 minutes/12,000 yen~ (Nomination fee: 2,000 yen)
Looks Level ★★★★☆
Service Reputation ★★★★☆
Number of Attendants ★★★★☆
※★Ratings are based on unique evaluations within the same region

For those who simply want an erotic service from young girls, “Strawberry House” is recommended! Among the Escort services available for dispatch in Ito City, it stands out as the most specialized in the Lolita-cute genre.

The pricing system is reasonable. However, since the shop is based in the Fuji area, which is close to the central part of Shizuoka Prefecture, the transportation cost to Ito City is on the higher side, estimated to be around 7,000 yen. Prepare your budget accordingly.

There are approximately 20 girls available. About 5 are on standby at all times. Similar to “Gift from an Angel,” the number of attendants on standby is relatively low. It’s recommended to make reservations early when using the service!

Recommended Points: Many slender and cute girls available!

The selling point of Strawberry House is undoubtedly the specifications of the girls. According to the Deli Japann! store page, they have beautiful girls at the level of models, talents, and idols. Especially, there are many newcomers with no industry experience, and if things go well, you might be able to develop your ideal girl!

However, details about the basic play at the shop or the available options are undisclosed, so it’s advisable to inquire thoroughly when making a reservation. It would be a waste to send a girl to Ito City over a long period and then cancel.

On the same site, you can check the girls’ photo diaries and video posts. There are borderline nipple-revealing photos and breathtaking images of cowgirl-style intercrural sex. Find your intriguing girl there!

Delivery Health is the Standard in Ito Area, Shizuoka Prefecture!

Did you enjoy it? This time, we introduced recommended Escort information that you can enjoy in the surrounding areas of “Ito City,” a city located in the eastern part of the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture!

Ito City is popular as a travel destination, bordered by Izu City to the west and Atami City to the north. It has a deep history in the realm of adult entertainment, with the once bustling red-light district called Ino-To Shinchi. Today, it has become a hidden tourist spot.

In Ito City, just like any other place, Escort services are more recommended than old-fashioned storefront-type establishments. This time, we have compiled information on recommended Escort services carefully selected by the Kenny team.

The key to enjoying Escort in Ito is to “find establishments close to Ito City to reduce transportation costs,” “choose a shop with a higher number of attendants on standby,” and “reserve with ample time.” Changing plans can be time-consuming and costly, so thorough research beforehand is essential! Please use this information as a reference and enjoy your nights in Ito during your travels or business trips!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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