Escort in Kyoto: 10 Recommendation Ranking


Feeling lonely while spending time alone? Perhaps it’s time to consider using a delivery health service. Especially if you live in the city, the sense of loneliness can be overwhelming, and the desire for comfort becomes essential.

In this article, we have selected 10 recommended delivery health services in Kyoto and will present them in a ranking format!

From girls that will surprise you with their beauty to those who seem like they could be your neighbors, we’ve picked a variety of establishments so you can encounter girls of different types.

Read this article to the end and use it as a guide to choose the perfect delivery health service for you!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.

Kyoto Delivery Health: Experience the Politeness of Kyoto Beauties!

When you think of Kyoto, you envision historical cultural assets such as streets and temples, maintaining a tradition that has been passed down for centuries. Known as a city where customs and manners are highly valued, Kyoto carries an image of preserving traditions.

With a multitude of domestic and international tourists visiting each year, this tourist city is bustling with people. Due to the high influx of people, the popularity of the adult entertainment industry, including delivery health services, is significant, and many people make use of these services in Kyoto.

Kyoto can be broadly categorized into three red-light districts: “Gion,” “Kiyamachi,” and “Kawaramachi.”

In “Gion,” you’ll find a mix of storefront and delivery health-style adult entertainment venues, making it a relatively orthodox district with various types of services available.

Kiyamachi” has a variety of sex stores of all genres, especially fashion health and “Imekura”.


In Kawaramachi, you can find Escort, Imecla, and other standard adult entertainment establishments, as well as SM and other niche entertainment establishments.

Kyoto’s charm is that you can choose the sex district that best suits your purpose, and because it is a city, it also has a reputation for the high level of its girls. There are many Kyoto beauties who are polite and have beautiful manners.

Therefore, in this article, we have set up an evaluation section for Escort stores to judge them. Please look through them for your reference.

Evaluation Items for Recommended Escort Shops in Kyoto

The following three evaluation criteria are used to judge the ranking of “Recommended Escorts in Kyoto”.

Level of Escort girls

We rate the average looks of the girls in that store. The more beautiful girls of different types are enrolled, the higher the rating.
Telephone support
We rate the quality of phone support based on online reviews. Points will be deducted if they are salty or do not communicate information well.
Service content
We evaluate attitudes such as whether the play is done from the male customer’s point of view and whether the play is not done out of a sense of disgust. The more professional the play is, the higher the evaluation.

Based on the above three evaluation items, we have featured 10 “Recommended Escorts in Kyoto”.

Of course, the part of compatibility with stores and Escort girls varies from person to person. You may find out your preference after actually using the shop, so please consider the ranking in this article only as a reference.

The explanation is above.


Please take a look at the Escort store from here!

No. 1 “BEPPIN SELECTION Kyoto Branch”

[Basic information]

Age RangeMainly in their 20s

Business hours Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Telephone Number 0120-12-1058
Basic Charge 60 min. 14,000 yen and up (Nomination fee: 2,000 yen and up)
Dispatch Area All of Kyoto Prefecture
Number of people enrolled About 113 people

[Evaluation items]


Level of Escort ★★★★★
Many of them are pretty girls in their early to mid 20’s.
They are good at playing and the level of Escort girls is high
Telephone support ★★★★★
They are courteous and helpful
Easy to use even for first time users
Services ★★★★★
A full range of options, including adult toys
Unlimited firing within the time is OK
Overall rating ★★★★★


Key Points

High percentage of beautiful women, even among the industry’s top!
Ladies who are friendly and close to men!
Natural flirting for an exciting girlfriend experience!

The charm of “BEPPIN SELECTION Kyoto Store” is undoubtedly the high percentage of beautiful women. As the name suggests, they have young and cute girls in their 20s for your pleasure.

The ability of the escort girls to engage in conversation is commendable, allowing for a relaxed play experience. The tension during play is crucial, and getting along well makes everything smoother.

The variety of options available should not be overlooked. “BEPPIN SELECTION Kyoto Store” offers a range of adult toys and costumes for an additional fee, allowing you to tailor the experience to your preferences.

When evaluating factors such as the level of escort girls, the quality and variety of play, “BEPPIN SELECTION Kyoto Store” is undoubtedly the top escort service in Kyoto!

Excitement with Polite and Charming Cute Girls!

The foremost charm of “BEPPIN SELECTION Kyoto Store” lies in the thoughtfulness and high communication skills of the escort girls on their roster!

All the girls are friendly, eager to shorten the distance with male clients, making conversations easy and pre-play activities, such as bathing, smooth.

The natural and intimate interaction, reminiscent of a romantic relationship, allows male clients to express their desires casually.

Of course, their play techniques are solid, and according to reviews, their skills in teasing, handjobs, and blowjobs are particularly well-received. You get to enjoy both a lovey-dovey atmosphere and top-notch play!

2nd Place: “Club Ciel season2”

【Basic Information】

td>Basic Fee

Business Hours 12:00 – 5:00, open every day
Phone Number 075-606-2112
From 15,000 yen for 60 minutes (Nomination fee: 2,000 yen)
Dispatch Area Within Kyoto Prefecture
Age Group Mainly in their 20s
Number of Staff Approximately 133 people

【Evaluation Criteria】

Escort Girl’s Level ★★★★★
・No deceptive looks through photo manipulation
・High technique satisfaction even during showers
Phone Response ★★★★★
・Kind and polite responses
・Quick and efficient arrangements
Service Content ★★★★★
・Able to cater to both S and M males
・Escort girls with exceptional reactions, not just in dominating but also in receiving
Overall Rating ★★★★★
Key Points

No pitfalls in photo manipulation at all!
Many younger girls who are affectionate!
Staff provides reassuring assistance even for first-timers!

The primary charm of “Club Ciel season2” lies in the absence of photo manipulation, ensuring that the looks of the escort girls are accurately represented! Meeting them in person will match the beauty seen in the photos, leading to high satisfaction.

The excellent customer service provided by the staff is also commendable. Confirming specific preferences and quickly arranging deliveries to enjoy during downtime are delightful customer-centric actions.

The quality of play by the escort girls is also top-notch. Whether it’s conversation, techniques during showers, or each aspect of the play, it can be stamped as a first-class experience.

If you’re unsure which escort service to use in Kyoto, “Club Ciel season2” is a stable and exceptional experience that you can confidently choose!

Intimate and Naughty Time with Young and Cute Girls!

With a majority of girls in their late teens to early twenties, “Club Ciel season2” offers a delightful combination of youthfulness, cuteness, and high-level play techniques!

There is no deception in looks or figure, and the familiarity of the escort girls, who interact as if they’ve known you for a long time, is fantastic.

Their play techniques are superb, and whether it’s oral, handjob, or other basic plays, they excel in satisfying male desires. Some clients even enjoy multiple rounds of pleasure!

The fact that you can experience such a high-level escort service starting from 15,000 yen is incredibly reasonable. With the offer of discount codes, you can enjoy top-notch plays at even more affordable prices!

3rd Place: “Gals Network Kyoto Store”

【Basic Information】

Business Hours 24 hours, open every day
Phone Number 075-605-5824
Basic Fee From 17,600 yen for 60 minutes (Nomination fee: 2,200 yen)
Dispatch Area Center of Kyoto Prefecture
Age Group Mainly in their 20s
Number of Staff Approximately 184 people

【Evaluation Criteria】

Escort Girl’s Level ★★★★★
・Gal girls ranging from beautiful to soothing
・Too erotic, allowing for multiple rounds
Phone Response ★★★★★
・Polite and courteous responses
・Provides advice on play and selecting escort girls
Service Content ★★★★☆
・Assuring escort girls who take the lead
・Flexibly accommodates even unusual requests
Overall Rating ★★★★★
Key Points

・Appealing specialty shop for gal lovers!
・Available 24/7 with always 30 gal girls on standby!
・Smooth enjoyment with staff advice!

The charm of “Gals Network Kyoto Store” lies in being a dedicated escort service for gal enthusiasts, offering a variety of gal girls, including beautiful, calm, and cute types.

There’s a diverse range of girls within the gal framework, with many young ones aged 18 to mid-20s, ensuring high satisfaction for gal-loving men.

The staff’s quality assistance is commendable, providing advice on recommended gal girls and flexibly assigning popular girls during available time slots.

With gal girls taking the lead in the play, the experience at “Gals Network Kyoto Store” is exceptionally smooth, making it a recommended escort service for those who love gals!

Cute Gal Girls Leading and Serving!

If we were to sum up the goodness of “Gals Network Kyoto Store” in one word, it would be healing by young and cute gals. From newcomers to experienced girls, they all make an effort to please you!

While the term “gal” may seem distant from adult men, the gal girls at “Gals Network Kyoto Store” will break down that barrier for you.

Operating 24 hours a day allows them to cater to individuals from various professions, and with around 30 girls always on standby, you can use their services anytime.

It’s recommended for men who feel the urge during days off, those who want a little fun after a night shift, and more. They offer meetings not only at your home but also at hotels, ensuring excellent confidentiality!

4th Place: “DoM Busters Kyoto Store”

【Basic Information】

Business Hours 9:00 AM to 5:00 AM, open every day
Phone Number 075-634-8440
Basic Fee From 10,000 yen for 70 minutes (Nomination fee: From 2,500 yen)
Dispatch Area Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Age Group Mainly in their 20s
Number of Staff Approximately 220 people

【Evaluation Criteria】

Escort Girl’s Level ★★★★☆
・Cuteness as depicted in photos
・Many girls with good manners and approachability
Phone Response ★★★★★
・Conveys details meticulously
・Can also handle inquiries via chat
Service Content ★★★★☆
・Enjoy various cosplay
・27 types of options available for free
Overall Rating ★★★★☆
Key Points

・Specialized shop for a limited number of submissive girls (M)!
・Many plays to enjoy with free options!
・Numerous cute girls just as shown in the photos!

The charm of “DoM Busters Kyoto Store” lies in the affectionate M play enhanced by free options. With many friendly girls, the play unfolds smoothly.

The variety of girls available ranges from brown-haired gals to neat and clean black-haired types. The fact that there are many cute girls just as shown in the photos is also a highlight.

Staff support is available not only through phone interactions but also through dedicated chat on the official website, ensuring confidentiality.

Exclusively available at “DoM Busters Kyoto Store,” you can enjoy a wide range of plays at a low cost through free options, and they operate 24/7, making it a recommended escort service, especially for those with a penchant for S&M!

Excellent Cost-Performance for Individual Erotic Plays with Free Options!

What you should particularly enjoy at “DoM Busters Kyoto Store” is the free options! You can transform the girls to your liking with cosplay or enjoy plays with adult toys.

The fact that plays like urination and swallowing, which would incur additional charges at other stores, are free here is a great deal. The M girls willingly enjoy the play without saying no.

Basic techniques of the girls, such as fellatio and handjob, are outstanding and well-reviewed. Of course, it’s possible to climax 2 or 3 times within the time limit, highlighting the cost-effectiveness when using their services.

Plays that would usually require additional fees or specific requests at other stores can be enjoyed within the free options at “DoM Busters Kyoto Store,” making it a fantastic experience for those with unique preferences! Devotees of kinks, give it a try!

5th Place: “Gakuen Style”

【Basic Information】

Business Hours 10:00 AM to 4:00 AM, open every day
Phone Number 090-4280-8727
Basic Fee From 15,000 yen for 50 minutes (Nomination fee: 1,000 yen)
Dispatch Area Throughout Kyoto Prefecture
Age Group Mainly in their 20s
Number of Staff Approximately 41 people

【Evaluation Criteria】

Escort Girl’s Level ★★★★☆
・Many cute girls with a simple charm
・Girls who look great in JK cosplay
Phone Response ★★★★☆
・Clear and easy-to-understand responses
・Flexibly accommodates requests with a brisk response
Service Content ★★★★☆
・Playful interactions utilizing JK sailor uniforms
・Play with young girls from late teens to early twenties
Overall Rating ★★★★☆
Key Points

・All girls look great in JK cosplay!
・Excellent staff responsiveness, making it easy to convey your requests!
・An environment where you can experience the pseudo-youthful days!

“School Style” may be a small-scale establishment, but it’s a delivery health (escort) service where cute girls who could be from the neighborhood play in JK outfits! The fresh and lively atmosphere of the girls is fantastic.

With girls who look great in JK cosplay, the variety ranges from the cute and innocent type to beautiful older sisters with a gal style. The realistic JK-like charm without overdoing it is commendable.

The staff’s phone responses are polite and straightforward, and their excellent service spirit in flexibly accommodating your requests is highly praised in reviews. It’s convenient that inquiries are easy to make.

For those who love JK, this is a delivery health service you shouldn’t miss. Although the number of staff is small, the high quality of each girl ensures a high level of satisfaction!

Cute and realistic JKs playing for you!

The recommended point of “School Style” is the girls who are so cute that you might mistake them for real JKs! Reviews even mention that they are cuter in person than in photos.

Not only are they cute, but they also handle the play progress from the customer’s perspective. Their constant awareness of excitement from the male perspective and their subtle guidance are highly commendable.

Basic plays such as fellatio and whole-body lip techniques are excellent, and they offer satisfying options as well. You’ll be comforted by the girls’ smiles throughout.

If you want to enjoy a JK-themed delivery health service, “School Style” is the one to use. With service available year-round, it’s easy to enjoy whenever it suits you!

Many high-quality girls are available at Kyoto’s delivery health services!

Have you found a delivery health service that seems capable of healing both your heart and body as you strive in the city?

When it comes to delivery health services, the charming mix of girlfriend-like affection and professional techniques is appealing. Being able to naturally feel good is the best.

Recommended Kyoto Delivery Health by Preference

・If you want to play with beautiful Kyoto girls, try “BEPPIN SELECTION Kyoto Store.”
・For those who want to enjoy their youth with JK, choose “School Style.”
・If you want to enjoy mature play with married women, consider “Kyoto Married Women Hanadan.”

Kyoto, despite initially seeming distant from the adult entertainment industry, surprisingly has various delivery health services established. There are many sophisticated girls ready to heal you with pleasant interactions.

With numerous delivery health services available, the competition is fierce, elevating the quality of services, plays, and the girls at each establishment.

Use this article as a guide to choose a delivery health service in Kyoto Prefecture, and spend the best time with the girl of your preference!

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There are many shops where foreigners cannot use. Where can I go to play? Which shops are open now? Which shops is right for me? Please feel free to ask questions on line.



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